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Post  Zeldaman2.0 on Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:54 am

Due to a change in the nature of our posting habits and the purpose of this Board since this site's conception, TITAL as a forum will be changing.

As a whole: We will be re-organizing Bios and helping non-moderator users to adjust accordingly. Bios will now be done by-user and all Bios will conform to a set standard. New characters will also be subject to moderator approval before use in any given topic.

Additionally, we will also be attempting to reach more users and inviting more users to our little family. As such, we may encounter some people who are rather new to Role Playing or the subjects on the site.

And I'd like to note something for NEW FOLLOWERS: Please do feel free to contact any of us through PMs on the site or through the TITAL Discord. We're more than happy to help and we also appreciate those eager to learn and improve. Above all, we want to welcome you for brightening up this site with us.

We will also be instating a ruleset for all of you to follow, and we will expect you to uphold a standard of conduct.
Finally, we will also be moving many topics into a general archive for the purpose of preservation.

Specific Sub-Forums:
REM: We will be clearing up the clutter in REM and streamlining the profiles, skill data, and student information there.

In addition to the cleans, we will be instating a stats system to be later explained and demonstrated by the lovable and wonderful Administrator (HalcyonWandering). It will take some time but conversion should be smooth enough.

TITAL Proper: Tital will be having its own overhaul, mostly taking the form of creating plot threads that people can act on in their own time. For instance, if Minato (head of House TITAL) decides to go on a camping trip with the rest, but Admin can't be on for some time, people should still be able to continue on with the trip while Minato "catches up later". Flexibility is something all threads and forums will be aiming for. Cleanup, archival, and other small touches will also be implemented. We may even change the topic title again~!

Org. XIV: XIV will also be receiving cleanups, and perhaps sub-forums for each of the various iterations of the Org.

Other RPs and overall: we will be continuing our cleanup, organizing the site as a whole, and perhaps pruning things best left to memories and inside of the archives.

We thank you for your time, and encourage you to visit the TITAL discord.

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