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What is it that you pursue?

Is it strength to stand against adversity? Acceptance among your peers?

Do you desire the love of others? Are you seeking some hidden truth?

All people harbor desires. This is true, so long as one has a heart.

So then, what if one has no heart to speak of?

Without a reason to continue, one would sink into the abyss, never to return.

Tell me, what is it that you pursue?

So, you seek revenge. Tell me, how did you come to have this desire… man of no heart?

I will listen to your tale.

…Ah, so you are a fallen king. Many kingdoms rise and fall over the course of history.

Yours was different.

Prologue 1: The End of the Beginning

“I will always protect this place. It is not merely my home: it is a sanctuary to many people.”

A tall man stepped briskly through the hallway, greeting the servants he met in the hallway. His black hair trailed behind him as he moved, confidence and security radiating from him.

“King Reumos, sir!” He turned his head at the sound of his aide calling for him.

Facing the short man, he sighed. “For the last time, Perry, we are not going to kick out the black creatures. This place is a sanctuary for anybody who has lost their home, and they clearly have no home either. Besides, they aren’t showing any signs of aggression.”

“But some of the townsfolk are worried. More of them keep showing up, like they’re drawn here. And a suspicious figure was spotted in town the other day. A citizen took a picture of him before he disappeared into a dark portal of some kind.” He held up the picture so that his king could see it.

It was of a man in a strange, black coat. He was in the process of pulling his hood up, but his face and hair were still mostly visible. He had blue hair, and an x-shaped scar on his forehead, crossing at the bridge of his nose. He had a pair of cold, orange eyes, a sight that unnerved all who beheld them.

“…He’s clearly nobody I know.” Reumos rested his chin in his hand, thinking. “That look… it’s almost like that man who came here ten years ago. I never forget a face. I wonder if it was right to tell that young man where he had gone… er, sorry, Parry, I didn’t meant to bore you. If he is seen around here again, he is to be captured and brought to me. While I derive no pleasure from being cruel to strangers, he is too suspicious to leave unattended.”

“Yes, sir.”

As the short man walked off, the king sighed. “Things are becoming strange as of late. Those dark creatures appearing, meteors falling from the sky, whispers of the Keyblade bearer… Even reports of a witch appearing in the ruins of Hollow Bastion, rallying up villains from all over. I worry that the town and castle will soon be flooded with refugees from far-off places. And now a suspicious character is hanging around…”

“…Thank you. That is all.” He told the lady following him, writing down his every word.

Her face turned red as she scratched out the last five words and walked away.

I hope that nothing happens. Those creatures are being studied by our finest minds, and they have been determined to have animalistic mentality, but perhaps they are content here. They love the darkness this castle sits upon. Still, it won’t do for them to become aggressive and attack the townsfolk. I have no worries about this place being swallowed by darkness; that earthy young man took care of the sealing a long time ago, and he has my thanks. I wish I could have repaid him for his help, but he was in a hurry to find his friends.

Closing his eyes in thought, Reumos continued to ponder the matter. Hopefully their scientists would find nothing wrong with the creatures, but a paper that had been discovered had worried him.

The Ansem Report called them ‘Heartless’. But… would Ansem the Wise really have experimented on the creatures? It has been years since we spoke, but he would never partake in such foolishness.

A servant approached, interrupting his thoughts. He was a young man, full of enthusiasm. “Lord Reumos! The preparations for tonight’s banquet are almost complete, but the head chef still want to know whether you prefer a salad with cinder peppers or not.”

“Wallace is still worried about that trifling matter? He thinks my refined palette cannot handle such a powerful flavor, hm? Tell him to put in twice as much as he untended.”

“Uh, sir? What about the guests?”

“You can stay in the hall and watch, Cedric. I’m sure their reactions will be priceless when they see me eat enough of that salad to breathe fire that would shame a dragon. And about your promotion… I suppose I’ll consider letting you become one of the chefs. You have been working on your skills in secret, you can’t hide it from me.”

“Th-thank you, sir!” Young Cedric ran off in the direction of the kitchens, a new spring in his step.

That was right… tonight they celebrated the twentieth year of his reign as king. His coronation had been a rather boring event, as their resources were far less before he’d gotten in contact with the other rulers of his day and established trade routes. His predecessors had never considered that connections with others would help them.

He had been only eighteen years old when he had been forced to take throne. His father, King Levi, had died from the strain of maintaining the kingdom on such paltry resources, and Queen Mateia had gone shortly after. His older brother Erdrick was assassinated by his younger sister, Deliat, who had then been found out and executed. His older sister Ralia had already eloped with a traveler, leaving him the only remaining heir to the throne.

King Reumos was the best thing to happen to their land of Asylum. He had turned their situation around, even though other long-standing kingdoms such as Grandbell, Marledia, and Synthisle fell. Even with the terrible morale, he had managed to fix everything. His reputation had spread only a little, though. Travelers rarely found this place. Few people who came to Asylum ever left, having come from some other place of ruin and famine.

All was at peace. There was plenty of food to go around, the education system had drastically improved, and the economy was strong enough for them to extend their aid to other places in need.

Smiling at his accomplishment, Reumos looked up at the white-stone ceiling. It had been an uphill battle, but now the only challenge came from complaints and keeping people calm and reassured during these strange events. With creatures of darkness as funky-colored meteors falling from the sky, it was certainly strange.

Putting all that aside, he strode through the familiar halls, checking in on the pursuits of his servants. They were all people he had chosen to help him. People with spirit. People with strong hearts. He had memorized all of their names, even trying to recall those of the newer ones.

“Sir, sir!” One of them, dressed in a lab coat splattered with vibrant colors. “We’ve been investigating those meteors!”

“Tell me more, Alfador. What did you find out?”

“Well, they’re made of a weird, gelatinous substance. It’s actually made up of individual shapes that are bonded together. We managed to separate a number of them, and they bond with each other without adhesive. The reports that Disney Castle sent us on their ‘Gummi Blocks’ tell of the exact same properties! We can build ships from these pieces!”

“Get our engineers working on that immediately. Try to raise King Mickey and ask him for any information they’ve discovered that we still lack.” The king nodded to the scientist. “…And please, you need to take a vacation once in a while. Your wife must be exasperated with your absence.”

“I’ll… think about it.” He replied, darting back into the labs.

Interstellar travel… it could certainly be useful for them to have their own means of sending ships out. It was by chance that they had discovered a means of long-distance communication during the reign of King Ortha. They had used it to keep in contact with their military generals. Now, though, it was used for more peaceful things. Being able to actually leave and meet with his peers without asking them to come visit would be wonderful. He imagined the look on Mickey’s face when he would step out of one of those ships, asking if he was too late to have tea with them.

It was a delightful idea. Hopefully they would be able to meet very soon, and talk about all of the strange occurrences of late.

Finding himself standing on the roof, he thought about all the times he and his family had been up here. What I wouldn’t give for them to be here with me now… they all died for this prosperity. I should try to track down Ralia once we have a proper fleet of ships. Surely she would love to see her home, restored to the glory of ages past.

He wondered whether it might not be feasible to search for the survivors of the families of Grandbell and Willright. Their torment must have been just as terrible as his own had been. Sigurd had been in his prime when his kingdom collapsed, his father dying and his people scattering. And they had been unable to learn of the Willright family’s plight, as Synthisle was too far away to communicate with regularly.

Reumos looked up at the sky, sighing. He had done much for his own people, but he still had a lot of work to do. Was now the right time to be feasting…? No, no, he couldn’t call off the celebration mere hours beforehand. Besides, the people needed their morale desperately.

As he turned to leave, he heard something behind him. Something… unfamiliar. It was a sound that was difficult to describe. Like the air was being torn…?

Looking back to the source of the sound, Reumos was startled to see a dark portal opening. Just like the strange character in the picture…!

Out of the portal stepped a figure in the same coat as before. Pulling down his hood, he was revealed to be somebody different from the other one. He had silver hair and tanned skin, a physique not unlike Reumos himself…

“…Xehanort? What are you doing here? What happened to Ansem? I thought you were his apprentice!”

Chuckling darkly, the man looked at Reumos. “I am not Xehanort; I have abandoned that name for some time now. I am Xemnas. Now, then, King Reumos, tell me: why do you shelter the Heartless in your castle’s depths?”

“They mean us no harm, and I saw no reason not to let them stay here.” His stance widened. Something about this ‘Xemnas’… was wrong. He didn’t give off the warmth of any natural being.

“Unfortunately, I must ask you to let them go. They are an important part of my plans… and you’re getting in the way. If you don’t release them, then it’s only a matter of time before they turn on you.” Smiling coldly, Xemnas took a step forward.

Reumos stood firm. “I do not know why you need them… but they have a home here, just as the rest of my people do.”

“That, however, is subject to change.” Xemnas glared at the king, snapping his fingers.

Seconds later, a scream was heard in the castle. Reumos glared back at Xemnas, fury in his eyes. “What have you done?!”

“I merely… prodded them. The Heartless side with the strongest. I was hoping for your cooperation on this matter, but it seems that it is unavoidable that you and your people suffer the collapse of the peace you fought for.”

In Reumos’ hands, a black scythe appeared. The weapon his family had brought into battle for centuries, Mors. He wasted no time lunging at Xemnas, aiming to kill him quickly before he could further agitate those creatures. He had defended this place from invaders several times before, and he would do it again.

From Xemnas’ left hand, a glowing beam of red shot out, forming a sort of blade, which he used to effortlessly block the deadly curved arc. “You are but one person. Are you the only one in your kingdom who has trained for this level of combat?” Pushing back the weapon and swinging at Reumos, he threw the king aside. “…You’re a fool, through-and-through. Still, once they strip you of your heart, I could use you… how would you like to be our fourteenth member?”

“Burn in hellfire!” He grunted, picking himself up. He hadn’t been too winded by the attack, but he was really beginning to worry for his subjects. If those Heartless really were suddenly turning aggressive, and were attacking everybody…

His fears were confirmed as more screams broke out. He didn’t have time to deal with Xemnas, he had to go down and help his people!

Unfortunately, the creatures had made it to the roof. Bursting through the door, they surrounded and restrained the king. “…Damn you!” He cried, the screaming below escalating. It was spreading to the town, too…!

“You shouldn’t be so afraid of the darkness…” Xemnas chuckled, walking closer to the downed king. Dismissing his ethereal blade, he stood over Reumos, snapping his fingers once more. Then he continued to watch as they attacked him.

Everything went black.

“I swear… I will avenge everybody. Xemnas will not escape his fate. I swear it on my new name…


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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:30 pm

You, too, harbor desire.

Oh? Your façade of apathy is impressive, but you do, in fact, desire something…

Child, you want to become strong. Not only that… but you want purpose.

Interesting… a child of no heart who seeks both power, and a goal to aim for.

You are a wanderer, all ties to home severed.

Yet, even without a heart, without even rules to guide you… Your sense of justice is strong.

How did you come to be as you are? Tell me your tale.

…Hm, an unpleasant awakening from your sleepy twilit life.

But now that you have been set free, infinite possibility stands before you.

Do not waste it.

Prologue 2: Disconnected

A new day begins.

The sun rises, the people wake up and begin to go about their daily lives. That’s how it usually is.

My home town is kind of sleepy and boring, but c’mon, it’s not so bad. At least I’ve got friends to hang out with, and nothing crazy is going on.

I’ve always wished for some kind of adventure… But, well, I figure that I’m better off with my current life, right?

Red sunlight washed over the sleeping face of a young man, grimacing at how his dreams had begun to slip away. Rubbing his eyes and sitting up, he looked out the window next to his bed. “…Aw, man, and I was having a really good dream, too.”

Sighing at he put on a set of clothes, he tried to remember what his dream had been about. He had been… somewhere unfamiliar. The details were already mostly gone, but he knew he had been some kind of hero. Yeah… He thought to himself, lacing up his shoes. …That’d be great.

As he ran down the stairs, he caught a glimpse of his mother, working on some sewing project. “Hey, mom! Have you seen Vita today?”

“No, dear, she hasn’t come by. Don’t forget to eat something before you go, Al.”

Smiling, he stepped into the kitchen and started making a quick sandwich. “How could I forget? I’m starving. Well, if she comes by, tell her I’ll be at the sandlot, okay?”

Munching his food as he walked out, the boy looked around. He spotted the message board in the corner of his eye, deciding to check it out. I doubt there are any good part-time jobs I could do…

His suspicions were confirmed by taking a quick peek. Moving goods… entertaining people… delivering mail… all this stuff takes skill that I just don’t have. Sighing again, he walked down to a more open area, sitting on a bench. He didn’t see anybody else there today… good thing, too. There were a couple of people he didn’t want to run into this early.

Finishing off his sandwich, he stood up, trying to think of something to do. I could probably take some of the Struggle equipment out and practice with it. It’s public property; not like anybody would stop me.

Still thinking about whether or not to break out the Struggle gear, he was tackled from behind.

“Gotcha, Al!”

Female arms wrapped around his chest as he heard the familiar voice of his attacker. Glad she’d waited until he’d swallowed his food, he didn’t bother trying to escape. “Hey, there, Vita.”

Releasing him and stepping into his view, the girl grinned at him. “What do you wanna do today? I’ve got no plans.”

“With the annual Struggle tourney coming up, why don’t we sharpen up?” He suggested. “I mean, you might be a little rusty, since you haven’t had a match in weeks.”

That one earned him a jab to the shoulder. “Hey! At least I’m not as soft as you. I can see the headlines now: ‘Local boy, Aleri Verde, seriously injured in friendly match, declared the biggest loser of all time’!”

“I could take you!”

“Then take me.”

In a few minutes, they had procured the toy weapons from the nearby shed and stood facing each other. A cocky grin covered Vita’s face. “This isn’t what I had in mind, but I’m all for it.”

Aleri, meanwhile, stretched his legs. “Hey, it’s not like we can just jump on the train and go to the beach.”

“Not for another hour, anyway.” The girl performed her own stretches. “And it’s not warm enough today for it to really be fun. The wind today must be an absolute killer on the beach.”

“And the usual spot, too.” Aleri remarked, swinging the toy sword and assuming a ready stance. “It’s high up enough that the wind might knock us right off Station Tower.”

“You scared to go up there?” Similarly, Vita flourished her weapon and made ready to fight.

“No! I’m not scared of a little wind… Fine, whoever loses treats the winner to ice cream, and we’ll eat it up on Station Tower!”

“Sure thing, Al. I hope you can cover it today.”

“I’ll make you eat those words!”

“And they’ll taste like delicious salty-and-sweet ice cream.”

Finally through with the banter, Aleri charged at her, toy sword held high. Vita sprung forward, rolling past him. Once she was on her feet again, she spun around and hit the back of his left knee, causing him to collapse.

Pushing off the ground with his right leg, he tumbled out of the way of her follow-up swing. “Cheap shot!”

“That ice cream won’t be cheap. I think I’ll have you buy it from the shop in Tram Common today…”

“Shut up!” He would have been laughing in sheer joy, but he WAS getting beaten so far… and he would just sound stupid laughing while trying to tell her to shut up.

The fight continued for almost an hour. Blocking, dodging, parrying, and occasionally making a return strike, Aleri had a rather cautious fighting style. Against the aggressive Vita, it sometimes proved helpful, but since she had so much more endurance than him, she didn’t tire out from her wild strikes enough to leave openings. In the long run, he had only landed a few hits, while she had beaten him around like a training dummy.

“E-enough! I said enough.” Gasping and panting, he barely stood upright.

Vita stopped, relaxing her body and switching the toy weapon to her left hand before extending it to her weary friend. “Hah, I told you: you’re no match for me. Looks like I’ve still got it!”

Taking her hand, Aleri was pulled upright and set to lean on her shoulder. “My body, my pride, and my wallet have all suffered today…” Still, he couldn’t help giggling at how fun that was. Win or lose, it didn’t matter much to him. He had fun sparring with Vita.

She had started giggling with him, handing him a rag to wipe off the sweat on his brow. “C’mon, looks like you need something to cool down.”

After they had put everything away, they hurried up the hill, grinning uncontrollably. They ended up in front of the sweets shop.

“We need an ice cream, stat!” Vita told the clerk. “Make it sea-salt flavor.”

The still-sore Aleri quickly interjected. “Make that two, okay?”

The two of them took out their wallets. Aleri pulled out a few yellow crystals: Munny. “Here, I promised to pay for yours.”

“Well, you only said you’d pay for mine. You said nothing about your own.”

The lady clerk took their munny, handing them a bag with their purchases inside. “Don’t forget to check the sticks when you’re done with ‘em. If it says ‘Winner’, you get a free bar.”

“Another promotional event?” Vita wondered. “Weren’t you guys trying to do something similar last season…? Something about giving away tickets to an event?”

Aleri was the one to respond. “Actually, it was a pass to join the costume festival. Remember? The person with the best costume got a prize, and it was usually something good. Makes sense… I mean, if everybody participating has to pay a fee, it’s gotta be something nice they get if they win. Right?”

The clerk smiled at them. “Alright, you two, go on, skedaddle. I’m sure you’ve got places to be!”

“Of course! Gotta defend the town from evil forces!” Vita grabbed Aleri’s arm and raised it to the sky. “And as our champion of justice, I need a sidekick, so Al’s along for the ride!”

“Seifer’s got it covered, I think.” Al made a face. “…He may be a jerk, but at least he’s somebody we can rely on if any monsters or weird crap shows up.”

Vita raised an eyebrow. “Whaaaaat? I’m the go-to gal for fighting and defending the place! Seifer may have Fu and Rai as his flunkies, but I’ve got you to help me out!”

“You’re making me feel like some kind of damsel-in-distress here…” He sighed. “…You know I’m not much good as backup. And you know nothing bad is ever going to happen.”

“I know.” She grinned. “But I can dream, can’t I?”

“You’re certainly dream-y enough…” He muttered. Catching himself, he tried to save it. “Er, I mean, you ever dream about being a hero?”

“Al, I live it!” Vita cheered. “Livin’ the dream!”

“You’re crazy.”

“You’re crazier.”

The clerk sighed at their antics. As happy as she was to see them getting along, she had other customers to assist. “…Oh, Vita, you know there’s a sale going on at the shop across from here? You know, the accessory shop you usually go to?”

The girl looked at the clerk, nodding. “I know. C’mon, Al, let’s not waste any more of her time.”

Nodding to her once more, Aleri thanked the clerk before the two headed off.

Vita held up a bracelet with a star emblem on it. “Al, you know about these?”

“No, not really. I’m not into jewelry much.” He sighed.

“They say that when the string holding it breaks, your wish will come true.”

“That sounds like some foreign urban legend.” Aleri muttered. “Who’d believe that?”

“You should take more of an interest in this. Isn’t there a wish you have, that you’d do anything to have it fulfilled?” She pouted, looking directly into his eyes.

“N-not really.” He had trouble answering when she did that. “…I like how my life is right now. I don’t need anything more.”

“Maybe you should wish your grades were better, or that you didn’t suck so much at fighting.” Vita teased him, poking at his chest. “Or, you could wish for a lifetime supply of ice cream! Maybe you could even wish to go on an adventure.”

“I’m… fine as I am. C’mon, let’s hurry up to the Station Tower before our ice cream melts. We can look at this stuff later.”

The two of them stepped out, starting up the road, Vita continuing to make suggestions for what Aleri could wish for.

“You could be a handsome prince, or the world’s greatest Struggle Champion, or have a bigger house…”

Finally, they were sitting on the ledge near to top of Station Tower. The wind had died down from earlier, so there wasn’t any danger of being blown off and falling fifty feet to the ground. Vita was still on about wishes.

“…But doesn’t it just sound so… mystical? Imagine, having a wish granted! The possibilities are endless!”

“It’s just a tagline they made up so people would buy that bracelet.” Aleri said, biting into his ice cream. “…It’s kind of clever, too, since they designed ‘em tough. They don’t break easily.”

“Don’t lie; you want it to be true, too.” Vita huffed. “I mean, doesn’t it sound like that other thing? What was it… the legendary star fruit?”

“Legends... they’re legends for a reason. It’s not like we’ll ever see anything like that.”

“But are you okay with that?” She asked him.

“Yeah. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love my life here. I like the view of the sky, I like the ice cream, I like how quiet it is at night, I like you, I just… really like it here. And I hope nothing ever changes.”

“So… that means you’d be fine if we never went to the beach?”

“I’d love to go to the beach, but even if we never do go… I’ll be okay with that.”

So long as I still have this town… and as long as I’ve still got you… I’ll be content.

It doesn’t matter if I have to face those black creatures every night for the rest of my life.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:41 am

…Another one comes to me. Tell me of your desire.

You are an unreadable one, aren’t you?

Though, perhaps that is more a failing of mine than a trait of yours.

I will not ask for your tale. I know why you have come.

You wish to hear this tale, do you not? The myriad destinies weaving together…

…A tale that is displaced in reality, one which would not come to pass?

Very well. I shall recount the story as well as I can, but it is a difficult task.

The beginning of a group of heroes who would save the worlds, many times over…

The story of the Organization XIV.

It was sunset. It was always sunset. The sky above was filled with soft red light, filling the sleepy town below with a perpetual orange glow.

Built on the hillside, the town’s endless rows of houses, back streets, elevated train tracks… everything could be seen from the Station Tower, a structure built on the top of the hill. It was a train station with a high tower, giant bells hanging from the top, a grand clock set into its face.

Near the top of the tower was a ledge, one that went around the whole tower. Its purpose was likely to allow maintenance workers for the clock or the bells to, well, work on maintaining them. Of course, some of the locals used it as a hangout.

It had a perfect view of the town, and of the eternal sunset going on in the distance. The only other place that came close was the top of Sunset Terrace, and nobody wanted to go that far for an inferior view.

Below the ledge, far below, in front of the station’s entrance, was Station Heights. Despite being right in front of the train station, it was usually pretty empty. A road leading down the hillside, through the rows of buildings, would lead one to the more level-grounded Tram Common, an open area with some of the finer housing, shops, the local bank, and a trolley that would transport people around town. At the back was a high wall separating the town from the forest outside. People constantly gathered in this area, naturally.

The only times when the Tram Common was empty were when people gathered at a place even lower: the Sandlot. It was where the annual Struggle Tournament was always held, and matches always took place there, regardless of the season. It was their number-one sport. Not that there weren’t others, such as Grandstander, wherein the participant had to air-juggle a ball and try to keep it in the air as long as possible- er, sorry, got ahead of myself.

Suffice it to say, it was a peaceful town. Nice place to live. While it was a mystery as to why it was in an unending state of twilight, nobody seemed to mind.

Twilight Town

Atop the Station Tower sat a boy. A skinny, downcast teenager whose presence gave off a certain unsettling vibe. He didn’t belong there.

He wasn’t very tall, nor was he well-built. His plain brown hair stuck out in back in a peculiar, gravity-defying fashion, and his cold blue eyes gave no hint of emotion as he stared into the sunlight.

His garb was strange, too. It was a black coat that reached to his ankles with a zipper running down the middle, and a hood resting on the shoulders. Black gloves, black boots… his clothes were all the same strange material as the coat.

Despite this, his strangeness was not in his dark appearance in a happy, bright town. In fact, he looked almost like he’d fit in perfectly if nobody called attention to his clothes. It was his demeanor that was out of place. It didn’t belong there… no, it didn’t belong anywhere.

It was his complete lack of emotion. Others would come up here to goof around, laugh, have fun, and enjoy themselves. He was alone, and showed no sign of appreciation for the crimson sky.

As he sat there, motionless, a ripple in the air appeared behind him. The distortion became darker, wisps of what looked like black smoke curling around the space as a black, ovular… something… appeared.

From within, a tall figure in an identical coat to the boy’s own stepped out. It was some kind of portal… a corridor of darkness, if you will.

The boy finally reacted to this. He leapt to his feet and stood to face the figure. The hood was drawn, covering their face, so he couldn’t make it out…

Stepping away from the ledge to avoid being knocked off like an idiot, he reached out in front of him, energy crackling in his hand.

The figure spoke in a deep, gravelly voice. “…You are another who lacks a heart. Tell me, what is your name?”

As the boy concentrated, a shape began to appear in his hand. His memories became a weapon for him, taking the shape of a short sword, modeled after a bat’s wing. Once it had formed, he gave it a light swing, assuming a wider stance, ready for a fight. “Who’s asking? Are you with Organization XIII? If so…” He grit his teeth before making a leaping strike for the man.

“A fight?” He chuckled coldly. “If you so wish.” A scythe appeared in his hands, called in the same manner as the boy’s sword, but much faster. This man was well-practiced. “…But I will not lose to a child.” He made no effort to raise the weapon, though.

As the short blade whistled through the space where the figure had been, the boy’s eyes widened with shock. He had just… disappeared.

“My name is Xeromus.” The gravelly voice spoke from behind him now.

“What the-” Wheeling about, the boy lashed out again, only for the same to happen: the mysterious figure teleported out of the way. “How did-!?”

“It is pointless to try and fight me, you should know.”

“Shut it.” The boy bit back, trying once more to hit Xeromus.

This time, the man actually responded with force. Before the boy came close enough to hit him, his scythe had caught him with the blunt end, knocking him off the ledge.

The boy caught the edge with his left hand, glaring defiantly up at Xeromus, who was now standing over him. He was at his mercy.

And then… the man reached out a hand. “Here. I’ve come to ask you a favor.”

Not sure what to say, the boy allowed his sword to fade back to nothing, then reached up with his right hand. Xeromus firmly grasped it, pulling him back onto the ledge effortlessly.

The boy caught his breath, sitting there, as the man pulled is hood down. He had shaggy black hair and a gaunt expression, but most strikingly, his green eyes bore the same disturbing quality as the boy’s: they held no hint of life or emotion.

“…You are like me. A Nobody; a person whose heart has been taken from them by creatures of darkness. You already know of Organization XIII, I take it? You mistook me for one of theirs. In that coat, I would think the same of you. You have encountered them, haven’t you?” Xeromus spoke calmly, trying to get to the point as quickly as he could without causing confusion.

The boy nodded. “They gave me a name, and this coat. Those guys… I met their leader. He’s connected to what happened to me. I bet they somehow caused  this to happen. That’s why I ran away from those bastards…”

“They gave you a name?”

“It’s Rexial. I would have rejected it, but I don’t want my old name, either. So, who are you?”

The man tried to keep it brief. “I am a man whose kingdom was assaulted by Heartless. The creatures of darkness, Heartless. The entire world was overrun by them, and it was all because of Organization XIII. At first, I wanted revenge. But now, I feel that there is another reason that they must pay. They are releasing Heartless into the many worlds, spreading chaos and sacrificing innocent lives to further their goals. They must be stopped by somebody…”

Rexial stood up. “…And you plan on doing that?”

“Not alone, no. I am forming an organization to counter theirs, and I want to recruit as many powerful fighters as I can. You have been in their castle. You were a part of their group for a short time. I would ask that you help me, at least by telling me what their eventual goal is.”

“I’ll join.” The boy asserted. “I want to get them back, too… if they’re the ones responsible for this.”

Xeromus closed his eyes. “Good. Now, then, I hope that not all new recruits insist on attacking me.”

“What? You don’t have any other members yet?” Rexial asked him bluntly, dull surprise crossing his tone.

“We all start somewhere. Rexial, Number II, this is the beginning of my Organization XIV.”

The pair walked into the portal Xeromus had come from, disappearing into the darkness.

“I don’t really understand their plan.” Rexial commented, sitting in a chair opposing Xeromus. “But here’s the gist of it.”

They were in a lounge, with a giant window spanning the whole west wall, giving them a view of the courtyard below and the dark sky above. The walls were ghostly white, not unlike those of Organization XIII’s headquarters. In fact, the castle they resided in was very much the same. The XIII lived in a fortress known as The Castle That Never Was, within a realm of emptiness bordering on the realm of darkness. Meanwhile, the two Nobodies were conversing in their own stronghold, a safe haven from the Heartless…

Castle Asylum

“They’re going to release the Heartless into a bunch of worlds, then send somebody called Roxin to kill them. They said it’s because he was the wielder of something called the ‘Keyblade’. And the more Heartless he kills with it, the bigger that thing gets… and they called it ‘Kingdom Hearts’.”

Xeromus nodded. “…I see. Let me inform you of a few things to clarify their plan. The Keyblade is a mythical weapon that appears to its chosen hero. It is a sword in the shape of a key, and it has special powers. When a Heartless is slain with the Keyblade, its captive heart is released, rather than go elsewhere and re-forming into a Heartless. It goes to Kingdom Hearts. So, their aim is to feed it more hearts, until it becomes full-sized…”

“And their leader said that it would give everybody their own hearts. What a load…” Rexial rolled his eyes at the idea. “…Unless it might really work. I don’t know.”

“Funny story…” Xeromus muttered. “…Our scientists, after the fall of this world, managed to create a machine that can reunite a Nobody with their heart… so long as both parts, the Nobody and heart, are present. Since the stolen hearts take the forms of Heartless, it comes down to hunting down those Heartless and hooking them up to the owner. …Some Heartless are simply too powerful to subdue, however. Specifically, mine. My Heartless is a monster far too strong for me to capture, so I’ll have to go on as I am. You, however, might have a chance of regaining it… if we get more members to assist you.”

“Why don’t we talk to Organization XIII about the machine? They might quit their scheme now if we just explain…” Rexial suggested.

“It’s not that simple. Their leader… Xemnas may not want to give people their hearts. I think he’s just after power. And the members have a strict code regarding treason… I’m amazed you got away from them so easily.”

“So that’s shot to pieces. About this Keyblade thing…”

Xeromus rested his elbows on his knees, clasping his hands together in front of his mouth. “Roxin is not its chosen wielder. The Keyblade doesn’t choose a Nobody. It belongs to a man named Nori, the Keyblade’s true chosen. However, he fell into their trap some time ago. He is unable to act in any way. I do not know the details, but somehow, his Nobody exists at the same time as himself. Nori would be a powerful ally, but he is being held in one of their bases, and we haven’t the manpower to storm it yet.”

“Then again, using it on the Heartless would only further their plans, right? So we might be glad we don’t have the Keyblade wielder among our ranks.” Rexial pointed out calmly. “So, then, priority goes to acquiring allies.”

“First, there are some things that need explaining. For one, the portal I used earlier is called a Dark Corridor. It creates a gateway through the Realm of Darkness that cuts the distance between two points down significantly. The coats we wear keep us from being harmed by the darkness in those gateways.”

Rexial cut him off before he could say anything else. “I think that’s enough exposition for now, alright?”

“Fine. You need to familiarize yourself with this castle and its workings. If you are to be my second-in-command, you will need to be responsible enough to keep the organization running in case I am unable to. Though I doubt you will ever understand the layout of this castle; it makes no damn sense. Believe me, it’s like the architects were trying to one-up M.C. Escher. And they succeeded, those sons of...”

This story is a chronicle of the events transpiring in the wake of the butterfly effect.

The scene opened in the Sandlot, a welcome sight to a resident of Twilight Town.

A fairly tall, black-hair man in his twenties stepped out to the middle of the area, his blue eyes scanning his surroundings. His name was Siks. This man was destined to be another of the heroes of our story, though that much should be obvious. He was clearly a rather capable man, and he had likely seen his fair share of travelling.

“No Heartless here. Guess I’ll check the rest of the…” He turned around, almost running directly into… something. “Woah!”

It was a humanoid figure, floating about a foot off the ground. A muscular body formed out of darkness, it bore horns and carried an intimidating sword. Its eyes were yellow, glowed brightly with malice, and had no pupils to speak of.

This was a kind of Heartless known as an Orcus. It was among the more threatening varieties to exist, and it was shocking that one would appear in a place with such a low concentration of Heartless.
The man leapt back to get some distance, a swing of the Orcus’s blade barely missing his chest.

A pair of katana appeared in his hands. In one, a stunning white blade with radiated soft light. In the other, a black metal instrument of death that was painful just to look at. Who knew how much it hurt to be cut by it.

They were called Radiance and Soulcrusher, respectively. Opposing weapons of light and dark, called from within the man’s heart. That said a lot about the state of it… divided evenly between darkness and light. It was difficult to maintain such a balance, but it yielded incredible results.

Siks leapt over the Orcus’s next swing, bringing Radiance about to bite into his enemy. It reeled back, blocking the next strike with its own blade. From that point on, it was more defensive, blocking and only striking when it might catch him off-guard.

The man slid behind the creature, first striking with Soulcrusher. It swerved its body out of the way, but curiously, made no attempt to escape to block the follow-up with Radiance. Siks smirked as he realized that his enemy was somehow unaware that he held two weapons.

Still, it was a powerful foe. And a prolonged battle would draw attention; people would come, and be put in danger. Determined to avoid that, Siks increased the ferocity of his assault, locking blades with the Orcus.

Through sheer force, Siks pushed back the enemy’s blade. Taking this brief chance, he leapt above the Heartless, kicked off of its head and flew into the air behind it. He summoned two fireballs, one charged with darkness, the other with light, just as he always did things. It was the Firaga spell – one that creates an intense flame – only amped up with other forces.

Firing off the two attacks, he landed on the ground no worse for wear. Brushing himself off, he didn’t bother looking back; it was certain that he had finished the job.

A chilling, unknown voice called out to him from behind. “Outstanding. You’re every bit as powerful as we were led to believe.”

Spinning around on the spot, Siks came face-to-face with a young man wearing the coat of the organization. He had blue hair that fell to cover his right eye, and the emotionless bearing of a Nobody.
“What do you mean?” Siks asked cautiously as he put together the reason why a powerful Heartless was in Twilight Town. Whoever this newcomer was, it was clear he had some stake in it.

The stranger tapped his foot. “My name is Zexion. Aren’t you curious about who ‘we’ are, since we’re watching you? You are a potential candidate to join our number… if you were to turn into a Heartless and a Nobody, that is.”

Siks grit his teeth as Zexion continued. “How would you like to join us? Organization XIII? You’ve got potential, if you would just give in to the darkness… hm? Judging by that look, you’re not going to do this willingly. So I suppose I’ll just let you see the fruits of your labors, then we can talk about recruitment.”
“As far as that Heartless goes, however… Well, why not look for yourself.” The Nobody stepped aside, revealing the shape of a man behind him. No… that Heartless had been another person this whole time?!

Siks rushed over to the man, who had already breathed his last. Burns and cuts covered his body from the fight. He looked back at Zexion. The look on his face showed clear signs that he was prepared to strike out at him in an instant.

“The organization needed to know how powerful you both were, so I used my illusions on you both. We had no intention of causing either of you to die… but I suppose that leaves one less loose end to deal with.” The agent of Organization XIII looked down at Siks. “…The best outcome would have been to turn you both into Heartless, and take your Nobodies as our soldiers, but having one less threat is enough, I suppose. Still, I happen to have some level of work ethic, so I intend on finishing the job by letting you turn into a Heartless.”

His words were scathing. “After all, you just killed a man. You are already unstable, and perhaps this little push will send you tumbling into the darkness. Once that happens, you will cease to be a threat, and begin to serve us. Of course, some of the others would simply kill you now, but I’d like to see more positive results, so you can keep your life for now.”

Zexion disappeared into a corridor of darkness as Siks now stood, numb in shock. Unable to say anything, he backed away from the man’s corpse, his weapons disappearing. He turned and ran for the path to the back alleys, only to stop when he heard a voice.


He turned around, seeing that a little girl had run over to the man he’d killed. She knelt over his dead body, shocked to see him completely inert. Siks looked back only for a moment, the scene of the little girl crying for her father burned into his memory as he turned and ran away.

Change one thing, and a number of other things will change in response.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:46 am

Siks now sat on the ledge of Station Tower. There was barely quelled anger in his eyes. After being manipulated the way he was, and after what happened to that man, he was dead set on making the Organization pay.

As a Dark Corridor opened up behind him, somebody could be heard talking to himself from within.

“Hmph… why did I get saddled with this job?” Rexial muttered, emerging from the portal. “…About what just happened a while ago… it was an easy trick to fall for. Not many people would see through it.” He seemed slightly awkward in his attempts to console Siks, being unable to express himself properly without emotion. He clutched a black bundle in his left arm.

“Anyway, you wanted to crush Organization XIII, right? Take this.” He tossed Siks the coat he was carrying. “You’ll need that. My name is Rexial. Yours is Siks, right?”

Before the man could answer, a Heartless appeared. This one looked… strange. It didn’t fit any of the existing categories, but it looked vaguely humanoid. It made a lunge for Rexial, who leapt over it and gave it a swift kick in the head as it passed.

Come to me, Drakus! In a burst of darkness, his blade was already in his hand, ready for action. Huh. Giving my weapon a name makes it easier to summon, just like Xeromus said. Well, then, I guess I’ll be calling this thing “Drakus” from now on.

“A little help would be nice, by the way.” He pointed out to Siks as it charged again, this time deflected skywards.

The man got to his feet, summoning his blades again. “Fine, kid.” He turned around to face Rexial and their enemy.

“Um, attack?” The young man repeated as he stabbed the unknown Heartless from below. “…Or did you mean about the Organization?” He removed his sword from the creature’s gut and leapt back.

Siks took the opportunity to get in some rapid slashes. It was tricky, since he had a coat slung over his shoulders, but he managed.

Rexial swung his arm back. “It’s over!” He yelled, throwing the blade. It spun as it approached the Heartless, creating a razor circle of death before cutting clean through and flying right back to its wielder. It was a technique referred to as a Strike Raid. “…Aheh, I was right, it IS over.” The boy laughed. It was kind of a strange laugh, to be honest.

He looked up and faced Siks as the remains of the Heartless dissolved into darkness and disappeared. “I’m part of a group that formed specifically for fighting Organization XIII. Care to join? Because to follow me, you’ll need to put on that coat.”

“You had me at ‘fighting Organization XIII’. Count me in.” Siks took off his jacket and put the coat on, then put the jacket back on over it. He stepped through the still-open corridor.

Rexial was about to follow, but stopped for a moment to look back. “…That was too short-lived.” He tried to shake his suspicion off as he stepped through… and a wisp of darkness followed, just before it closed behind him.

They emerged in the middle of the castle hall, Rexial immediately launching into a rapid-fire explanation.

“Your room is the second one on the left, marked with the number III. At the end of the hall, opposite the guest rooms, is where furniture is stored. Don’t take anything not marked with a III. That includes the giant TV and the cotton-candy maker, and don’t ask why we have them in the first place, I don’t know. Anyway, you’re to report to either myself or our leader, Xeromus, to receive missions. Sometimes we’ll be taking out Heartless, sometimes it’ll be scouting out new worlds or investigating the enemy’s actions, or fighting them directly. For now, it’s just testing and evaluation.”

“Of course you know how to fight, but the boss insisted on following this procedure to make things easier later on. Here’s a form to fill out, also required. Until it’s filled out, you’re not allowed any food, so you’d better take care of that fast – don’t waste time. Any questions?”

Siks was handed a piece of paper and a pen. “Just a couple. First off, is there anything I should probably know about you or Xeromus, just so I don’t piss anyone off?”

“No blasting loud rock music at night. We sleep in the rooms next to you, and the walls aren’t absolutely soundproof. For the most part, though, they shut out noise. Go to sleep early, since if you don’t get enough rest, you’ll die on us, and we’re shorthanded as it is.”

“Do you know anything about that guy I killed back in Twilight Town?”

“That thing we fought? It was a Heartless, but I have no clue what kind. I was going to ask Xeromus about it when I file my report. Since it was defeated normally, it’s going to reform somewhere else later.”

“Good. I feel better knowing I didn’t kill that man. I just hope his daughter knows that… good night, I’m going to bed.” He turned and opened the door to his room, stepping inside before Rexial’s voice stopped him.

“Oh, the human? I thought you meant the Heartless we bashed. You killed that man. …What’s with that look?” He spoke without any weight, either not caring or not understanding the guilt of his new comrade.

Siks’ shoulders sagged. "Look, I've gotta get to sleep, so if you don’t mind, could you leave me alone?”
The door swung closed, leaving a dull-faced Rexial standing there. He pondered things for a moment before retiring to his own room.

The next morning, the three members were found sitting in a place called the Round Room. It was a meeting room meant to imitate that of Organization XIII, with a raised circular platform in the center, surrounded by a number of tall, pillar-like thrones. Xeromus was seated at the highest, with Rexial on the one next to him. Siks sat opposite them.

“Organization XIV formally welcomes Number III, Siks, to the group. We hope that you will assist us in destroying Organization XIII.”

There was a pause.

“That’s all.” Rexial finished for Xeromus.

“You have testing to do now. Rexial will show you your objectives.”

The second-in-command leapt off his high chair, landing lightly on the floor below, opening a Dark Corridor. “Are you coming, Siks?”

Nodding, he man jumped off his chair, landing next to Rexial.

“First of all, you’re to explore the castle and investigate anything of interest. Tell us what you think when you’re done. The other tests are all combat and survival scenarios. Go through the corridor to begin.”

Nodding, the man stepped through, coming out in front of his room. “This seems like as good a place as any to start.” Siks looked at the door with a number II on it. “This must be Rexial’s room…” He turned and looked at another door, this one identified by the number I. “…And this must be Xeromus’.”

Siks walked over to the furniture room at the end of the hall, pushing the door open and stepping inside to look around. “Rexial said this is where they keep the furniture… Hey, he wasn’t kidding when he said they keep a giant TV and cotton-candy machine in here!” He took a closer look. “…Marked with a ‘II’, of course.” Maybe Rexial, despite his lack of a heart, was still somewhat childish?

As he turned to leave, two strange shapes appeared on the ground. They were completely flat, and looked like shadows. However… they rose from the ground, assuming forms that vaguely resembled humans, but standing on all fours… and had strangely cartoony proportions. They had glowing yellow eyes and a pair of antennae, and moved erratically. They weren’t very large or intimidation, and by some standards, were actually kind of cute.

These were Shadows, the most basic kind of Heartless. Capable of dissolving into intangible shadows and moving harmlessly along the ground, they were nothing more than a nuisance to a trained fighter.

Undoubtedly, they had been let loose in the castle to add a little challenge to the mission. “I was wondering when I’d run into some of you guys.” Siks smirked as he summoned his weapons, effortlessly dispatching one with a quick strike to the head, then the other when it tried to get behind him.

“Well, now that that’s over with, I should get back to investigating.”

He left the storage room and took a look around the castle, dispatching weak Heartless along the way. For a castle, it wasn’t really… luxurious. It was mostly confusing. It was like space meant nothing here. Wandering without a goal seemed to result in either getting lost or being sent back to a familiar area. There were probably other significant areas, but he couldn’t find them. Supposedly, there was a bay for docking aircraft – such as Gummi Ships – and a library, and a way to get onto the roof, according to a map he saw… but navigating Castle Asylum seemed to boil down to how familiar you were with it. No doubt after living there for a week, navigating would cease to be an issue.

'Well, this castle is definitely similar to The Castle That Never Was. Which means they must have done some serious recon there. I wonder if they have another castle that looks like Castle Oblivion. The group probably hasn't been around very long or they'd probably have more members, and with this shortage of members I should expect some recruitment missons in the future. That furniture room was new though, and when I have some free time, I should check it out and move some furniture into my room. Well I'd better report to Xeromus in the Round Room.'

Returning by Dark Corridor, which he may or may not have picked up by observing Rexial doing it, he summed up his thoughts on the castle, politely leaving out any parts about how alien the geometry was.

“…Hey, I was wondering, do you have a secondary castle, like Castle Oblivion?”

Castle Oblivion was Organization XIII’s secondary base of operations. It had a similar appearance to The Castle That Never Was, and was surrounded by mystery. Little information was available on Castle Oblivion or its origins… supposedly.

Xeromus hesitated a second at the mention of Castle Oblivion before replying. “We do have a secondary castle, located elsewhere. It currently has no purpose, but it is being outfitted with the heart-restoration machine our scientists are working on. It will be completed soon. It is also set to act as an emergency headquarters, in case anything should happen to Castle Asylum.”

“See, they found out that since Heartless are really just hearts themselves, they can probably just stuff ‘em into their corresponding Nobody and ‘Recomplete’ them. Of course, you know how when somebody with a strong will turns into a Heartless, their body and mind begin to act on their own, becoming a Nobody, right? So there’s more Heartless than Nobodies, of course. And not many are strong-willed enough to retain their human appearance. Xeromus and I are in the minority here.” Rexial explained.

“They’re still working out the kinks and all, but once it’s finished, we can make use of it. The whole reason Organization XIII is doing what they’re doing is to complete Kingdom Hearts, which they seem to think is going to give them their own Hearts. It’s not going to do that, of course, so we think this will give us an edge in recruitment. Plus, we don’t discriminate between Nobodies and humans.”

Xeromus tossed a bag to Siks. “When you complete a mission, you receive a reward. That bag contains five healing Potions. Not very valuable, but helpful in a tight situation.”

“Alright, I’ll go finish my tests now.” Siks left via Dark Corridor, but this time, Rexial followed him.

The boy put a hand on his shoulder. “Hang on a sec. You’re supposed to go to the training hall for the remaining three tests. …And, uh, hey, you know about Item Synthesis? …Never mind, we can talk about it later. ” He redirected the corridor to lead into a grand, open room with stands lining the walls and a clearly-marked arena in the middle. “You can handle this stuff.” Patting him on the shoulder before leaving him to finish up, Rexial left to take care of something.

“That’s all the tests you gave me. What’s next? Do I just turn in for the day, or what?”

“Do as you please.” Xeromus waved dismissively from his high seat.

Rexial seemed to be a bit more interested. “Why not go eat something? We can’t have you keeling over on us. We already have your registration form, so you’re free to get food.”

“Now that you mention it, I am pretty hungry.” Siks noted. “Which way to the food supply?”

“Didn’t you find it in your exploration of the castle earlier?” Xeromus asked.

“To be fair, boss, this castle doesn’t make much sense.” Rexial was quick to defend Number III on this one. “The only reason you have no trouble with this place is because you’ve been here the longest.”

“Point taken.”

Rexial gave an attempt at directing his fellow member. “Hm… down the hall and to the left. There’s a kitchen to the side of the grand hall, if you’re the type who prefers to do his own cooking.”

“Thanks, I’ll probably just turn in after I eat.” Having a vague idea of where he was going made it a bit easier, but not relying on normal navigation, Siks decided to just open a corridor there. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, he went straight to bed.

Meanwhile, Rexial was being briefed by Xeromus.

“We have detected an unusual power near Hollow Bastion. As you recall from your briefing on Hollow Bastion, it is currently overrun with Heartless, and a witch called Maleficent had taken up residence there, but the Keyblade wielder defeated her before he was caught in the Organization XIII’s trap. She is not the issue here. This power is similar to that of a Nobody. However, we have determined that it is not coming from one. It is actually the power of the Void, a plane of emptiness that absorbs the life of anyone trapped inside of it.”

”A villain called Exdeath harnessed that power and attempted to use it to conquer the universe… but it backfired, and now he’s stuck in a subspace called the Cleft of Dimension. We don’t know what exactly has happened, but as he is a threat to the universe, you and Siks will be sent to investigate, and stop him from getting another chance. However… we are having difficulty ascertaining his exact location. Wandering a rift in space for days is not going to accomplish your mission. So be aware that you will be sent on this mission once we have both the information and resources to do so.”

“Also… the machine has been finished. It took them well into the night, but it has been completed, and will be installed in our secondary castle in the morning. It has been officially renamed ‘Castle Restoration’, to reflect its purpose. We have also discovered that your Heartless is still lingering in Twilight Town. If you go after it tomorrow, you’ll likely succeed in subduing and capturing it.”

Rexial blinked. “…Are you implying that I should retrieve my heart? Don’t you know I was a weakling before I lost it? I couldn’t even visibly damage the Heartless. Do you want me to return to being useless?”

“Because of your displacement by way of the loss of your heart, you have grown stronger. Getting your heart back won’t reduce you to your previous level; in fact, having a heart opens new paths to take in the pursuit of power. Besides, aren’t you curious as to whether it actually works?”

There was silence for a moment.

“…I’ll ask Siks to help me out tomorrow.” Rexial muttered. “If it’ll help me get strong enough to take down Organization XIII… then I’ll do it.”

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:18 pm

In Living Quarters Number III – or Siks’s Room, for the less formal – Siks woke up in bed, fully rested. Once he had gotten up, he wondered what they were going to have him do today.

He entered the lounge, sitting down in a chair. Rexial was standing to the side, looking out the window. Once the boy noticed Siks, he turned to face him with a poorly-faked look of surprise. “Hm? Siks, you don’t have any missions lined up until next week. It’s to give you time to adjust to living here and figure out how to not get lost in this abomination of architecture. Don’t you have anything better to do? Or, for that matter, anywhere else to hang out?” He stopped himself, as he realized that he was supposed to be convincing him to do MORE work, not less.

“If you’re that eager to go on a mission, I’m sure I can arrange something.” He added hastily. Rexial turned away for a moment, pretending to write on a piece of paper that he had already prepared, making small talk to cover the awkward silence and keep Siks from noticing his deception.

“…Have you heard? They’ve figured out how to make coats that transform to look innocuous in any given world, so that you don’t look as suspicious. I thought you might find it useful, so I had one prepared for you. Also, to test it and see if it actually works at all. We would normally charge our members for them to give them further incentive to work and get paid, but since it’s a test version and you’re the guinea pig, you can keep it if it works, at no extra charge.”

Indeed, there was a bundle sitting on a nearby table that appeared to be a coat. Taking it and replacing his normal coat with this new one, he agreed to go on the mission. “Sure, I’ll come. What’s the mission?”

“We’re going to Twilight Town to capture a specific Heartless. Oh, and remember to report any glitches with that Disguise Coat when we get back.”

“So, is there a particular reason why we’re capturing this Heartless? Why not just eliminate it?” Siks was rather easily able to see past his trick; he knew Rexial had intended all along on bringing him into this. It wasn’t really an issue either way, though.

Speaking as though this were an official mission, his tone staying level and calm the entire time, he explained exactly why. “This is so we can get MY Heartless. I want my Heart back to better help eliminate Organization XIII. Eliminate it, and I'll have you running around the deadly obstacle course until you are mercifully killed by a trap. Failure is more tolerable than doing something against orders and screwing up the whole mission. Clear?”

“Relax, kid, I wasn’t planning on eliminating it. So whaddaya say we get this show on the road?” Siks opened a Dark Corridor, ready to move out.

“Hmph. Whatever you say.”

As the two stood down in Tram Commons, speaking on the roof of the bank to avoid eavesdropping, Rexial explained all the relevant details of the assignment.

“In order to capture it, we’ll have to find, identify, and weaken it first. Xeromus taught me how to control Heartless to some degree, so I should be able to force it to regress into a manageable form once it’s subdued. It will probably be one of the weaker varieties of Heartless, but I wouldn’t let my guard down. It’ll be the most tenacious little thing you’ll ever see. Also, it’s probably hanging around the Station Tower.” He paused for a moment. Rexial’s Heartless, according to the detailed report Xeromus had sent him that morning, had been sighted all over town. What made him say that?

“…Fair warning, Organization XIII members have also been sighted on Station Tower, but they usually only appear later in the day. And a local dumbass kid named Seifer seems to have caught on to the idea of fighting this Heartless, so we might have to deal with him, too. Remember, we’re not forbidden to interact with people, but we can’t let anything about the Organization slip. The World Order needs to be protected and all that.”

Pausing again, Rexial shook his head. My memories… maybe that’s what making me act weird. But I wouldn’t normally insult people like that without a reason, would I? Did I dislike Seifer that much when I was whole? What the hell is going on with me?

He was shaken from his thoughts by Siks. “Great, we have to worry about Organization XIII, and we have to make sure Seifer doesn’t get himself killed. You know him? Well, I’ve seen him around here before, and he’s no match for a Heartless.”

Rexial almost apologized, then caught himself. Why am I sorry? I don’t have a Heart to feel ‘sorry’ with. That’s why we’re doing this right now. So what the hell?! Pushing those thoughts away, he put on his game face (which wasn’t really any different, being a Nobody). “We’re going to comb the town before checking the Station Tower. Move out!”

Passing through the Sandlot, Rexial’s eyes were drawn to the Station Tower in the distance, almost failing to notice when a boy in a long coat and a beanie yelled at him.

“Hey! Who’re you?!” This was Seifer, belligerent resident and recurring Struggle contender. He was the self-appointed head of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee… which only had two other members, his flunkies. “We don’t take kindly to strangers here.”

Rolling his eyes, Rexial reached into his pocket. Does this guy have to try and assault every person he sees that he doesn’t recognize? I’d be impressed with his ability to remember the faces of everybody in town if he weren’t treating me like a trespasser. “Eh… I’m not here. You’re imagining things.”

“What are you talking about?” Seifer seemed skeptical of him, but that wouldn’t be hard to change.

“You heard me, in your imagination. I don’t exist. You’re just crazy.”

As Seifer tried to process the fact that this outlandish-looking kid claimed to be from his imagination, Rexial pulled a single-Munny piece and flicked it at Seifer. When he looked back, Rexial had vanished, his bravado wavering.

He looked at Siks, now unsure if he was imagining him, too. He didn’t look nearly as outlandish as the other one, but…

As if reading his thoughts – which may as well have been written on a billboard over his head – Siks spoke. “No, I’m just a figment.” Throwing a piece of Munny of his own and running, he left Seifer to try and sort out whether he was insane or not on his own.

Siks caught up to Rexial, and the two continued to run, aiming for Station Heights. However, they were stopped in their tracks when a man in a black coat appeared in front of them, barring the path.

“Who’s that?” Siks quietly asked Rexial. “Is he one of the Organization XIII members sighted around here?”

“I don’t recognize him from any of the profiles…”

Though his hood was up, one could almost see a grin in the shadows obscuring his face as he spoke up. “…I’m a former member!” He snapped his fingers, summoning two creatures that appeared to be lesser Nobodies, but their forms were different from those of Organization XIII. They both wielded scythes, one icy-blue and adorned with a skull, the other black with a gold handle.

“Well, whoever you are, you’re gonna regret picking a fight with us!” Siks widened his stance as he summoned Radiance and Soulcrusher. “Let’s take him, Rexial!” He quickly knocked one of the strange Nobodies out of the way, rushing the strange man.


The instant Siks made contact with him, he vanished, pale light washing over their surroundings. All cheeriness in the town disappeared in an instant as everything subtly twisted. After a certain distance, space appeared to waver and distort in a stomach-churning way, all senses being assaulted by an uneasy sensation. Something about this was just inherently disconcerting.

Rexial just stood there, as if frozen in time, as if things weren’t creepy enough. He wouldn’t summon his weapon and rush in to help Siks. The man was alone in this insane hallucination.

Everything became darker as ash fell from the sky, and the man reappeared before Siks. “Welcome to the Nightmare Realm… and I am… your worst nightmare!” Pulling down his hood revealed that there was no flesh hidden there, just a skull. His cloak was tattered and torn, flapping in whatever hellish wind had come as he just stood there, menacingly. He very much appeared to be Death himself.

Not one to let something like this paralyze him, Siks readied his next attack. “That’s a nice trick, but I don’t fear the reaper.” He immediately leapt into the air, spinning once before kicking his opponent in the face, forcing him to slide back a few feet.

Strangely for the image of death, it groaned in pain. “Huh? So…” The man’s flesh and skin began to appear, no longer hidden by the illusion. His face was pale and gaunt, and his black hair, falling about his shoulders, looked like it hadn’t been washed in a long, long time. His coat was normal again, but now, a necklace with a ring on it dangled from his neck. How those hoods worked baffled modern science. “…What are you scared of?” He asked, a deranged grin covering his face.

“Like I'd tell someone with your powers that. It's clear you have powers over illusion, and it looks like you take pleasure in scaring people to the point where they pee their pants. Well, I don't exactly scare easy.” Taking the initiative, Siks pushed the mysterious figure against a nearby wall, locking his swords against his throat. “Who are you?”

The man gave him another smirk. “Bad move.”

Things looked rather different for the young Nobody.

Siks had stopped moving all of a sudden, but Rexial rushed into action, knocking one of those Nobody flunkies out of the way before slashing at the figure.

“Now, don’t mistreat my Reaplings…” That word… it must have referred to his minions. Just as it had happened with Siks, Rexial was plunged into the Nightmare Realm version of Twilight Town, and Nexas appeared, disguised as the reaper.

It was far more unnerving for him, as one who had lived there all his life, seeing his home twisted into some form of hell. Death itself stood before him, or so it appeared, and even though he should have been unable to fear… it certainly struck him. “…Who the hell are you?”

Being a Nobody, something that didn’t – strictly speaking – EXIST in the first place, there was probably no afterlife awaiting him. If he died, everything would cease to be for him. Perhaps that was part of the motivation to regain hearts for their kind, but it was a phobia that tended to hit home with any Nobody.

If Death had come for him, then it was over. He would lose both his past and future, and even his current self…

F*CK that! Something snapped within him, a… something that he didn’t know he had. In fact, he hadn’t even considered it before. It wasn’t the idea that he would be condemned to oblivion, but that he would be forgotten, and his nothing of his identity would remain. Everything else would go on as if nothing had happened, as if he had never existed in the first place.

And that was why he had to keep going.

Rexial lashed out with an unmatched aggression, sending the reaper reeling back. It had been prepared for his eventual assault, though, and merely resumed to slowly approach him. “I’m… not going to die today.”

An otherworldly voice echoed from the very space around him in response. “Death comes to all men. No amount of running will allow you to escape from it; Your fate is inescapable. No matter what you do, your death will catch up…”

“I don’t care. Chase me all you want, I’m gonna keep running. As long as I have a direction to run in, I’ll keep going. If you’re waiting at the end of the path, then I’ll find another one.” This time, he aimed a strike for the face. Right… there’s no way this is Death. The reaper doesn’t run around in an Organization XIII coat, pretending to be a former member and assaulting people in Twilight Town. This has to be a trick of the mind…

It has to be.

The figure grunted in distress as it ducked, the blade narrowly missing… but the follow-up kick hit it dead-on. To be fair, having to manage two illusions for two different people at once with different fears and tactics for battle had to be troublesome for Nexas. Or maybe he was just toying with them both. “That was a mistake.”

Then all his senses faded away.

As he floated in his own consciousness, he repeated own his name to himself, worried that he would forget it, as he had forgotten what was going on, where he was, why it was like this… if he lost his identity, what else did he have?

Unfortunately, this made it very clear to Nexas what his fear was. And now that it could be exploited… he was in for some traumatic stuff.

Images began to flash before him. A boy much like him, but… different. A town. The sunset. The faces of friends. They slowly warped and distorted, the color and shapes fading as a notion was forcibly imprinted on him.

You are not Rexial. You are not Aleri. You are nothing. You have nothing. Nothing is real.

At this point, he had just succumbed to the lonely void, drifting mindlessly, not even responding to further stimuli.

The stranger’s eyes widened, and in the next instant, Siks was standing in the Sandlot. The world returned to its normal appearance… but was eerily silent. It was early, but not so much that nobody would be around. In fact, there was a man lying on the ground nearby.

Kneeling next to the man, Siks grabbed his shoulder. “Sir, are you alright?” Turning the man over so he could see his face… he instantly recognized the man from before, the one he had been deceived into killing. Rattled for the first time since, he turned and tried to run away. “NO! I have to get out of here!”

“Wait…” A hoarse voice pleaded as a hand reached out and grabbed Siks’s ankle, stopping him. “Tell me why… why did you kill me!? My daughter… is she okay!? Why did you separate me from her!?”

“It wasn’t my fault! It was… Organization XIII, they tricked me! I’m sorry!”

“Organization XIII? Why do you lie…? Why do you make things up, and try to shift the blame?! You killed me, and my daughter is probably crying in a box… HOMELESS… without my… help… It’s all your fault!

“But it’s true!” Siks fell to his knees, unable to escape. The world quickly returned to its nightmarish appearance. “They wanted to test us, and tricked me into thinking you were a Heartless! It wasn’t my fault!”

As he stared at the cold ground, Siks could hear footsteps drawing near. A cold, metallic blade touched his neck, wickedly curved. The unfamiliar coated man kept his scythe held firmly in place as he spoke.

“Tell Xeromus, your boss, that Nexas is coming for him… He’ll make a great Reapling…”

The grim vision faded away, leaving Siks on his knees back where he had been before meeting the man… Nexas had been his name, apparently.

Siks looked up, seeing Rexial looking at him in confusion. “…Rexial, we have to return to the castle. Xeromus may be in serious trouble. That guy, Nexas, he said, he’s after him and wants his scythe.” He stood back up. “…What happened while I was gone?”

Rexial hesitated strangely for a second before answering. “…Nothing. You were gone? I sensed something wrong, then a strange man appeared. Then he was gone, and you were on your knees.” Something about that didn’t really add up. “…I could tell he wasn’t somebody to be messed with. Is there anything that we could use to defend ourselves…?”

He snapped his fingers. “Aha! Xeromus found some strange equipment that looks like armor, but we couldn’t get it working. He thought it might be a device controlled by the heart, which means that only you could use it. We’ll look into it when we get back, okay? But for now, we need to focus on the mission.” I… did something just happen to us?

He ran ahead a few feet, stopped by the sound of a shrill scream from behind the two. “Help! My friend is being attacked by a monster!” The two turned to face the source, a small boy.

Siks signaled to Rexial to keep going. “I won’t let another innocent person be hurt.” He whispered under his breath before turning back to the boy. “Where’s your friend?”

Nodding, Rexial ran off. He’s going to help that kid? Why bother…? Ah, screw it, I have to take care of my business. What he does is none of my concern right now.

The very nature of the nightmare had been emptiness, which made it a slot of time that had not existed, and was itself empty. The resulting paradox caused it to fade as Rexial failed to process the memory correctly. Siks had been in a very different kind of nightmare, which didn’t cause the same problem.

Still, it left a terrible sensation in his body. Rexial tried to shake it off as he ascended the steps leading up to the ledge on Station Tower. Realizing that he might scare off the Heartless if it heard his footsteps, he slowed down and quieted his feet, reaching the top and peering around the corner to see…

Ack! A man with red hair slicked back in long spikes, slim-built and tall, donning the coat. While his hands and face weren’t visible from Rexial’s angle, he had green eyes with purple markings underneath them, and was eating a stick of sea-salt ice cream. This was Axel, Organization XIII’s Number VIII, a Nobody who often hung around here in the afternoon. It was reported that he often came here with Roxin, their Keyblade wielder…

Even more alarming, there was an unnatural shadow along the ground behind Axel. If the Keyblader is with him, and takes out my Heartless…! Gah, I can’t mess the whole thing up now!

Tiptoeing behind the Heartless as it rose from the ground behind Axel, Rexial readied to grab it and pull it into a Dark Corridor to deal with it elsewhere. It… looked pretty funny, actually: Axel was sitting there eating ice cream, a Heartless was getting ready to attack him – maybe push him off, or just jump-scare him – and Rexial was sneaking up behind the Heartless. Axel’s expression of contentment in his ignorance really made the moment.

Rexial noted with relief that Axel was alone, so at least there was no chance that this situation could result in absolute failure and being screwed for the rest of his non-existence. He made his move, grabbing the vaguely-humanoid creature from behind and pinning it with his arms. It flailed wildly and caused him to stumble back and forth, the sound of which was covered by a sudden increase in the strength of the wind.

As Axel remained oblivious to the struggle behind him, Rexial and his Heartless stumbled up to a ledge, Rexial’s foot catching and sending them both tumbling and falling from the tower. Axel turned his head just as they escaped view, tilting his head quizzically. “…Roxin? Are you back there?”

The boy quickly opened a Dark Corridor beneath himself and his target, bringing them to the first place he could think of: the Castle Asylum Round Room.

Plummeting to the floor and moaning in pain on impact, Rexial stood up and brushed himself off as his Heartless squirmed free and glared at him.

“Rexial, what the hell are you doing?” Xeromus asked from his tall seat, his tone remaining bored despite the spectacle.

Summoning Drakus and preparing to fight, Rexial yelled back up. “I’m subduing my Heartless! What does it LOOK like I’m doing?!”

It leapt at the boy, trying to rake his face with its claws as he ducked, then sprung up, pushing the Heartless away before dashing after it, slashing at its sides before jumping back to evade its counter. The vicious back-and-forth of cuts and near-misses continued for a few minutes before Rexial angrily called up to his leader. “You know, some help would be appreciated!”

“Whiner.” The man pushed out of his seat, summoning his scythe as he fell all the way down… giving the Heartless a good whack with the butt of his weapon, dizzying it.

Rexial fell on his behind, catching his breath before raising a hand and channeling his will. The Heartless melted and reformed into an orb that would fit in his hand, unable to resist manipulation. He picked it up and pocketed it, nodding to Xeromus. “Thanks, boss.”

Calming down and regaining his composure, Rexial turned to face the man. “Since I’m here, I’d better tell you; a man wearing the coat of Organization XIII showed up in Twilight Town earlier. He didn’t match any of our records, and identified as a former member of theirs. He called himself ‘Nexas’, and he said he was after you. Be careful, alright?”

“I will tend to the matter of this… ‘Nexas’. You should take care of what you set out to do earlier, and go to Castle Restoration. Bear in mind, we are working on the preparations for the next mission, so be ready for it.”

“Yessir.” Rexial gave a quick, two-fingered salute to his superior before leaving by Corridor.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:47 pm

The boy had led Siks through a hole in the wall on the east side of Tram Common, into the woods leading to the old mansion. However, they were not headed in that direction… in fact, they were going deeper into those woods, to a place where it was obvious that no children were dumb enough to be playing by themselves.

Stopping and turning around, the boy smiled grimly at Siks. “This should be far enough.” There was a dangerous glint in the child’s eyes, a disturbing sight in one so young. “Could you tell me what Nexas wanted with you? And if you don’t answer in three… two… one…”

The boy’s hands distorted and elongated, becoming a pair of deadly blades, joined to his wrists unnaturally. He cackled for a second, the child’s voice taking a darker edge. “…Things will get… messy. Heheheh… aHAHAHAHAHA!” His laughter escalated, his voice cracking and generally sounding less sane with every passing second.

Siks answered quickly and bluntly, apparently not bothered by the homicidal monster-child. “He wanted me to tell my boss that he was coming for him. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

Without another second’s warning, Siks fired a Dark Firaga at the child, short-range, knocking him back a little. Looking back at the man, the boy tilted his head quizzically. “…Is that all he said? Nothing about a ‘Daxma’?”

He nonchalantly sharpened his sword-arms against each other, sighing. “…By the way, my name is Seth. You should probably remember that. I can’t let this little meeting amount to nothing, can I?”

This time, Siks fired a Light Firaga at Seth, knocking him flat on his back and giving the man his opening, which he used to take off running.

Seth didn’t seem too put-out by this… In fact, he had practically ignored the fact that he was knocked over, and that Siks was getting away. “Looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer for my revenge…”

As he laid there with a bored expression, his body morphed back into a human shape: a teenager with black hair and off-putting yellow eyes. “I wonder if I should’ve that man go. At least, he’ll provide me some entertainment…”

He burst out into laughter, darkness forming around him as a Dark Corridor opened, Seth disappearing into it.

“It’s time.”

The young Nobody now stood in front of a strange machine. It appeared to be a pod in the shape of an egg, with a number of petal-like coverings that were peeled away at the moment. In front of it was a console, presumably to confirm its activation, and a pillar with an empty globe atop it.

The shadowy figure next to Rexial floated up, then down into the globe, conforming to its shape. There was a strange glint of light in the middle of the swirling mass.

Now that his Heartless was in place, he could begin the procedure. “…Shouldn’t I say something?” The boy told the machine to begin the process in a few seconds, taking the time to climb inside. “Well, I am nothing, I’ve got nothing to say. Am I… stalling?”

Shaking his head, he gave a half-smirk as the capsule closed around him. Rexial closed his eyes and let himself drift, no longer feeling his feet touching anything.

“Who’s there?” A voice echoed in… wherever he was now.

“…Nobody.” Rexial joked. “Who are you?”

“I’m…” The voice hesitated. “…I dunno. Maybe I’m nobody, too.”

“Is that so? Well, I’m sure you’ll figure it out someday.”

“I can’t see you. Why is it so dark in here?” Whoever it was, they seemed not to be too concerned with the darkness; mostly just curious.

Rexial gave a chuckle. “I don’t have a clue why. I never gave it any thought until just now. Do you have any ideas?”

“Hm…” The voice was kinda familiar… but, well, this must’ve been a dream, so of course it would be. “…Maybe you don’t know what’s right in front of you, and that’s why it’s dark.”

Taken aback, Rexial sighed. “That’s backwards. I don’t know what’s there because it’s dark.”

“No...” The voice had a thoughtful tone, as he genuinely wanted to help… or, at least, that’s what it seemed like. “…It’s because your eyes are closed.”


Rexial’s eyes shot open, light flooding the small pod and forcing him to cover his eyes for a second. When he finally adjusted and took a look around, he realized how strange the castle really was. The walls were all white and eerie, any decoration being subtle. Somehow, that hadn’t bothered him a minute ago.

He just stood there for a moment, wondering what had just happened. Then, he remembered. He was here to reclaim his heart. Looking down at his hands, he didn’t look any different… in fact, he didn’t feel different, either. It was just that he felt more deeply. He was slightly hungry, had a minor ache in his shoulders, and needed to stretch his legs. As a Nobody, he didn’t even notice these fledgling feelings. Anything he thought he felt before was him attempting to emulate his memories.

I’ve done it, but…

“But I’m not Aleri. I’m Rexial.” He said, rolling his shoulders, then giving his legs a quick stretch before hopping out of the capsule. A grin spreading over his face, something caught his attention: he remembered a taste. The taste of something they sold at a café or something in Twilight Town… it sounded pretty good right about then.

Holding out a hand, the boy opened a Dark Corridor, triumphantly stepping through. It was no longer dangerous for him to walk through them, so he didn’t have to wear the coat all the time for protection… still, it was his uniform, so he’d better not run around without it.

“I feel so much stronger… I wonder why I didn’t turn back into Aleri. Maybe I’ve changed too much? Huh. No use thinking about it on an empty stomach.” He chuckled lightly to himself as he emerged in a back alley of Twilight Town, making his way to a main street.

Siks looked back as he ran, making sure the demon-child hadn’t followed him, but as a result… didn’t see Rexial until he had slammed into him.

He had knocked the boy over, since he was so much heavier than the agile-bodied kid, apologizing and helping him back up before remembering what was going on. “We have to leave now! I’ll explain when we get back!” Opening a Dark Corridor, he turned back to Rexial, who was still munching on a piece of bread, looking quizzically at his comrade. “Come on!”

“Uhh… sure.” Thinking of something, Rexial snapped his fingers. “Oh, yeah, when we get back, we oughta test out that equipment! It’s a piece of armor for the shoulder, but I think it might be designed to extend over the whole body. It’s pretty cool, and I think it’ll enhance your abilities.” He shot the owner of a nearby shop a grin before looking back to Siks. “…Ready to go back, then?”

Slightly confused by the normally grumpy and dull kid, he sighed. “Sure thing, kid.” In spite of the danger, Siks actually paused for a few more precious seconds. “…You seem different.” As he pieced together the truth, his eyes shot wide open. “You got your heart back, didn’t you?”

“Aheh.” Rexial laughed weirdly again, wiping his mouth of breadcrumbs. “It’s that obvious? Well, Xeromus said he had another mission lined up for us soon, so we should be heading back anyway.”

Finally deciding not to keep wasting time, they entered the corridor, the shopkeeper not even batting an eye at there being a portal of darkness in front of her store.

The duo emerged back in Castle Asylum, Siks walking off towards his room. “I’ve had a long day, I’m going to bed.”

Rexial didn’t bother stopping him, shrugging. Whatever happened to explaining what’s going on?

Walking in the other direction, the young man reported to the Round Room, where Xeromus was waiting. He leapt to one of the seats, facing Xeromus before giving his report.

“I tested the machine, and it appears to have worked just fine. There were some weird side effects, though.”

“Such as?” Xeromus rested on one of his hands.

“Well, uh… How do I put this?” Rexial sighed. “I’m kind of irradiated in DARKNESS, in case you didn’t notice. At this rate, I’ll turn back into a Heartless and Nobody without even being attacked!”

“Calm down. So long as you can maintain control of your darkness, you’re not going to turn into a Heartless. I’ve already taught you how to do that, and your heart is strong, from what I can tell. I will have the machine looked at to see what the issue is. Continue your report.”

“…Well, we ran into some weird trouble. Siks said he encountered somebody called Nexas, who said he was coming after you, boss.” Rexial sighed.

“What do you mean, ‘Siks said he encountered’? Weren’t you together?” And why are you telling me this again? You already reported that to me…

“He… had some kind of hallucination. An illusion caused by Nexas, I think. All I saw was him falling on his knees.”

“…If you encounter this Nexas, tell him that he can find me on the roof. I intend on meeting his challenge head-on. Now, finish your report.”

Rexial sat up straight again. “I saw Organization XIII Number Eight, Axel, on the Station Tower. He didn’t seem to be on a mission, and I kept out of his sight. And before I took care of the work, Siks stopped to help a kid. When I got back, he was in a real hurry to get back here, and he wouldn’t tell me why. He went straight to bed once we returned.”

“Is that all? Well, we’ve finished the preparations for you to go on your next mission, but you should wait until Siks is awake to go. In the meantime, I’ve chosen to send you to gather information on a particular world. The briefing documents are in your room. Dismissed.”

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:38 pm

The next morning, Rexial and Siks were in the Lounge, Rexial telling Siks about the mission they were about to go on. While he listened, Siks was fitting one of those shoulder-pieces, strapping it in place. Rexial had tried using it, but complained that armor really wasn’t his style anyway.

“…So, we’ll have to start from Hollow Bastion and find a way from there.” The boy finished.

“Hey, after this mission, you wanna come with me to a world called Kashyyyk? I've got an old friend there who might be willing to join up.” Siks asked.

“Sure, man.” Rexial shrugged. “If all goes well, we’ll have two new members, then. Dunno if this’ll work, though, since we’re going to try recruiting somebody who’s flat-out evil.”

A man stepped into the Round Room carrying a clipboard. “Xeromus, sir! We discovered the problem in the Recompletion Machine! Due to an oversight by our scientists, we assumed that the darkness around a Heartless would disperse naturally. In fact, the truth is quite different. It looks like that darkness remains present, even when the process is complete. However, we also noted that said darkness is already present before the split into Heartless and Nobody.”

“The problem is that the darkness remains dominant, and the heart is left in a state that is less favorable. We’re currently working on a mechanism to rectify this…”

“…If you’re done with your report, then get back to work on it immediately.” Xeromus ordered the man. “We can’t leave it as-is.”

“I, uh, I’m just the supervisor, sir.” The man scratched his head.

An awkward silence followed before the man left the room.

Meanwhile, in Arkham Asylum, Gotham City…

Out of nowhere, a strange figure appeared. A skinny teenager with strange black hair that stood up in defiance of gravity and red eyes, sitting in a cell with no knowledge of how he had gotten there. “Woah… What the hell just happened?”

Below his feet, a corridor of darkness opened up. “And what is thaaaAAAAAAAA-”

The corridor spilled him out on the grounds of Castle Asylum. “-AAAAAT!?”

Standing up, he flicked his… tail? This young man had a tail that looked like it belonged to a monkey. “Where the… what’s going on here?” Turning around, he saw the imposing figure of Castle Asylum. “A castle? Well, let’s check it out…”

He began to walk, not wasting energy worrying about anything but the present.

When he finally reached the gate, he paused for a moment. “Hm… should I? Ah, the hell with it, I don’t care!” Kicking the door open and wandering inside, he began to explore, coming to a hallway. He found his attention pulled to a door labeled with a ‘VI’.

“Six, huh?” Peeking inside, he saw a bed. “Good enough for me.”

He stepped in and jumped into the bed, quickly falling asleep. Falling through random corridors could really take it out of a guy.

Siks and Rexial stood on a floating rock with blue crystals sticking out of it, suspended over an endless void that looked like outer space…? This was the Dimensional Rift, a pocket dimension spatially relative to the sky above Hollow Bastion.

“Are you sure we can trust this ‘Exdeath’? That Bartz guy didn’t seem to think so.”

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry about that part. I’ve heard that the creatures here are pretty strange, though, so keep an eye out-”

He was interrupted by a crystal dragon, which ambushed them and promptly tail-whipped them off the rock they were standing on, sending them plummeting onto another one… which happened to have a giant tree with a grotesque face rooted in the middle.

“Oh. There he is.” Rexial muttered.

“Who dares disturb me?!” Roared Exdeath. It was certainly a surreal experience, being yelled at by a tree.

The boy grinned, then spoke as if pitching a sale. “Hello, sir! Would you like to join our organization and help fight evil?”

“No.” It said with finality.

“Plan B, then.” He sighed, raising one hand, causing darkness to swirl around the tree, forcing it to regress into another form: that of a towering suit of armor. “I guess we’ll just have to try controlling you by force. Sorry, Exdeath, we’re under-staffed, and a little desperate for members.”

“W-what are you doing!? No, stop!” The darkness engulfed Exdeath, transforming him again. The tyrannical monster gave a cry of agony before giving up his struggles and letting himself be re-shaped. Now he was a coated figure of the same size and build as before, and a lot less talkative. His hood obscured his face… but that was probably for the best.

“Now, Exdeath, I order you to return to the castle by Dark Corridor. Xeromus will be expecting you.” Rexial said, waving dismissively.

Siks was a little less flippant about it. A little. “Well, that was somewhat disturbing. Whaddaya say we go to Kashyyyk now?”

Rexial shrugged. “Sure thing.” And then he turned and looked in another direction… not facing anybody in particular. Huh. “And for the record, Exdeath kinda deserved that. No sense feeling pity for the botanical equivalent of Legion, so get over it.”

Standing over the bed in room VI, Xeromus held his scythe, ready to strike. Without warning, the blade went flying towards the intruder’s face, but was stopped cold by one of his hands, which had grabbed onto the curved blade. “Don’t even think about it.” The stranger young man said, not even opening his eyes.

He released his grip, going back to sleep. The Nobody stood over him, unsummoning his scythe and thinking to himself.

After a pause, the stranger got up, rolling his eyes at the man. “Who exactly are you?” He’d given up on the idea that the guy would go away if he pretended to still be sleeping.

“I am Xeromus, leader of Organization XIV. We exist to facilitate the destruction of Organization XIII, the bastards who are spreading Heartless into random worlds and trying to complete Kingdom Hearts for their own goals. But what does it matter to you?” He glared at the young man. “These beds are members-only. Go sleep in the guest room if you must.”

He tapped his foot impatiently. “Go on. This room is for our sixth member, which you AREN’T. I can only let a freeloader get away with so much.”

“Fine by me.” He left the room, heading for the end of the hall. Looking up at the GUEST label on the door, he shrugged. “…I think.”

The young man leaned on the wall, thinking about whether the room was going to turn out to be crappy or not, when another Dark Corridor opened beneath him. “Oh, come on!”

Rexial and Siks came out of a Dark Corridor… several hundred feet above a thick forest. “…Siks, next time, I’m letting you handle the corridor.”

“I’ve got this.” Siks calmly cast Aeroga, slowing their descent as the trees rushed up at them. What they landed on wasn’t ground however… it was wood. “Fortunately, this is my friend Kotank’s house. Let’s see if he’s home.”

“Where-the-hell-am-I-What’s-going-on-what-just-happened!?” The young man yelled out as he fell into a chair, startling a… something… in the room.

The figure stood up, shaggy brown hair covering its massive frame. It turned to face him, growling. There were subtle changes to its intonation, and it was clearly trying to communicate, but it probably wasn’t physically capable of human speech.

Pausing for a moment, the shaggy creature then walked to a trunk in the corner of the room, pulled out some kind of collar, and put it on his neck. Now speaking English, he said to the young man, "Sorry about that, I have a human friend who understands Wookie-speak and I guess I got too used to it. This translator collar should help though." He then sat down in a chair and offered Dispatch a different one, as the one he currently sat in was made for much larger creatures… Wookies? Was that what the hulking thing was?

"Please sit down right there," said the Wookie, gesturing to a chair made for humans. He must have had human-sized guests relatively often. "So what did you mean when you said you didn't know what was happening? Do you not know how you got here?"

The monkey-tailed young man’s reply was cut off by a knocking sound.

The Wookie held up a finger. “Hold that thought.” Striding over to the door, he pulled it open, confused when he didn’t see anybody.

“How’ve you been, big guy?” A voice he knew well asked from a few feet below his line of sight. Looking down, he was surprised to see…

“Siks!” He said, giving the man a brotherly hug. It was impressive that there were no sounds of bones cracking; either Siks was just that strong, or this Wookie was good at not breaking peoples’ backs. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you.” Siks replied. “Kotank, this is Rexial.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Rexial nodded, not terribly disturbed that their new recruit didn’t even look human. He just smiled.

Kotank gestured to the open door. “Come in, both of you."

Siks entered the house and noticed the stranger, "Who's he?"

"I was just asking him that before you showed up." said Kotank, who then turned and looked at the monkey-tailed young man. "Now, who did you say you were?"

Rexial glanced at the corner of the room, a wisp of darkness having caught his attention. A Dark Corridor, huh? That explains how he got here without knowing where he is. Sort of. …Okay, not really, but he must’ve gotten here by DC.

Castle Asylum: Round Room

Xeromus rested his face in one hand, leaned back, reclined, constantly changing positions in his seat with his eyes closed.

Still, the snoring continued to drill into his skull. Finally, he’d had enough. Snapping and yelling at the stranger sleeping in the seventh chair, his eyes shot open as he gripped the armrests of his seat.

“Wake up, damn you! How do people keep finding us here!?”

Startled into waking up, the young Nobody rubbed his eyes and focused on the one who yelled at him. “…Master Xeromus!”

“Morning, Xorion. Actually, it’s afternoon. I’d ask how you found this castle, but maybe it’s destiny or something like that.” The tall Nobody sighed. “Well, I suppose there’s no point beating around the bush. I’d like to ask you to join Organization XIV. It’s sudden, I know, but I don’t really care. I trained you, and I might as well have you put it to good damn use.”

Nodding, Xorion leapt to the floor. “I’ll be training downstairs, tell me when the other members get back so I can meet them.” Walking briskly out of the Round Room and through the halls, he noted that something was missing… “…We really need a vendor or something.”

Kashyyyk: Kotank’s House

"Rexial," Siks said, "You stay here, I'm going to see if Kotank's willing to join."

"Willing to join what?" asked Kotank.

"I'll explain later. Come on, let's go for a walk."


Rexial nodded to Siks as he left. Meanwhile, the stranger in the chair was… displeased. “Oh, come on! NOW where am I supposed to go?”

As the door swung closed, a Dark Corridor opened under his feet. “Oh, right. Shoulda guessed.” He muttered before falling in.

Rexial panicked for a second as the stranger disappeared, deciding to dive after him.

Siks and Kotank had gone to the top of a tree where they would often sit and talk. It was a nice place, with a good view of the forest. It was a pretty calm sight at the moment.

"I need a favor," said Siks.

"Sure thing," Kotank responded, "What do you need?"

"I've joined a group called Organization XIV, we're trying to destroy Organization XIII. I was wondering-"

"If I'd join?"

"Would you? I'd really feel better if I had an old friend there with me."

Kotank put his paw on Siks' shoulder and said "Sure thing, old friend."

"Thanks. Do you still have your Gummi Ship? We can take it to our headquarters."

"Yeah, she's all set. Come on."

A few minutes later, a Gummi Ship – a vessel fit for interstellar travel, made from the mysterious substance known only as Gummi Blocks – shot off into the sky, carrying Kotank and Siks with it. This was the Golden Hawk, on a course for the world of Asylum.

From above, Asylum was hard to spot. A veil of darkness surrounded it, making the place difficult to notice, blending in with the rest of interspace. Also notable was that there was more to the world than a castle, but the veil obscured those parts from sight completely.

It was a pretty empty world these days.

The Golden Hawk found space in the Gummi Bay, landing without a hitch. Siks told Kotank to go to the room labeled ‘V’, and that he’d take care of the sign-up for him. When the man ran into Xeromus in the halls, he was asked where Rexial was. “Rexial should be back shortly, he was talking to someone we found while we were recruiting Kotank. Well, I'm going to bed."

On the way to his room, Siks bumped in to Xorion.

"Oh, you must be new here, I'm Siks." said Siks, who then held out his hand for a handshake.

Xorion took his hand and shook it with a smile on his face, as though he actually had a heart. "Hi. I'm Xorion." he said. "Siks, right? The name's Xorion, Zo-ree-un. Number VII of Organization XIV, apprentice of 'the reaper' himself, Xeromus. Oh, could I ask you a favor? If you happen to catch Xeromus before I do, could you ask him if it'd be okay for a Moogle to join?"

Moogles were short creatures with permanently-shut eyes, round red noses, little bat wings, and a floaty ball attached to their head by a string-like limb, referred to as a Pom-Pom. They were a quirky little species, compulsively making a strange ‘kupo’ sound when they spoke, and generally regarded as either expert synthesists, shrewd businessmen… or adorable little critters. In fact, one was reported to have been working at The Castle That Never Was, selling tools to Organization XIII.

"I don't think he'd mind," said Siks, "So long as he has some kind of special skills. Now I'm gonna go see if Rexial's back, he's our number II. I need to ask him something."

Meanwhile, in Room VI…

The strange young man fell from the corridor, landing on the bed. “What?! I was just kicked out of here!”

Rexial fell, hitting the bed on the side, bouncing off and hitting the floor. “Oof-dammit…! Hey, man, has this been happening a lot lately? Keep your mind on the here-and-now until you learn to control those corridors properly! Ow…”

He stood up, brushing himself off as the teenager walked out of the room, staggering into the hall. “Hey, wait!”

“Looks like everybody’s filling out some kinda form today… guess I’d better do it, too.” The stranger stumbled his way to where Siks was filling out Kotank’s, taking one for himself. He snatched up a nearby pencil, hastily scribbling down ‘Dispatch’ under ‘Name’. “…’Species’? The hell?”

Siks looked up, noticing Rexial following Dispatch into the hall. "Oh, good, you're back.”

Holding up a hand by way of greeting Siks, Rexial continued to talk to Dispatch. “So, you’re interested in joining? We’re up against Organization XIII, a bunch of Nobody creeps who think that what they’re doing is going to give them their hearts, but it’s just them committing atrocities on a theory. Short version, they’re doing bad stuff, and we’re going to kick their ass. Are you in?”

“I’ll do it.” Dispatch replied, wasting no time. He held up the finished form. “…Is that all I have to do to sign up?”

“Yeah, that’s it.” Rexial nodded. “…Sheesh, membership has doubled just today! Look, there’s three sign-ups here.”

Dispatch looked at Siks, taking a second to recognize him. "Hey, I know you! You were on that weird planet with that furry guy. What was your name again? Mine is... well I don't know, but everyone who knows me calls me Dispatch, so that's how I introduce myself."

"The name's Siks," said Siks, "That "furry guy" is my friend Kotank. He never meant to scare you back there, he just really doesn't like intruders in his house. So, Rexial, how did you get back, exactly?"

The young man was about to explain when Siks cut him off. "You know what, never mind. Should the other members go to the Round Room tomorrow so Xeromus can formally welcome them like he did me?"

“Ack, I hate formalities. Even if he does I won't be showing up.” Dispatch spat.

Rexial shrugged. “Like he could do that at all. How would it look to welcome three or four new members when there’s only three of us in the first place? That’d be too weird. He’ll probably just leave us to our own devices for a while before sending us on some missions.”

Putting his hands in his pockets, he turned down another hall. “Nice to have you on board, Dispatch.”

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:31 pm

Xorion opened a Dark Corridor, as Xeromus had given him an Organization coat to navigate efficiently and safely.

He had some preparations to make for a Moogle to be coming back with him. He arrived in Hollow Bastion mere seconds later.

The Nobody walked towards the place where he knew a certain little fellow often came to relieve the stress of working for a bunch of emotionless psychos. As he was walking, he sensed... a presence. Not a completely human presence, but the presence of a Nobody or Heartless. He shook off the feeling and started off again.

Suddenly he was tackled to the ground by a teenage girl with light brown hair and tattoo-like markings under her eyes.

"Who are you!? And why do you wear the coat of the organization?" She asked angrily, pinning his arms with her legs, holding the edge of a chakram to his throat.

"To safely travel in Dark Corridors. Duh." Xorion said calmly, apparently not concerned by the fact that he was being straddled by a girl who was expressing intent to kill. "So, uh, why are you wearing it?"

"I’m… an ex-member of Organization XIII.” She paused, not sure why she answered him. “Now, if you were sent by them to retrieve me," She held her chakram closer to his neck, nearly drawing blood. "Then I will have to kill you."

Xorion replied quickly. "No, no! In fact, I'm in an organization trying to defeat ‘em! Organization XIII. Defeat them. Yeah."

Suprisingly, she unsummoned her weapon and stood up, extending a hand. She had believed him? Well, it WAS the truth, but he hadn’t really said it very convincingly…

"Good." she said. "I've been trying to find a way to get back at them. Mind if I join you?"

"You already threatened to kill me once. Do you NEED an answer?" Xorion said, taking her hand and being pulled to his feet.

"Fair enough." The girl replied. "By the way, the name's Lyxsal. You need to know, that if this thing DOES succeed, you shall not lay a finger, blade, or anything else on Axel or Demyx. They have no evil intentions as the other ones do."

"Fair enough." Xorion said. "Considering you look like a cross between the two of them, there’s gotta be some relation. You need to get back to the castle. There's a castle in a world called Asylum where our base is located: Castle Asylum. Take a Dark Corridor, and take this to prove to Xeromus that I sent you." He summoned his weapon and flipped it, holding it by the blade, hilt facing the Nobody girl.

"Your Keyblade?" Lyxsal asked, placing a hand on it.

"Yes. If I can trust you, then I'll get it back from Xeromus later. If I can't, then I can take it from your very hands wherever you are, and send a team of Nobodies, Wookies and Moogles to destroy you." Xorion said, with his voice calm the whole time as he let her take his Keyblade.

"Fair enough." Lyxsal repeated. She opened a Dark Corridor and was on her way.

Once again, Xorion was on his way to get Tony, the Moogle. He came up to the building, a Synthesis Workshop, and knocked on the door.

A Moogle answered the door.

"You Tony?" Xorion asked.

“Nope. I’m Moglin, kupo. Tony’s over there, grumbling about his job, kupo.” The creature answered, pointing to another Moogle, sitting on a bench.

“Are YOU Tony?” The Nobody asked.

"Yes, kupo." the small creature answered.

"Today's your lucky day."

“Are you Xeromus? Xorion sent me to help.” Lyxsal said to the figure she met in the halls, holding up the Kingdom Key Twilight. It was a key-shaped weapon, a white blade with a red ring around the base, and a black loop with a black hilt in the center. At the back end, a golden chain hung in space, ending in a Yin-Yang symbol.

Rexial sighed. “What makes you think I’m Xeromus? He’s, like, three feet taller than me.” …Aaaaaand now I’m depressed about my height. Great. …Wait just a second, wasn’t ‘Xorion’ one of the names on the signups? And didn’t he have his weapon listed as a Keyblade?! “So, uh, Xorion sent you, huh? You look kinda like… never mind. You hate Organization XIII, right? Prove it!” Sorry, lady, but I need to fight somebody and see if having a heart really makes a difference in fighting ability...

Taking a wider stance, the young man summoned his sword, and the air filled with tension.

Readying her chakrams, Lyxsal glared at him. “You wanna fight? I’ll fight.” Raising them in a sweeping motion, a giant wave of water sprung up from the floor at Rexial.

Rexial jumped over the wave easily, somersaulted, then landed behind her. "What, no new tricks? I'd expect something a little trickier to deal with!" He swung with Drakus, aiming at her foot.

Both of them having shown up to watch, Siks tapped Dispatch on the shoulder, "500 munny says Rexial wins."

Lyxsal jumped before the sword had a chance to make contact. She backflipped and tossed a chakram straight at Rexial's face.

Just then, a dark corridor opened beside Siks and Dispatch. Xorion and Tony the Moogle walked out.

"What's goin' on here?" Xorion asked Siks.

Rexial deflected the Chakram, mentally complaining about the lack of challenge. He knew well enough how Axel fought from the reports. Wait a sec, that means my heart really DOES make a difference! Sweet! I’m a lot more powerful than I was as a Nobody.

He almost attacked again before noticing Xorion. "Huh? Oh, it’s just a little test." He unsummoned Drakus before offering to shake hands with Lyxsal. "Congrats, looks like you're a new member."

"Everybody, meet Tony." Xorion said as he pointed to the Moogle who now wore an Org. coat. "He's gonna be Member number IX."

Rexial glanced at the Nobody girl who, seconds ago, had been his opponent. “Membership tripled in one day? That’s gotta be some kind of record…”

Taking notice of Tony, he flinched a little. "Huh? A... Moogle? Weird...” Well, he wouldn't be very conspicuous on Recon Missions... but can he fight? …I may be a bit scared of his species, but I still feel compelled to touch that thing on his head…

"Is it a challenge that you want, Rexial? I could give you a challenge. I could summon one million Dancer-type lesser Nobodies that you would have to destroy in 30 seconds or die instantly." Lyxsal said with a calm voice the whole time. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get settled in my room."

Sighing, Rexial scratched his head. Is that how I used to talk? God, I must’ve been annoying…

Xorion took care of procedure for their newest ally. "Here's a form for you to fill out, Tony. You have to fill it out in order to have access to the food supply. Oh! That's right! I almost forgot. While we were out I got Sea-Salt ice cream for everybody." He took out an ice cream bar for himself before passing around the shopping bag that held them.

Rexial took one, nodding to Xorion. “Thanks. That was awfully thoughtful of you.” Taking a bite, he choked for a second, remembering the taste. It was… really good. He was surprised; things even tasted better with a heart!

"And here's one for you, Tony." Xorion said, taking the form from him and giving him an ice cream bar.

"If anyone wants to find me after missions, I'll usually be at my hangout, on top of the hill in Halloween Town. I'll also be wearing a disguise coat, so I'll probably look like a zombie or something. Where do you guys hang out after missions?"

While Rexial wondered how news had gotten to Xorion about their Disguise Coats, Siks answered that he usually just came back to the castle to sleep.

Tony ate the ice cream in a single bite, checking the stick before tossing it aside. “Up for a slice of pizza, kupo?” He asked Siks, the ice cream having only whetted his appetite.

"Sure." said Siks.

"Hey,” said Kotank,"Can I tag along? I’m pretty hungry."

"Yeah," Said Siks,"Anyway, Xorion… Kotank and I'll be hanging out on an old tree in Kashykk. I can tell you which one if you ever wanna come with. Oh, and I don't mind if you tag along with me and Tony, Kotank. That okay with you, Tony?"

Rexial was left holding the bag, most of them ignoring the ice cream as they chatted.

"On second thought," said Kotank,"I need to go back to my house on Kashyyyk and pick up a few things."

"I'll go with you," said Siks,"Sorry, Tony. Maybe some other time."

The two started for the hangar where they’d parked, leaving Rexial with the Keyblader and the Moogle. He awkwardly tried to start a conversation with them, but it didn’t take. He sighed again. “…Am I going to have to eat all this myself?”

“Wow… I never knew their world was full of sasquatches.” Seth grinned with twisted glee. “And they had lasers, too.”

All around him were signs of darkness and destruction. The sky held no light, no sun, no stars. The forest was dark, no longer peaceful. Rather, it teemed with vicious intent. Heartless overran the place, completely at home.

The demonic young man laid back on a bed he had made from broken fragments of the world. “This world fun to destroy, wasn’t it?” He asked a Neoshadow standing next to his bed. It was like an ordinary Shadow, but taller, more humanoid, with visible muscle and longer antennae.

Raising his voice so that all of the Heartless would hear him, he made a declaration. “I’m going to take a nap! Make sure nothing wakes me. Ahhh… I was right, that man DID lead me to some entertainment. Hehehahahaha…”

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:35 am

The Golden Hawk dropped out of Warp Drive – the Gummi Ship’s means of near-instant interstellar travel to registered locations – only to find an empty space where Kashyyyk used to be. It was a black void, a space without any light or matter; a sure sign of a world being pulled into darkness.

"No…" Said Kotank, as he slammed his fist on the wall. "NO!"

"Kotank," said Siks, putting his hand on his shoulder,"Kotank, calm down! We'll find out who did this. I'll talk to Rexial and see if we can get some people on recon, and more importantly, I'll see if we can find out a way to restore Kashyyyk. Then Xorion can find and seal the Keyhole with his Keyblade. But right now, I need you to come back to the castle and lie down."

"Alright," said Kotank,"You take the controls, I'm too upset to fly right now."

Switching places with Kotank and strapping himself into the pilot seat, Siks couldn’t help but feel a nagging sense that this was… deliberate. The timing was too strange. They had just been there an hour ago…

As Kotank went to his room to sleep, Siks found Rexial in the lounge. He explained what had happened to Kashyyyk. "…I'm willing to believe it was just a random attack by the Heartless," said Siks, "But I also think it's possible it could have been organized by someone. So do you think we could get someone on recon to try and find out? Also, do you know of any way we could restore the world?"

Rexial was shocked. He had been there earlier, too. "...The End of the World... That's where we should be headed. It's like a prison for worlds that get swallowed... If we go there, we can free Kashyyyk, and any other worlds that have met the same fate. Then Xorion can seal their Keyholes so that it doesn’t happen again. Let's go. We'll use the Gummi Ship. ...Oh yeah, and somebody order a pizza. I'm sure somebody delivers to this castle." He ran in the direction of the hangar where the Golden Hawk was resting. "Xorion! You're needed, too! We need your Keyblade, and this is a good test of your skills!"

"I'll get Kotank," said Siks, "He won't let us use the Hawk unless he's with us."

Siks ran to get Kotank, who was eager to come with if it meant saving his home.

Meanwhile, in another part of the castle, Lyxsal was walking into Tony's room.

"Hey, Tony, you said you wanted to show me...."

Lyxsal realized that Tony's room was completely filled with potions, elixirs, and panels of all sorts. "Yes, kupo. I wanted to show you a couple of inventions of mine." Tony said, seeing that Lyxsal had walked in and was now gaping in amazement.

"Now, I have taught myself how to synthesize out in the field, so I have a lot of time to experiment, kupo." Tony held up a bottle full of yellowish-green liquid. "I call it the Elixotion. Mix one part Hi-potion with one part Elixir, you get this, kupo. It restores 80% HP and MP, kupo. Then there's this, kupo."

He held up a panel with a wing on it. "This, kupo, is a Fly ability panel. After various mixing of pixie dust - Tinker Bell was very cooperative, kupo - and other ingredients, I discovered this. I know what you're thinking, kupo, ‘there's already a glide panel’. But this is different. With this, kupo, you only need a small effort to stay airborne. Finally, after randomly messing with weapon ingredients, I found this, kupo."

He held up another panel with a heart on it. "This panel allows your weapon to have greater strength, kupo. The best part, kupo, is that it takes the shape that you’re most comfortable with. Also, if you have a heart, kupo, it allows you power you've never felt the likes of before."

Lyxsal was amazed. She realized that she had been silent for a while.

"That's amazing. I have a feeling that with you on our side, we'll be able to accomplish a lot." Lyxsal went and told the rest of the present members about Tony and his inventions. Which amounted to… Xeromus. The other six were all leaving for some reason or another…

With everyone now in the ship, already flying rapidly through Interspace, Kotank told everyone, "I've made a few modifications to the ship that aren't in most Gummi ships. Siks, you and Rexial go and man the guns down below, in case we run into any Heartless-related trouble. Xorion, you stay up here with me."

"Alright," said Siks, "Come on, Rexial, the guns are this way."

Climbing down the ladder into his turret, Rexial strapped into the gunner’s seat. “I don’t think I’m gonna like this…”

"Alright, take it easy back there kid," said Siks, chuckling as he spoke, "Kotank, are we all set.”

"Yeah," said Kotank, "We're already on a course for the End of the World. We should be there in a few seconds."

Upon arriving at their destination, several Heartless ships flew towards them.

"Siks, Rexial," exclaimed Kotank, "we've got company!"

"Yeah, I see 'em" said Siks, "Look alive, kid we've got twelve ships coming right at us!"

Siks let loose with his guns, shooting down and destroying two of them. "Make that ten," he said with a smirk on his face. "Let's hope you're as good with a gun as you are with a sword!"

Hell no, I’m not! Rexial screamed in his head, still figuring out the controls when he shot one ship, causing it to smash into two others. Stunned by what he accomplished through chance, he took the opportunity to gloat. "Yeah-ha! I’m not your average sword-swingin’ flunky!"

“Great, kid, don’t get cocky!” Siks yelled to him before blasting another four.

Dispatch walked into a DC that had appeared above him. Not knowing the extent of his abilities, he appeared on top of an enemy ship. Rather than be bothered by this, he decided to roll with it.

"You're weak!" He yelled, and punching a hole through the engine. Followed by this, he jumped to the next one and threw the pilot off the ship. Dispatch took control of the ship, not remembering that he had no idea how to fly it, but still leaving only the boss...

Kotank was watching the battle from the cockpit and contacted Siks and Rexial through the ships communication devices.

"Did you guys see that!?" asked Kotank.

"Yeah," said Siks, "Looks like Dispatch still hasn't gotten the hang of keeping his Dark Corridors under control. Rexial, get out there and tell Dispatch to see if he can distract that last ship, I've got a plan."

"So what's the plan, Siks? Why don't ya just blast at it like crazy? That's how I usually take care of 'em." Xorion said.

"Because," Said Siks, who had now walked up to the cockpit, "I'm about to test something Kotank and I have been working on for quite a while now. Kotank, where are the explosives?"

Kotank chuckled and said, "Wait here, I'll go set 'em up," He then walked out of the room.

"Let me explain, before we joined the group Kotank and I built these very powerful explosive charges that we should be able to use to take out that ship. We've tested them out but we haven't used them in the field yet, and this is the perfect opportunity."

Kotank then came back in to the room. "Alright, their all set up. As soon as Rexial and Dispatch distract that thing, we can get close enough to drop it on him."

Dispatch had no freaking idea how the gummi ship worked. "I have no idea how this thing works!" He yelled, perfectly summing up his predicament. "Does this wheel do anything?" Turning the wheel, he accidentally blasted the Golden Hawk. "Whoops. Sorry, guys! Now, what about these buttons?"

By pressing them, he found that they were the steering controls. "Really?! A wheel is for weapons and buttons are steering?! Shouldn't that be the other way around!?" Dispatch saw a trackball. "…Then what does this do?" He rotated the trackball.

An alarm started flashing inside of the cockpit.

"Oh sh*t! What does that mean?" Thought Dispatch, alarmed.

As if in response, the ship spoke. "Self-destruct engaged. Detonation in 3, 2..."

Well... he couldn't be faulted for not knowing how to fly the damn thing.

"NoooOOOO!" Yelled Dispatch. He decided to jump. As soon as Dispatch jumped, the ship exploded, and the blast propelled him onto the boss ship.

Dispatch was irritated by the turn of events. He had just ended up nearly getting blown up, and now he was stranded on an enemy ship! He walked along the deck, surprised not to run into any Heartless.

"That's weird. Where are all the enemies?"

Once he reached the captain's cabin, he saw a certain man, a familiar sight to some. He was tan and muscular, wearing only a long coat, pants, and boots, the emblem of the Heartless on his chest. This man's hair was long and grey. He turned around slowly, facing the intruder.

Dispatch, however, did not know him. ...What? "Who are you? Are you the captain of this Heartless ship?"

The man smirked before finally speaking up. "I am Ansem… the Seeker of Darkness.” He made an arcane gesture to accompany his statement, looking at the young man with malicious golden eyes.

“And yes, I am the captain," He added in his rich, deep voice, as if mocking him.

Dispatch responded coolly. "Then you have to go down" A… ‘fight’ ensued. It didn’t last long.

Really, it was a brief affair: Dispatch rushed Ansem, and got backhanded into a wall for his trouble. Chuckling, the seeker of darkness menacingly walked towards him.

Siks and Kotank saw Dispatch enter the ship from their cockpit. "This might put a damper on things," said Siks,"We'll have to get Dispatch out of there."

"How?" asked Kotank.

"I've got an idea, stand back."

Siks then summoned Soulcrusher and threw it to the ground, transforming it into what very closely resembled a motorcycle. He then did the same with Radiance, only it transformed into a side car and attached to the Darkcycle. Siks then jumped on and said to Xorion, "Get on the side car, we're gonna go get Dispatch out of that ship."

Rexial had climbed back up now, and caught a glimpse of what was going on. He noticed that, as Siks transformed his weapons into a ride, the shoulder-piece gave a faint glow. “Huh, so it works for him. I dunno why I can’t get the stupid thing working… wait just a sec, Xorion’s wearing one. When did he get one?”

"Awesome! Lemme try!" Xorion said, threw his keyblade into the air. It flipped a few times and a dark purple and red motorcycle fell onto the ground.

"Hehe, awesome." Xorion said. He hopped on, popped a wheelie, then dismissed it and hopped into the Darkcycle’s sidecar.

Sighing, Rexial glared at Xorion. “Don’t ignore me like that, you showoffy bastard.”

Dispatch was utterly defeated. He was jammed three inches deep into a wall and had no idea how he could survive the encounter, let alone win. Until...

BOOM! BOOM! All of the metal holding the ship together suddenly went flying in about 40 different directions. Well. That was unexpected.

"Wow. Did that just happen? That's insane!"

I know, right?

Then he remembered the ship was about to die. While the ship was mostly gummi anyway, the metal shrapnel had ripped it up badly, and there was nothing holding it together. "I should get out of here shouldn't I?"

But the Seeker of Darkness wouldn't allow that. Chuckling, he readied himself to strike. "Come, open your heart…" Ansem summoned his Guardian, a bandaged, gaunt black Heartless that was connected to his back, and struck.

Dispatch was in trouble and he knew it. Suddenly, his determination to keep going gave way to power. He somehow knew what to do. Some of the metal NOT holding the ship together twisted itself into the shape of a spear. "Whoa. Did... did I do that?" Then he wrenched himself free of the wall with his newfound strength and grabbed the spear.

Kicking off, he slashed at Ansem, the seeker of darkness barely avoiding a deeper wound as he floated out of the way.

Ansem seemed more irritated than worried. "How can anybody do that?" Keeping a wary eye on the spear, he moved his Guardian in front to block as the intruder thrust it towards him. This left his back unprotected, as a second spear tore into his chest from behind.

Crying out briefly in pain, he reached back and pulled out the offending piece of metal, tossing it aside. “…You won’t get away with this.” He muttered, intent to kill in his eyes now.

Needing an immediate escape, Dispatch leapt out the nearest opening in the ship, thinking of the castle… and letting a corridor open in his path, dropping him off, safe and sound, back home.

Siks, who had already come halfway to the boss ship, saw Dispatch jump out the window from outside of the ship and, after seeing him safely enter the Dark Corridor, and watching the ship fall apart, he said to himself, "Well, so much for testing those explosives out in the field. Kotank, head down to End of the World, we'll meet you down there."

"Already on my way," said Kotank, as he transported himself and Rexial down to the giant death hole.

"Great, come on Xorion," said Siks, who then flew down towards them.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

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Landing on a strange, purple surface, everyone dismounted their vehicles. Rexial looked a little pale, for whatever reason, but everything seemed A-Okay for being in a world that was practically one big Heartless den.

Above the group, another corridor opened up. “…think I’m getting the hang of these things!” Dispatch, carrying a spear, tumbled out, landing in the dirt. “…or not.”

"You alright there, Dispatch?" asked Kotank, helping him up.

"I’m okay."

"Dispatch," said Siks, "You made it."

The two of them started talking about something else while Kotank focused on their goal.

"Okay," said Kotank, "Now that we're all here, Rexial, how do we restore Kashyyyk? ...And the rest of the destroyed worlds."

Rexial was spaced out, not responding to Kotank at all.

Meanwhile, Siks and Dispatch were inspecting a nearby pickup truck… they were curious as to how it could possibly have gotten there.

Alex awoke in pain. It felt like every bone in his body was broken. He laid there for a minute, his eyes closed. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw an airship flying away in the distance. He slowly reached into his pocket, stopping every few seconds because of the pain.

Finally, he pulled two potions and drank them. The pain was dumbed down enough for him to get up. He looked around and saw that he was in the middle of a field. He started walking, and found a black jacket a few feet in front of him. Alex walked over to the jacket picking it and looking at the tag.

"Alex," he said, reading the tag, "That sounds really familiar. Maybe it's my name?" Alex, deciding that Alex was his name, put on the jacket and started walking towards a nearby forest, when suddenly he was teleported to a floating rock with a pillar of light in the middle.

Alex hopped from rock to rock, only stopping to look at each pillar of light. As he touched the orb on the last floating rock, he was thrown and landed on his hands and knees in the snow. He looked forward wondering how he would get to the other side. He looked at the little platform in front of the portal and noticed it was an arrow.

The front of the arrow was pointing behind him but the back of the arrow was facing another arrow platform. Alex stepped off of the platform, and a wave of relief washed over him as his foot touched solid ground. He walked slowly, fearing that he would fall through with every step After Alex reached the end he sat down a breathed a sigh of relief.

Dispatch broke away from the investigation of the truck to look at this person who had just appeared from nowhere. A guy with auburn hair and plain brown eyes, he’d just kinda… shown up. “Hey, kid, what are you doing here?”

"I don't know," Alex said while scratching the back of his head, "I don't really remember much. My name is Alex, at least I think it is. And you are?"

"Yeah, yeah, we'll have time for introductions later, now can we just get ON with it!?" Xorion shouted. He turned to this newly appeared stranger and spoke to him. "Can ya fight, kid? 'Cause if so, get the lead out and help us get through this empty place."

Indeed, the group appeared to have been trapped in a different area. It felt like the same area as the one above, but… reversed. All the little ravines had become towering walls, but every path was blocked by invisible barriers.

Happy to meet someone new, Dispatch said, "Come on, kid. I'm Dispatch. Let's go!"

An Invisible, the more common cousin of the Orcus, appeared behind Alex, and Dispatch immediately leapt at it, cutting it down with his makeshift polearm. Once it was destroyed, they were returned to the normal area.

"…Yeah I can fight," Alex said, "Follow me." He started walking down the invisible path. "Follow the arrows and don't touch the chests. They're probably traps."

"Alright. Now that we have one new ally, at least for the time being, we can get through this place and do what we came here to do." Xorion said. Suddenly, a circle of Heartless appeared around them. Xorion threw his staff like a Javelin, straight through an Invisible’s head, causing the creature to disappear.

Alex, preparing himself for the worst, tried to summon his weapons. In two flashes of light Twilight and Daybreak appeared; a pair of weapons that appeared to be Keyblades, but lacked a certain authenticity. They were fakes, formed from his memories.

Alex performed a quick slice through an Invisible with Twilight and threw Daybreak at an Angel Star. He then lifted up his right hand and fired a blast of temporal energy at another Orcus as Daybreak returned to his hand.

"Nice. Interlocking for a dual-bladed weapon.” Xorion noticed the grooves on the weapons, clearly meant to form a single one. “I like it. But, keep the keyblade Heartless-bashing to a minimum. We don't want Kingdom Hearts gettin' any bigger, do we?" Just after he said this, he whacked an Invisible upside the head with his staff.

"Okay, but shouldn't the Heartless release heart if a Keyblade destroys them?" Alex questioned, not quite getting it. Mostly because Xorion was doing a stupid job getting his point across. "But I'll just use magic." Alex's weapons disappear and he fires two more Temporal Blasts at a nearby Invisible, causing it to disappear.

Seeing his plight, Dispatch took it upon himself to explain. "This is Organization XIV. We decided to put an end to the XIII by destroying or containing as many Heartless as possible with conventional weapons. That way we destroy Heartless, and the Organization's goal will not be reached. Hurry up!" he added, seeing Xorion falling behind.

Xorion put his staff flat on the ground, flipped over it with one hand still on, frontflipped in the air, and landed right next to Dispatch. "Pfft, falling behind..." Xorion mumbled. "Don't you ever even think that I'm falling behind."

Alex ran to catch up, blasting several Heartless out of his way. "Who's the XIII?" Alex asked.

Dispatch was not very impressed with Xorion. "And? I could do that with my eyes closed" Then, remembering Alex's question, he said, "Organization XIII are a group of thirteen people who have lost their hearts and are trying to grow Kingdom Hearts by turning millions of people into heartless then slaughtering them with a Keyblade."

He nodded toward Alex's weapon. "See, when a Heartless is killed, it just reappears somewhere else. But when a Keyblade does it, they go to Kingdom Hearts. The leader of Organization XIII only wants to absorb its power and cares nothing for the return of his heart. In simpler terms, The XIII are thirteen people who have killed billions for selfish reasons." Having not breathed for the duration of the previous sentence, Dispatch began panting.

Suddenly, a DC opened up next to the group. Out of it came Lyxsal and Tony. "Hey guys we thought you were taking a little longer than expected and-" Lyxsal cut herself off seeing that they were fighting swarms of Heartless. "You ready for this, Tony?" Lyxsal said summoning her Chakrams.

"Kupo, I was born ready." Tony said. Lyxsal threw her Chakrams at sliced right through a pair of Invisibles. Tony shot fire at the nearest Heartless.

"I LIKE where this is going!" yelled Dispatch. He pulled out his spear, twisted it into an axe, and began going insane on the Heartless.

"Cool," Alex said, "More people." Alex blasted away two more Invisibles and an Angel Star. "I'm Alex." Alex then pointed at the ground underneath three Invisibles. The ground exploded with a white light, destroying the Heartless.

The scene descended into a frantic all-out battle as the Heartless kept coming. Before, it hadn’t been so difficult, but now they were surrounded by relentless attackers.

"Your health low or something, Dispatch?" Xorion said snarkily. Suddenly, Xorion had a funny feeling. He didn’t know how to describe it. It was like… he was in pain, but he was glad about something. But at the same time, terrified and drowning in sorrow.

The sensation was faint at first, but quickly built up within him. Being a Nobody, this was extremely confusing for him. He had no idea what to make of it… at least, until it built up to unbearable levels. Falling to his knees, he clutched his head, his keyblade falling to the ground. Unable to remain is proper control any more, he began to groan, his senses fading away.

Alex rushed over to him, covering the Nobody from attacks while he had his episode. “Hey, are you alright?!”

As he was moaning in pain an image appeared in his head. A girl with dark brown hair was sitting on a log in the forest in Twilight Town.

"I hope Norio is okay. Wherever he is." The girl said, her voice echoing through his mind.

"JOSEPHIIIIINE!" Xorion yelled before collapsing completely, having fainted from the mental strain.

"Get him out of here!" Alex said, having quickly adapted to the group. He blasted away three more Heartless. "They won't stop coming. We should try to get out of here."

"I'm on it." Lyxsal said, picking up Xorion and bringing him through a Dark Corridor to Castle Asylum.

"Come on Tony. I'm gonna need your help."

At Castle Asylum, Xorion was being watched over by Lyxsal and Tony. Xorion was dreaming. It about himself and… that girl.

"Please, Norio. Promise me one thing." The girl said.

"Anything, Josephine."

"Please.... promise me we'll never be apart...."

"I promise."

This was a mistake.

"On with the show!" Dispatch yelled, and then began berserking on a nearby Neoshadow and several other Heartless near it. Meanwhile, Alex had begun to have headaches, as well, though not nearly as bad as Xorion.

"C'mon Dispatch, let's get out of here. It’s hopeless." Alex opened up a Dark Corridor and stepped through, finding himself in the Round Room. "Now this place seems familiar." Alex said. He saw several flashes of his past and fell down, unconscious.

Dispatch ran through Alex's DC and came out in the Round Room to see Alex collapsed. "What the f***?!" This was creepy. Everyone was collapsing! "Great, now what? Wake up, kid! Wake up!"

Alex got up a few seconds later. "My head," he said clutching his head, "What happened?"

"I walked through the corridor and you were unconscious" said Dispatch. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." Alex said. "So where's my room?"

"Down the hall, take a left, tenth door on the right. If you'll excuse me, I'd better get back to the fight." And with that, Dispatch DC'd back to the fight, picked back up his axe, and began slaughtering more Heartless.

"Ya think he's OK, Tony?" Lyxsal said to the Moogle who was now looking over Xorion.

"Don't see why he wouldn’t be, kupo. Perfect HP, no status problems, all we can do is wait for him to awaken, kupo."

Xorion was dreaming again. This time, there was a man with silver hair and a black coat. He summoned a Heartless. It struck. Then… nothing.

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Dispatch cut down another Neoshadow, trying to remember what they were doing there in the first place. “Siks! What the hell was our mission?” He seemed unaffected by the weirdness that had overtaken Xorion and Alex… but there was a strange throbbing in his head that he couldn’t shake.

Alex emerged from a corridor, waving away any questions. “I got tired of waiting for you to do the sensible thing and retreat. So what are we supposed to do?” He seemed to have mostly recovered from his headaches, but put a hand to his head again shortly after setting foot back in the End of the World.

A black blade flew through the air, cutting a swathe in the swarm of Heartless. The owner was none other than Rexial, who stood away from the group, sweating profusely and gasping for breath. He didn’t look good. I… I command you all… to get out of our damn way!

The Heartless crowd thinned out a little as some of them obeyed the command, and others left out of a primal fear when their numbers started dwindling. What Heartless remained didn’t like their chances and quickly backed away from the fighters, watching their moves with their glowing yellow eyes.

Before the group, a shining keyhole appeared. Around it was a transparent lock, keeping a chain of shadow attached to something in the distance. It looked… green. “Kashyyyk…?”

“Now what do we do?”

Xorion's eyes quickly opened. "It has begun." Xorion said. He could've sworn he heard another voice, speaking in tandem with his. A voice that knew more than him.

The Keyblade bearer emerged from a dark corridor, holding out his weapon. The Heartless shrank back further as he lifted it, pointing squarely into the keyhole. His demeanor was completely different: he seemed to be relaxed and purposeful in his movements, as opposed to the edgy fighter he’d been before.

A beam of light shot from the tip of the key, entering the lock with a heavy click. It fell open, the chain disintegrating as the green satellite in the distance floated up into the sky, no longer bound to this place of darkness.

Once it got far enough away, it only remained visible as a star, which promptly shot off to go back where it belonged.

Kashyyyk was free.

Rexial smiled, falling on his knees. “Mission accomplished. I’m glad we pulled through, even if this wasn’t official, so nobody’s getting paid…”

"That was amazing." Alex said with a grin. "So, now what?"

"Now we go home and wait for our next mission." said Dispatch. "I have nothing to do though, so I guess I'll just hang out in my room and sleep."

Alex gave a sigh of relief. “That sounds good.” He almost opened a corridor when he was interrupted by Xorion.

"No. We can't go home just yet. There's a job to be done." Xorion said with a stern voice. "Twilight Town. Now." Xorion opened a dark corridor and ran through. Tony and Lyxsal followed.

Dispatch came after him, quickly followed by Alex. “What’s up?”

"Memories. Dreams. Visions. My Heartless. It needs to be taken care of. I need all of your help." Xorion said, his voice calm but stern the whole time.

“What exactly do we need to do?” Dispatch asked, his confusion not helped by Xorion’s vague explanations.

Rexial looked at Siks and Kotank. “Are you guys taking the Golden Hawk back to the castle?”

“Yeah, I’m bushed.” Siks replied. “We’ll probably pick up the stuff we left on Kashyyyk another time.”

Kotank merely shrugged as the two of them started back for their ship, careful to stay a good distance from the remaining Heartless.

Running after the others, Rexial felt a sudden relief as he stood in Twilight Town. He was still in terrible shape, but he wasn’t getting worse by the second any more. “Hold it!”

Xorion glared back at him. “What?”

“We can’t go on another mission right away! We just very nearly DIED, and if I hadn’t gotten the Heartless to back off, we would have had some casualties!” The boy replied angrily. “I’m ordering you all to return to the castle immediately to recover. We’ve been in an alien world, multiple members have collapsed, and we’re all weakened right now.”

He took a second to recover his breath. “…Sorry. I know you want to do this now, but we can’t handle another fight in this state. As your superior officer, I order you to put this on hold until we can handle it.”

Looking down at his wounds, Xorion thought for a moment, then looked at the wounds and sagging forms of his comrades. “…Fine. We’ll come back tomorrow… he won’t go anywhere.”

The others sighed in relief as Rexial opened a corridor back to Castle Asylum. “Everybody, get some rest. We’ll begin the next operation tomorrow.”

The next morning, Xorion, Dispatch, Lyxsal, Tony, and Alex were gathered in the hall. Rexial stepped in, nodding to them. “I’ve cleared it with our boss. We can go immediately, and he’s acknowledging it as an official mission, so we’ll get paid this time.” He still looked pretty bad, but at least he wasn’t gasping for breath at this point.

Xorion, who had been tapping his foot impatiently the entire time, opened a Dark Corridor and stepped through wordlessly. The others followed him, emerging in Twilight Town’s Tram Common. It was early enough that not many people were around, and the ones that were up early were all shopping on the other end of the area, the buildings hiding everything from view.

"So how will we be able to recognize it?" Lyxsal asked.

"Looks just like me except for black hair, glowing yellow eyes, and he carries a blade similar to that of an Orcus. Oh, and he's got a heart shaped hole in his chest." Xorion explained. "So, basically, he’s an Orcus shaped like me. And I know just where to find him." He started walking towards the woods, which were through a hole in the wall behind them.

Dispatch replied, "…You mean like that guy standing – er, floating – right behind you?"

Alex ran to catch up with Xorion. "A humanoid heartless." Alex said, "How interesting. Never seen one of those before."

"But he's right over there!" This was irritating. Nobody was listening to him.

"Huh?" Xorion mumbled, puzzled. He turned around and saw the very Heartless they were looking for. Orion. "You." They said simultaneously. "I have been searching for you ever since what happened." They said. "It begun by a Heartless and a Nobody, and it will end by a Heartless and a Nobody. It ends now." The two ended their simultaneous speech.

Dispatch grunted, unimpressed with their psychic connection, coincidentally identical speeches with perfect timing, or whatever that was just now. “Finally.”

Alex had run ahead of the group. "What the…?" He turned around at the sound of their weird little speech. Alex backed away, understanding this was not his fight. "So that's his Heartless?" Alex asked himself. "Didn't think it be this easy to find him."

Pointing to Alex, Dispatch jerked his thumb back, pointing to Orion. The message was clear: Get over here and help us with this.

Xorion held his Keyblade at the ready. “If we don’t completely subdue him, he’ll just swallow me in our recompletion.”

Rexial shrugged lamely. “The hell, man? I thought you were strong enough to handle that part easily. Whatever… aheh.” He was still too weak, to really fight, but appeared to be recovering faster now that he was in Twilight Town.

Dispatch shouldered his axe, tired of waiting. “Let’s just get this over with already!” He made a mighty swing at the Heartless…

…Only for it to be caught in one hand by Seth, who had appeared from nowhere, facing the Heartless, Orion. “Tell me… can you speak? Or are you another of the mindless ones?”

Dispatch wrenched his weapon free of Seth’s grip, unnerved. “Who the f*** are you? This isn’t your fight, so get lost! It’s dangerous here!”

At this, Seth began to laugh uncontrollably. “Dangerous… AHAHAHAHAHA! The only one in danger here is you! Buuuuuut, if you leave, I might not kill you.”

Dispatch said, "If you're threatening us, You're going down too! I have no doubt that YOU'RE WEAK!" He picked up his two sided axe, and with another mighty swing, whacked the stranger in the side of the head with the flat side of the weapon.

Appearing to be unfazed by the strike, Seth sighed. "lf that is all you've got, this will be fast." Grabbing the young man by the face, he threw Dispatch behind himself, bouncing him off the wall of a nearby home and into an alleyway.

Seth stepped in after him as Dispatch picked himself up, stunned… Then his hand turned into a sword, which he used to stab at Dispatch’s gut.

Dispatch recoiled, as if in slow motion, as the blade came within an inch of killing him. However, he thought it might be strategic if he ‘died’, and so he fell to the ground and pretended to die.

“Well that was just sad. Don’t tell me you’re passed out or… are you playing dead? Because Nobodies fade away when they die.”

“Dispatch!” Alex yelled, starting for the alleyway they had disappeared into.

Rexial grabbed his arm. “Hold on. Dispatch can take care of himself for a while, we need to focus on finishing this Heartless off, then help him.”

Orion stayed in place, watching things unfold when Xorion’s blade bit into him. “Hey! In case you’ve forgotten, I’m still here!”

“I am Orion, one of the greatest Heartless warriors there is.” The shadowy image muttered.

Rexial, unable to deliver a more physical rebuttal, yelled in response. “Yeah, asshole? I think you’re mistaken. This other guy has you beat.” Every Heartless that has sentience believes himself to be impressive. They never figure out that their pond is tiny in the face of the sea. They don’t even realize that their thinking is crippled. That kid, though… He glared in the direction of the alleyway. …He’s more intelligent than your ordinary human. How can he possibly he so suffused in darkness, but remain this intelligent?

Then the obvious truth struck him. Give him a break, he was in no condition to be thinking about this stuff. He’s not sane at all. The bastard’s out of his gourd! …Maybe we SHOULD go over there and help Dispatch.

Lyxsal leapt at Orion from the side, viciously slicing into the Heartless and sending him to Tony, who used his pom-pom to punch it high into the sky. Clearly it wasn’t as weak and floaty as it looked.

Meanwhile, Dispatch realized his plan wasn’t going to work, springing out of the way as Seth was about to poke him with his sword-hand. His axe changed into a pair of nunchucks, which he attempted to beat the boy over the head with. Not that it did any good. “I’m no Nobody; I’m human through and through.”

Rexial sighed in relief, hearing his friend confirming that he wasn’t dead. He couldn’t help but backchat though, given his own situation. “What human has a tail like that? Dispatch, you’re clearly not fully human.” He’ll be fine. And in a minute, so will I. Indeed, the boy seemed to be far less incapacitated than when he’d arrived. Perhaps being so close to home had something to do with it.

Dispatch ignored his comrade’s words, as he was too busy fighting for his life against an abomination of a Heartless to pay attention.

Back to Orion, Alex had disconnected his blades and thrown them at the Heartless as it came down, pinning it to the ground. He followed up by making that ground explode, damaging it severely before recalling his weapons and leaping back.

Rexial stood up straight, his strength having returned. “Let me deliver the coup de grace!” He yelled, thinking that the line didn’t suit him. He still had to use it, just once. Summoning his sword and leaping at the stunned Orion, he stabbed it right through the stomach, flipping over it and recalling his weapon. The boy came down on the other side slashing full-force, sending the creature tumbling forward into the ground.

Finally, with Orion at his feet, Xorion raised his keyblade and swung down with all his strength. With that, it was done. The Heartless faded, wisps of darkness flying about. Rather than fly away, though, the heart freed from darkness returned to its owner, the one who had liberated it.

Warmth surged through his body, sweeping away the apathy and weakness that had been there before. He was transformed, and so was… his keyblade…?

It had visibly become a different weapon altogether. It was all white and lightest blue, with a feathery motif. Then darkness surrounded it, replacing it with another keyblade. This one was black as night, sharp, and showing no weakness or fault.

“Thank you, Josephine…” Muttered Xorion… no… Norio. That was his real name.

However, things with Seth were not resolved.

As Dispatch formed his nunchucks into knuckles, he aimed a pouch for Seth’s nether region, but only met air as the Heartless boy easily sidestepped. “Wow… wow. I am sensing some hostility here. Is this about stabbing you? To be fair, I did warn you, and I did give you a chance to leave. Then, after I was nice enough to do that, you attacked me. It is not my fault you made a stupid choice.”

This just served to make Dispatch angrier. “You don’t scare me!” He punched Seth’s stomach, his fist passing through the Heartless’ body.

Despite how he appeared to have a hole in his gut and his diaphragm destroyed, he had no trouble laughing his head off. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! …You don’t get it, do you?” The way he said it, it sounded like he was talking about a joke. “I’ll say it in small words so you can understand.”

“You… are… weak! Do you want to know how I know this?” Seth asked gleefully, not waiting for a reply. “Because, I’m barely even trying, and you still can’t even touch me! That is just sad… Ahahah, AHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

At this, Dispatch absolutely lost it. “I AM NOT WEAK!” He yelled in his fury, forming the knuckles into a pair of swords and renewing his assault at ten times the speed and force it had been before.

As the young man renewed his furious assault, the others came rushing over, finally able to see what was going on. Norio was being carried by Lyxsal and Alex, as he seemed to have lost most of his motor control for the moment, but hey, Rexial, Tony, and Dispatch would be plenty enough to take care of this, right? Hell, looking at Dispatch go, he didn’t need any help at all. Well, except that he wasn’t dealing any damage at all. That part was a problem.

“Could you be quiet for a moment? I’d like to say something to everybody. Then I can go back to killing you.” He politely asked, having swung from insane cackling to polite announcement in about five seconds. “I am Seth, Phantom of Chaos, and I really couldn’t care less about any of you. I was just here for Orion, but now that he is dead, I guess I will have to settle for killing this idiot here.”

Pausing, Seth looked at Rexial. His stare was… unnerving. “Hey, I remember you. Your name was Rexial, right? I was that little kid you met after Nexas attacked you and that other guy.”

Now understanding why Siks had been in such a hurry to leave, Rexial’s fear paralyzed him in place, locking his mouth shut. Why does this stuff keep happening…!?

Summoning up the will to take action, Rexial opened corridors beneath himself and all the other members, dropping them back at the castle. RETREAT!

Dispatch landed on his feet, still pissed at Seth, silently fuming as the others fell in less comfortable ways. He stomped off to his room to get some much-needed sleep as the others sorted themselves out.

Norio was holding both the keyblades, staring at them in wonder. “The promise of permanently intertwined fates… and the cursed one that banishes purity. Josephine… thank you.”

When he was done, he released his weapons, returning to his room to rest. Alex did the same, but Rexial had something else to attend to…

“…And does NOBODY HERE care about Kashyyyk, after we risked our lives to save it? Gah!”

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:03 pm

White halls.

White ceilings.

White walls, white floors, white stairs, everything was ghostly-white here. It was downright eerie.

This was Organization XIV’s secondary base of operations, Castle Restoration, where Rexial had regained his heart.

The dark blue haired young man was still waiting and sitting. "How long has it been...?" he thought. Memories starting coming back to him in that moment.

Two young men were walking in Traverse Town. The one on the left looked exactly like the Nobody in Castle Restoration. But his hair was different. "Did you hear that, Zane?" the other boy said. Zane as it appears to be says "You're imagining things...c'mon."

Zane's Nobody just… sat there. "Why don't I feel guilt for what I have done....?" he questioned.

Someone in the Coat of the organization with the hood covering his face Corridor’d into Castle Restoration. He looked around and saw Zane, walking up to him asking a question. "Could you tell me where we are?"

Zane gasped. Someone else is here! He thought. "No. I don't know. Do you?" Zane's Phantom Blades were gently floating around him as he told the hooded man. He was never able to dismiss these floating weapons, for some reason.

The hooded figure stared at Zane for a moment. “…No, I usually walk through the corridors at random, I have no idea where we are. Is there anybody else here?”

Another corridor opened up, Rexial stepping out. “What are you doing here? This isn’t public property.”

The young Nobody looked at the newcomer. "How should I know?! This guy asked me the same thing." He then asked, "Can you help me out here?"

The hooded stranger paused at the sight of Rexial. "Sorry l didn't mean to trespass and... huh... You've come into contact with him. You are lucky to be alive." Looking back to Zane, he asked a simple question. “Sorry, but I forgot to ask. What is your name?”

“Huh? Oh, uh… Zane.” Something about that wasn’t right, and the stranger picked up on it.

“Hello, Zane. I am Daxma. Sorry if I caused any trouble, I’ll leave if you like.” He looked at Rexial, then back to Zane, opening a corridor. “Would you like to come with me?”

Rexial grit his teeth. “Hey, Daxma, mind telling me who you’re working for? It wouldn’t be… Organization XIII, would it? Zane, don’t go with this guy, come with me.” Opening a dark corridor of his own, he put it down to a simple choice. “So, join the killers, stop the killers, or stay here?”

"Yeah… I’m going with you." Zane said as he stood up; his blades followed, one hitting his hoodie. "The hell?" He said as he looked at his blade. "These things are hard to control."

"…Anyway, yeah. I think I'll join you." He walked over to Rexial. "What about you... Daxma?" he asked the still-hooded figure.

“I think I’ll come along and see your base.” Daxma stated.

Rexial tossed Zane a coat. “Put that on, it’ll protect you from the harmful effects of the corridor. It also marks you as a participant in our little fight with Organization XIII.”

Zane caught the coat. He then took off his hoodie and put on said coat. The coat changed his dark blue jeans to jet-black and his sneakers as well. Gloves formed over his hands. "Awesome!" He exclaimed in excitement. Together, the three entered Rexial’s corridor, bound for Castle Asylum.

Back at the castle, everybody was asleep. They’d had a tough day. The first of many such days, in fact…

Alex's dreams were plagued with memories of his past. Memories of him in Organization XXXI. Alex woke up in a cold sweat. "Organization XXXI," he mumbled sleepily. Then he fell back asleep.

Dispatch was having a completely different kind of dream. When he dreamed, it was of corridors of light and Heartless in a world he did not remember. And best of all, he was the hero. Dispatch groaned around midnight, and when he fell back to sleep, he had that same dream again.

“Welcome to the fold, Number XI.” Rexial smirked as the trio emerged in the main hall of Castle Asylum.

“So, this is your base…?” Daxma trailed off, looking around.

Zane, meanwhile, had already stared down the corridor leading to the lounge.

"Wow, nice place you got here." He said in amazement, turning around so that he would be heard. "Any other mem-"

And just then he turned and saw the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.

She had long luscious legs; covered by her black coat. Her dirty blond hair with red streaks could make any man melt. Her beautiful body. No way to describe it. Her exotic markings under her amazing eyes of the greatest of green. No words to describe her at all. But...there was a single word Zane could describe every one of her assets.

"DAMN!" He uttered at the sight of the sexy creature.

Lyxsal, who happened to be up early, rolled her eyes. “Oh, Lord. Newbie’s got the hots for me.”

Tony floated laughing about 20 feet away. "Ahah, real nice one you got there, kupo!" He started laughing heavily again until he was out of breath.

"Listen, Newbie. I don't want you near me unless it is absolutely necessary. Clear?" Lyxsal said in an angry voice.

As Rexial followed Zane into the room, Alex and Dispatch emerged, having both just woken up. The former looked at the latter. “Hey, Dispatch, you ever heard of an ‘Organization XXXI’?”

"Okay, Zane. Yes, I know your name, names travel fast here." Said Norio, who had just returned from Twilight Town. "I think I know a way to make that tough cookie crumble for ya, but I can't promise anything."

"What do you think that might be, kupo?" asked Tony, who was still floating nearby.

"Well, a HEART, for starters."

"…That would help, kupo."

Norio started his explanation. "In Castle Oblivion, they have a storage room, for all the Heartless they wanted to keep so that they don't find their way somewhere else, when they were NOT eliminated by a Keyblade wielder. They obviously want them to go to Kingdom Hearts for a purpose. Now, since a LOT of Sally's strength went into her Nobody, I bet we'll find a Bubble Beat, or something, because of the water. We'll absolutely NEED to avoid detection. Now, what we'll find is a big room full of Heartless in things that look like Plexiglass boxes. Now, you now know how this is gonna go down. Are you sure you wanna go, still?"

Zane gave Norio a blank look before Rexial intervened. “Uh, Xori- I mean, Norio, I haven’t explained jack-sh*t to him yet. Gimme a minute to give him the full report, okay?”

After a much-rushed yet all-encompassing explanation by Rexial, Zane listened to Norio’s explanation once more, now able to comprehend it properly, and even bringing up and important point. "Well, if we used the Dark Corridors, Organization XIII will know we are in their Castle Oblivion." Zane said. "And I got a question: Why is your name the only one without an X?" Zane questioned Norio.

Rexial facepalmed as Dispatch just rolled his eyes, electing to ignore that. “I’m in; I’ve got a way around using Dark Corridors.” Number VI raised a hand, forming a corridor not unlike a dark one… well, in that it was a corridor. This one was made from light.

Number II’s jaw promptly hit the ground. “…How the hell did you do that?! I’ve never even heard of a Light Corridor before, and how would that work?! A Dark Corridor makes a shortcut through the Realm of Darkness! What, is there a Realm of Accelerated Light?! Because we’re standing in the Realm of Light right now!”

The group ignored Rexial’s ranting about the theoretical laws of their universe, solidifying their plan. Dispatch gave Rexial one last glance before opening his Light Corridor, himself, Norio, and Zane passing through. Meanwhile, the boy left behind fell to his knees, about ready to foam at the mouth.


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Intermission 1: Memories of the End

Location: End of the World

Time: The night after the first encounter with Seth.

Rexial stepped out of the Dark Corridor and onto the mysterious purple ground, immediately shuddering as a horrible feeling spread throughout his body, and a painful headache began to form.

It felt like something was forcing itself to the front of his mind, threatening to make him faint from stress. His face turned pale as the sensation got worse and worse, finally forcing him to collapse.

Claws digging into him, darkness surrounding him…

The shocked cries of somebody nearby, somebody he refused to remember…

The memories of the moment he had lost his old life were pounding in Rexial’s head, forcing the boy to relive them. He had been repressing them for a while now, since he couldn’t possibly have gone on with such a morbid thing in his mind. His thoughts would have just surged back to the forefront every time he saw a Heartless if he hadn’t kept the memories at bay like that.

But now, he was trapped in that nightmare again. It wasn’t just that, though… good memories were floating around in the stew in his head. They were happy… but all tainted with the fact that those happy days had come to an end because of his stupidity and weakness.

Slowly, he managed to work his way back to consciousness by tracing his memories and recalling what happened after all that. After the loss of his heart, he had been found by Organization XIII, given a new name, escaped, joined Organization XIV, met Siks and all his other new friends…

Standing up, but still shaking violently, Rexial was sweating from exertion and pain. And this just from BEING here. There was a prickling sensation in the back of his mind, perhaps the darkness in his heart telling him, warning him of the swarms of vicious Heartless that were waiting up ahead. He couldn’t possibly advance in such a state…

Pondering what to do, he unzipped his coat a bit more, reaching in and pulling out a crown-shaped charm that was dangling from his neck. Clutching it both protectively and with a little bit of anger, he stared at it for a moment before putting it away and zipping his coat back up. Rexial was NOT going to rely on the coat’s strange mechanics to hide it.

It was suicidal to try and fight his way through, so he would have to run from the Heartless, pacifying them when forced to confront them. “…What IS this place?”

Rexial took a few steps forward, looking around. This world… it looked like it was practically made out of darkness. There was very little light, and what was emanated from the little light left in his own heart and from what appeared to be… “Fragments. Those are pieces of worlds… That explains why this world isn’t completely uniform. It’s partially made up of chunks of other worlds.”

“So, this must be where the worlds that get swallowed go. The boss was right to send me here to check it out…” Still, the effect the world had had on him was a problem. If it hit everybody this hard, then not even a whole team of their best would be able to infiltrate the End of the World.

“I need to figure out exactly what this world’s deal is.” Without another word, he took off, running across what appeared to be murky water. No Heartless in sight…

...But there WERE orbs of darkness falling from the sky. Rexial narrowly evaded one as it came down, his senses forcibly opening from the proximity to it. “Ugh! That’s… that thing would’ve dragged me into the reversed section of this world.”

Shuddering again as he became more sensitive to the darkness, he continued along, noticing… “Treasure chests and boxes? What the…” He resisted the urge to tap one of the boxes to check it. “…These things feel the same as those orbs. I guess they’re traps… But I get the feeling that there’s actually an item in them.”

Soldiering on, he found that he was unable to follow the path he wanted. Invisible walls forced him along their own path, from rock to rock, until he found himself at a strange gate… only for one of the orbs to fall on him. “Damn!”

Rexial found himself in a valley, the geometry of which mirrored the invisible walls and path of the above-realm. Only there were barriers trapping him in one section. With a Behemoth, a giant, quadruped Heartless with two curved tusks and a glowing horn on its head.

Not wasting time, he leapt onto its back, where it couldn’t effectively attack him. It had fairly bulky limbs, and they didn’t look like they were designed to scratch its back, so unless it could use magic or somethin- “Oh, goddammit!” He yelled as a pulse emanated from the horn, summoning a rain of slow projectiles from the sky.

Closing his eyes, he tried to force his will on the Heartless, commanding it to stop attacking and leave. It took a moment, but it stopped trying to shake him off, and its spell was cancelled. He opened his eyes again, saddened by what he had to do now, since he had no other way to advance.

Taking up his sword, he stepped up to the horn and made a precise stab, shattering the horn and going cleanly into the Behemoth’s head. He pulled Drakus out and leapt off, unsummoning the weapon as the Heartless faded.

I feel like I just betrayed it… told it not to fight, then slaughtered it when it was calmed down. Dammit… I can’t believe I’m feeling sorry for the Heartless.

It didn’t help that he had started to feel the darkness around him more. He could feel the shock and fear as the Behemoth was struck. It was sickening.

As he appeared in a new area, a deep canyon with floors littered with gummi blocks, Rexial knelt as the headaches nearly took him again. Wait… darkness… empathy… could it be that the world around me is just drawing out the memories I’ve shoved into the darkness? It’s not trying to dredge up repressed memories, it just naturally brings darkness to the surface, like oil on water. Aheh… I guess that’s why I’m doing so bad…

Looking around, he saw a light in the distance, deeper down. Rexial leapt down to a lower platform, pressed his back to a wall, and shimmied down a thin ledge to get closer to the source. As he made his way over, he noticed a few isolated chambers, which had open ceilings… one probably fell into them, and was ambushed by Heartless. Not something he wanted to deal with.

And, as luck would have it, his lack of focus as he speculated caused him to misaim a jump, dropping him into one.

A horde of the Heartless appeared, composed of Invisibles and the ever-difficult Angel Star type. They would absorb Thunder-elemental magic to heal fully, could fly out of normal attack range, could use their wings to block anything, and used powerful ranged projectiles. Invisibles were notoriously vicious when fought in packs.

“Screw that.” Rexial muttered, leaping, kicking off one of the Heartless, and spring-vaulting out of the prison. It took a lot more agility and dexterity than even most trained fighters had, but he pulled it off somehow.

Landing safely on another ledge, he hopped down to a beam connecting the two walls of the canyon. A circle of light glowed from the ground next to him, one of those points where it was safe to call a ship to and from, a sort of resting point. He stood in the circle, the terrible sensation and his aches disappearing for the moment. “Ahhh… that feels good.”

Before the ledge was a gaping, circular hole in the ground. A blinding light radiated from within, making it impossible to see beyond. After taking his rest, Rexial fearlessly leapt in, coming out in a new location as the darkness oppressed him once more.

His connection to the dark seemed to be deepening the more time he spent there. He even heard strange whispers now, telling him the name of this place… “World Terminus.”

It was a series of identical structures floating in a black void, circular. A portal on either side, a column of light in the middle of each. He thought about looking into them, but decided that his time was too limited for that. He needed to hurry this up and get back, since he’d need to properly rest up for tomorrow’s mission.

At the end, Rexial found no exit portal, and where a column of light was meant to be, there was a gaping hole in the ground. He jumped down, finding himself floating in another void, a mountain below. He quickly figured out that he could control his flight, descending into it. “Bald Mountain… I think that the master is away right now. Lucky me… fighting Chernobog like this would get me killed pretty fast, huh?”

Entering the hollow mountain, he flew down numerous ledges, finally finding a portal at the bottom. This time, he came out in a place much like that canyon from before… only more… twisted.

It looked like there were a ton of pieces of other worlds here, but the insanity and hatred in these depths had transformed them into hellish pieces of the architecture. Trees were the most common horror, and it’s not like it took much to make a tree look creepy in a dark place like this…

Running through the corridors, he descended further and further. At the end, he found one more portal… jumping through, Rexial found himself in a large room with a green, glowing floor. At the opposite end was a Heartless emblem. As he took a step towards it, a horde of Invisibles and Angel Stars appeared, all of them out for his blood.

Leaping over the first swipe from an Invisible, he weaved through their ranks and made it to the conspicuous emblem. He whacked it with Drakus, knocking a piece of it away. He leapt as a blast shot at him from behind, striking at the emblem again and again. I think this thing usually breaks apart when one clears out the Heartless… but I don’t have the time or energy for that now.

Before the group had their chance to surround and overwhelm him, he had broken enough of the emblem to slip into the portal beyond it, coming out into a small room. Little pools of water had formed, some in basin-like outcroppings, refreshing water flowing from them to lower pools in little waterfalls. Another of those circles of light glowed warmly in the center, and across from him stood a door.

It was an ornate door, and looked heavy. It was as large as a door could possibly be and still fit in the small chamber, and it certainly caught his attention. As Rexial stood in the circle, letting the comforting light wash over him, the name of the area came to him. ‘Final Rest’… sounds appropriate.

When he was ready, he stepped up to the door. Putting his hands firmly on the handles, he tried to open them, met with strong resistance. He couldn’t seem to pull it open… perhaps if he really put his back into it, but he couldn’t waste that kind of energy when there could be anything waiting on the other side.

A voice rang out in his head, surprising him into releasing the handles, falling flat on his ass.

Beyond this door, there is no light to protect you… oh? You are one who protects the door.

“What…? Who are you, and what do you mean?”

I am… the voice of absolute darkness. You are not unfamiliar with the dark… Perhaps, someday, you will come to wield its true power. You hold the potential…

“Could you, uh… elaborate on that? I’m not getting it. What ‘true power’? And I don’t have any ‘potential’.”

Time is nothing to the ageless dark, yet I cannot tell if fate has decided for you to walk the path of light, or that of the dark… but know that should you follow the path of sunset, you will wield forces beyond comprehension. However, would your mind withstand such a thing…?

“Stiiiiiill not too clear, there. What exactly do you mean? Can you just not give me a straight answer?”

Once you have defied death, and escaped the very bounds of this reality, you will know what darkness is.

“Now you’re just spouting prophecies.” Rexial sighed. Overwhelming power? True darkness? It almost made sense, but… it really didn’t. ‘One who protects the door’ probably referred to Organization XIV… but what door? Perhaps this ‘door’ was their enemy’s goal? Then they were defending the door to Kingdom Hearts…

Aheh, that’s an awfully noble goal. Certainly sounds more grand than revenge. “Thanks, omniscient voice of darkness who can’t speak like a normal person. You’ve at least given me something to think about.”

Take care in your battles ahead, and never doubt in the forces by your side. Alone, one can accomplish nothing.

Shaking his head, Rexial opened a Dark Corridor and left. He came out in Castle Asylum, feeling his headache disappear. The entire building felt… different. He could feel the darkness now, that was probably the cause of all this.

Now, he had a report to make… and then, a lot of sleep to catch up on. He and Siks were going to track down and recruit somebody called ‘Exdeath’, since they needed more members so desperately… I mean, how many people could possibly join them normally? They were fairly covert, based in a remote corner of the Realm of Light, and not many people were brave enough or so blinded by desire for revenge that they would challenge Organization XIII.


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Intermission 2: Reserved Space

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

...We regret to inform you that this piece is not available yet. Pardon the inconvenience. It will eventually be posted here, and we sincerely hope that you will come back to read it when it is made available.

Please stick around for the beginning of Part II.

Gstol, what the hell is your signature supposed to mean!?
TITAL Characters: Aleri, Rexial, Kiel, Sukiru, Aleri@Future(Aleri's ghost from the future) Leon(FFII, not KH), Seta Souji(P4 Protagonist), LaKuRo.
Org.XIV Characters: Aleri, Rexial, Xeromus, Adachi, Uchikina, Vita.
Planned Characters for DB Story: Redemi, Nobis, Matsuda.
To Be Introduced: Stice, Some jackass ghost, Rekoka, Raidou. Also some villains.

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Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum

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Organization XIV: Part II

When Dispatch walked through his LC to Castle Oblivion, he was blinded. "Agh! Too much white, I can't see!" Once his eyes got accustomed to the brilliant white of the walls, he looked around. It appeared he was on the first floor. It was pretty boring. Just a short white corridor with a door at either end. Dispatch tried them both. Locked. "That's really weird. Are we stuck here?"

A peculiar character appeared seemingly out of nowhere behind Dispatch, answering his question.

"The doors were sealed by an extremely powerful force. It's hard to determine for sure who or what caused this, as the residual magic has an oddly ambiguous signature.

"All we can really determine at this point is that it was someone, or something affiliated with this Castle. Which probably means there's something in here they don't want us to see. Or possibly multiple things, since there's more than one route.

"As to whether we can move forward or not, my power of Psychedelia might allow us to trick the security and move on. The question is, do you trust me?"

Rexial, having gotten over his episode, stepped in through the open LC. He did his best to ignore the slight burning sensation he felt passing through. "Well, since there really isn't any security here... and I know a shortcut... no thanks. Dispatch, you can go with him if you want. I'm a tad suspicious..."

“No thanks, Crazy.”

He walked to the door leading to the stairs. "Here goes nothin'." He held up a crown-shaped card and walked through the door. He knew that Organization XIII had cleared out recently. But for some reason, he sensed something... a light being, on the 13th floor somewhere. His senses had improved upon receiving his dark powers, even granting him a sort of additional sense of light and darkness.

Rexial's crown-shaped card shattered, emitting a force strong enough to burn his fingers. Seeing the stranger about to explain it, he cut him off. “No, we’re not trusting you, so just give up right now. Screw this, we’re taking a corridor straight there.”

Kinda pissed that his glove had been burned, along with his fingers, he opened another corridor, herding the group through it without giving them a chance to talk to the scary stranger. He didn’t even pause when Daxma followed them, simply pushing him along as well.

Dispatch said, "Hey, Rexial, how'd you know about that card thing?"

Rexial shrugged, noting that they had come out on the second floor. He hadn’t cared much about the destination, just that they got away from that creeper. “Didn’t you know? Xeromus actually gathered information on Organization XIII and their facilities. I just happen to read the briefings.”

"That card was made from his memories, and you will need those cards to progress through the Castle." Daxma explained.

Dispatch said, “Well that's kind of a weird way to progress. Hey what's that thing?" He asked, pointing to a large dark sphere on a pedestal.

“It’s called a Warp Point.” Rexial explained, reciting what he’d learned. “It allows you to travel instantly between floors one through thirteen. The basement is on a separate system, so it doesn’t let you go between the upper areas and the basement, which is why when they send members here, they have two groups: one to take care of the upside, one for the underside.”

“How does it work?”

“There are twelve other identical Warp Points, all connected by a kind of transporter grid. First, you establish a physical connection by touching the orb. Then, you exert your will on it, telling it what to do. It’s a mystery how it was designed, or why it was made like this, and apparently it was all figured out through experimentation. They’ve since added a quick tutorial to it… somehow. They must’ve had Vexen reverse-engineer it a little so they could make it easier to access. Touch it, and it’ll draw in your thoughts a little and try to herd you along the process to quickly and efficiently warp you to the correct floor. Having actually been to any given floor makes it easier to focus on it, but I figure it won’t be necessary.”

Dispatch’s eyelids were halfway closed. “…There’s no way it’s that needlessly complicated.”

“It’s one of the mysteries of Castle Oblivion. Pretty convenient, though. Wanna give it a try?”

Tentatively placing his hand on the strange orb, Dispatch’s head immediately cleared, the Warp Point’s operation becoming much clearer for him. “Oh, that’s… we can use this to jump straight to the place we need to go! Thanks.”

Wasting no time, the young man did as the machine told him, whisking him away to the thirteenth floor. “Ah, wai-” He heard Rexial object before everybody disappeared.

…No, it wasn’t that they’d disappeared. Instead of the huge door at the back-end of the hall, there were stair leading down. …Wait, those were only on the first floor.

…Maybe they HAD just disappeared? No, no, this was, in fact, a different location.

“Well, it worked. Now, what the hell was I looking for?”

He tried the door at the top of the steps – locked. Dammit. While he might try breaking it down, doing so in the highest part of an enemy base while his comrades were all pretty far away and he still had no idea what he was doing… Dispatch decided it was a bad idea.

Turning around with a sigh, he saw… something. It appeared to be a man clad in a brown cloak, hunched over, hood drawn to conceal his face. While it obviously wasn’t a documented species of Heartless, there was no denying the sense that it gave off. It speechlessly glided along the floor, moving away from Dispatch and luring him into a side corridor.

This was the exact Heartless he was looking for! …Or, at least, he thought so. He had completely forgotten that this wasn’t a mission. "Well, if it isn't my target. What do you say you come with me back to floor one so we can contain you? I don't want to have to force you." he said, arming himself with a war-hammer he had strapped to his back. He figured trying new weapons would be fun- er, a good strategic move. ...A little from column A, a little from column B.

Norio, who had been among the group Rexial had hustled onto the second floor, spoke to Zane. "We're here to get Lyxsal's Heartless. It's on the 13th floor in a specialized holding facility. Now, I personally think we'll have better chances with Mr. Hallucinogenic Man."

“NO.” Rexial said bluntly. “We’re not trusting him, he’s just crazy. We can’t go into the areas that are shaped by our memories, but those aren’t the important areas anyway. We’ll just use the Warp Points and our corridors to get around.”

To demonstrate, he placed a hand on the spherical device. “…See? It’s not so hard. Everybody, touch the Warp Point and let’s get going.”

Shrugging, the others placed their hands on the device, all of them being whisked away and appearing on the thirteenth floor. Norio spotted Dispatch chasing something into a side area, calling out to him. “Wait, Dispatch, hold on!”

Rexial shook his head. “I don’t think he heard you. I wouldn’t worry about him; Dispatch is a lot tougher than he looks. He may be skinny-looking, but I assure you he’s strong enough to handle himself. Let’s focus on the task at hand, alright? Now, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you know about the holding facility?”

“I read the reports sometimes, too, kid.”

“Kid!? I’m your senior member, Norio. Being a little younger than you doesn’t mean I’m a kid.”

“Sure, sure.”

Hiding his clenched fists in his pockets, Rexial’s face reddened. “Don’t think that being a Keyblade wielder makes you such a hotshot, okay?”

“Oh?” Norio’s expression instantly became grim, the young man turning to face Rexial directly. “You think I asked for this thing?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions, stupid.” He clenched his teeth, fighting the urge to clock his teammate. “And don’t treat me like some kid when I outrank you!”

“You son of a…!”

It would have quickly escalated into a fight if Zane hadn’t stepped in between them, frantically trying to calm them down. “Woah, woah! Hold on, just chill out, both of you. Remember, we’re here for Lyxsal’s heart, not to start fights in the middle of enemy territory!”

The tense atmosphere slowly dissipated as the two shook hands at Zane’s request. Sighing, Rexial apologized first. “Sorry, man, I didn’t know you had issues with being a Keyblade wielder.”

“I don’t, now drop it.” Norio bit back. After a moment of hesitating, he softened up. “…I’m sorry I called you a kid.”

“Ehhh, water under the bridge. Let’s try to keep our heads, alright? Now, the holding facility would be down that way, in the corridor to the right.” Rexial scratched the back of his head. “So, uh, how do we know for sure that the Heartless we’re looking for is even kept here?”

“We don’t have any other leads, right?” Norio responded. “Besides, she was affiliated with Organization XIII, so there’s a chance.”

“I guess.”

“Wait, what?” Zane asked. “You seemed pretty sure it was here!”

“Well, I AM pretty sure. I just have no conclusive evidence.”

Rexial shook his head. “It’s worth investigating. I might be able to identify it as hers if we find it, but until then, it’s manual-searching time.”

The three let out a collective groan as they started walking in the direction Rexial had pointed out, completely ignoring that Daxma had run down the stairs to see more of Castle Oblivion. They must’ve forgot he was there. Not surprising, given how little he spoke.

Dispatch was unable to hear Norio’s warning, as the Keyblader had followed too late, and wasn’t bothering to check up on him. So screw it. "Night-night." And with that, he whacked the Heartless in the back of the head with his hammer.

To his surprise, the faded right through. The creature ignored him, gliding into one of the rooms in the hallway. Clutching his weapon angrily, he charged after it, only to be struck silent as he entered.

"No way... I thought I... There’s just no way...!" …Because standing before him was the man from the battle above the End of the World. "Ansem?"

The Seeker of Darkness replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "Yes, I am Ansem. Based on that dumbfounded look on your primitive face, I’m going to assume that you thought you had killed me before. Perhaps I should have informed you that I cannot be killed simply by a spear to the chest, and saved you the trouble. I am no ordinary being."

Dispatch took a step back, irritation crossing his face. "So? You should've gone down with that ship! I kinda blew it up, remember?!" Deciding that a heavy, slow weapon would be useless against Ansem, he used his power to turn the hammer into a pair of swords. He had figured out that he was able to control metal and bend it to his will thanks to that little incident on the ship, the experience of which was brought back to mind by this encounter.

“How dull of you to assume that.” The smug look on his face was just too much.

"I'll kill you all over again if I have to!" He yelled as he attacked, leaping at the Seeker of Darkness in a rage, only to be slammed against a wall, knocked unconscious.

The three of them came into a gigantic room, populated by hundreds and hundreds of transparent containers, stacked to the ceiling and arranged in isles. Each one held an Emblem Heartless within, the already-ominous Castle Oblivion and the unnerving stares of countless yellow eyes made it look like the department store from hell.

The three were looking up and down the isles, searching for anything that might be Lyxsal’s Heartless. They’d had no such luck yet, but they weren’t about to give up.

Passing a gap in one of the shelves at the back wall, Rexial paused. There was a strange response behind there. “…Guys? I think I found her.”

The other two came running. “It’s behind here. There’s gotta be a way to open it up…” Spying a door, he ran over to it, noting the large X mark over it, and the yellow-and-black marks that just screamed ‘Danger! Keep out! Not the droids you’re looking for!’

Together with Zane and Norio, he managed to tackle it open, sending them sprawling into a different-looking chamber. A number of containers, like those outside, were arranged within, but they were much larger, fewer in number, and… barred. Each one was covered in heavy metal grates, keeping their prisoners trapped securely within.

Norio looked into one, seeing only a black mist within. He shivered a little at the feeling it gave off.

“That’s just a compressed shape they’ve put it into. It’s harder to escape like that, and easier to store. There must be all of their special Heartless… the big ones they want Roxin to take out, but can’t risk letting them take him down.” Rexial explained, his gaze fixing on one outlier, the source of the reaction. “…I think that’s our target.”

Zane stepped over, looking inside. It was definitely different from the others, having a normal shape. It was like a living, bulbous air-horn with an antenna sticking out the back of its head. This was a subspecies of the Crescendo called a Bubble Beat. It bounced about in its little cage, seemingly harmless.

Norio came over to look at it, too. “What’s such a tiny one doing with all these monsters?”

“It’s not a normal one.” Rexial warned. “I’m certain it’s Lyxsal’s, but I get a feeling that it’s more than meets the eye. Keep both eyes on it.”

Gesturing for the other two to stand back a little, the young man knelt in front of the cage, touching the glass-like surface. “…Hey, there, little one. You want to leave?”

The Bubble Beat looked at him, instantly flying into a rage. It began to take in air, in preparation to blow the horn on its face…

“Cover your ears!” Rexial yelled to Zane and Norio, just before the three were knocked back by a massive blast of sound, crashing into one of the cages.

“Ow…” Zane groaned as he got back up. “…What was that?”

“That’s what it does: make noise. The problem is, that seems to have gotten these guys riled up…” Norio frowned as one of the cages burst open, darkness spilling out and beginning to take a shape.

Rexial summoned Drakus, immediately taking a wide stance. “Not good…! The reason these Heartless are in here is that they pose a serious threat to Roxin. If he can’t handle ‘em, we’re in for a tough brawl! Everyone, prepare for battle!”

Norio summoned his Keyblade, gripping it in both hands, as Zane took conscious control of his Phantom Blades, pointing them at the enemy.

From the miasma rose a bird-shaped Heartless. It was huge, and the air around it freezing cold. This icy-blue flier was called an Avalanche, weak to fire and tricky to fight.

“We’re in a small enough area that he should be manageable.” Rexial muttered, trying to figure out the best way to take it down. “They likely put it here because Axel is their fire-user, and this isn’t a foes he’d be useful against. Roxin isn’t strong enough to handle it, even with a partner. But there’s three of us, so things might just work out. Norio! Can you cast Fire on this thing?”

“Sure, I’ll- WOAH!” The Keyblader ducked as the Heartless tried to sweep him aside with its wing.

“Zane! Use those blades of yours to try pinning him!” Rexial ordered, rushing in to try and keep the enemy from breaking any of the other cages.

As a fireball burst against the side of the Avalanche’s head, the swordsman grabbed its wing and held it against the ground, two of Zane’s Phantom Blades piercing through it and into the floor, securing it. Repeating the process for the other wing, they quickly subdued the Heartless.

“Let me finish it, Norio.” Rexial waved the Keyblade wielder back. “If you take it out with that Keyblade of yours, then you’d only be helping Organization XIII.” That said, he began to hack away at it, eventually forcing it to dissipate back into the darkness.

The three of them letting out a sigh of relief, Rexial glanced at the Bubble Beat’s cage. It was fine with Norio and Zane looking at it… it just went berserk when I tried to connect with it. That’s pretty strange behavior for a Heartless.

“Let’s just take it and go now, okay?” Zane suggested. “I don’t exactly want to stick around now…”

“…That was your first fight?” Rexial asked.

“I guess so, huh?” He replied. “…I didn’t do so well.”

“Eh, you did alright.” Norio pointed out. “Nobody was an expert from the start.”

“Work on your technique when we get back.” Rexial suggested. “I’ll help you after I finish reporting to the boss.”


“Now, for the matter of this one…” The second-in-command frowned. “…We can’t really move it unless we subdue it. It’ll go crazy and free the other Heartless if we try to move it or placate it.” He scratched his head, puzzling over it. “…Yeah, there’s nothing we can do about it. We’ll drop it through a Dark Corridor, then fight it. That way we won’t have to deal with any of the others.”

They all nodded before Rexial went through with his plan, opening a corridor under the Bubble Beat’s cage, dropping it onto the grounds of Castle Asylum before it had the chance to alert its kind.

“Let’s do this!” Norio yelled, jumping in.

Zane followed with a shout, his blades following him.

Rexial was about to go after them when something caught his attention. As the corridor closed, he turned around, not sure what it was. “…This must be important, though…”

He decided that the others could handle it. Even if it was stronger than they thought, they had backup in the castle. How hard could it be to defeat one little Heartless?

Taking off for the source, he closed the doors behind him, trying to make it look at least a little like it had before. Smashing a door open tends to make that harder than it needs to be.
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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:57 pm

The Bubble Beat spilled out onto the grounds of Castle Asylum, bouncing a few times before coming to a rest. It was quickly followed by Norio and Zane, weapons at the ready.

“So, uh… how do we do this?” Zane asked. “I mean, this is the right Heartless, but how do we put the heart back into Lyxsal?”

Norio wouldn’t stop glaring at the Heartless. “There’s a machine for it at another castle. I don’t know why Rex didn’t just drop us off there. I’m starting to think he’s kind of an idiot.”

“So… how do we get it there?”

“I dunno, I’ll just open another corridor, while you go and get Lyx-”

Norio was interrupted by a sudden blast of noise, sending him tumbling back. “God- is this this still going to attack us?!”

“Well, it’s not like dropping it on its face was going to fix that. Now we just don’t have to fight a bunch of really huge Heartless every time it does that.” Zane pointed out.

“Shut up…” The Keyblade wielder was having none of that. “Let’s just beat it up a little to get it to calm down!”

“If you say so, man. Here goes nothing!”

As they were busy exchanging words, darkness began to gather around the Bubble Beat, swirling ominously as the normally almost cute creature began to turn… kind of creepy.

Norio took a swing at it, only to find his keyblade deflected. The fuuuuuu-?”

Once again he was blasted off his feet, but this time he was sent flying much further back. The Heartless bounced around, clearly hopping mad. Then, it began to grow. That little Heartless was starting to become kind of a problem, as it was now twice as tall as either of them, and starting to change its shape as well…

“This… this isn’t good, is it?” Zane asked, backing away slowly.

Once he got back to his feet, Norio took a fighting stance again. “Zane, go up to the castle and get help!”

The Keyblade wielder tried to be as threatening as possible on his own, but this thing was starting to get out of control. It wasn’t intimidated by him at all.

Zane soon returned with Kotank and Siks in tow. “Come on, hurry, it’s right over-”

“That… looks serious.” Siks muttered, summoning Radiance and Soulcrusher.

Kotank took aim with his bowcaster, sinking several bolts into the Heartless’s back, which now resembled a… Darkside? The ultimate Pureblood-class Heartless, a humanoid giant with a heart-shaped hole in its chest. This one very definitely had something tucked away in there, though.

As the wookie took his shots, Siks leapt high into the air, spinning as he fell towards the Heartless’s neck, slashing through it like a buzzsaw before dropping to the ground.

It didn’t seem to be hurt, oddly enough, just enraged. It grabbed Norio, turning around and throwing him at the others, bowling Siks over.

“I don’t think this is an ordinary Darkside.” Kotank growled.

Norio picked himself up, his face red. “This thing was a Bubble Beat a minute ago! Screw it, let’s just go full-force! I don’t even care about getting that heart-”

“Heart?” Siks inquired, flipping onto his feet the second Norio was off of him.

“Yeah, it was-”

“Pureblood Heartless don’t carry hearts, they just take them. Bubble Beats are Emblem Heartless, which do, so this thing isn’t a Darkside at all. It’s… something else. And it is PISSED.”

Siks and Kotank leapt to the sides as it threw a punch at them, colliding with Norio, who failed to dodge in time. “Mother-”

Zane stood a small distance away, blades hovering around him at the ready, looking for a time and place to strike. This was his second real fight, so…

Siks and Kotank continued to strike at the Heartless, causing no visible wear. It didn’t seem to be hurt, it just got angrier with each hit.

“Conventional attacks aren’t affecting it.” The man observed. “We need to think of another way to take it down…”

Kotank stepped back quickly, avoiding another punch as he tried to get a bead on it. “Any ideas?”

“We should try to pin it down and buy some time. We might have to call in the boss if things get too ugly.”

As Siks leapt over another swing from the Heartless, he grabbed onto the arm, landing on it once it stopped moving and running up onto its shoulder to confuse it. As he did, he noticed something. “…The body shape of this thing is weird.”

“Yeah, it looks female.” Zane added.

“Wait- that makes no sense!” Norio shouted. “Darksides all look the same!”

“We already agreed that this was not an ordinary Darkside, Norio.” Kotank reminded him as he loaded up special shots for immobilizing Heartless. “You said something about retrieving its heart?”

“Yeah, it’s got Lyxsal’s heart.”

The wookie fired a couple of shots into the Heartless’ arms, slowing them down.

As the creature found itself unable to really lash out at them with its fists, it began to wail. A solid wall of sound shot from it, knocking everyone back.

As the other three recovered and discussed a counterstrategy, Zane noticed that he’d ended up behind the massive Heartless. He must’ve moved back there while he was watching it before he got knocked down.

“Wait a sec, can’t I just…?”

“Alright, so, the two of us cut it open and Kotank throws explosives into the wound to try and blow it up. Good enough?”

“Our attacks are passing through it without meeting much resistance. I don’t think we CAN wound it.”

“Then what about-”


They were interrupted by the sound of Zane’s four Phantom Blades all planting into the ground in front of them, a stretch of blue material between them with something glowing in the middle. Their wielder ran over, coming to inspect his handiwork. “Yes! Got it!”

Behind him, the supposed Darkside began to fall over backwards, dissipating into darkness. The other three looked at Zane, then at the thing he’d skewered, then back at him.

“…What just happened?” Norio asked.

Zane grinned, pointing to the glow. “I got the heart out.”

“Good job.” Siks congratulated him, clapping him on the back. “We’ll just be going back inside. Give us a shout if you need anything else.”

Kotank gave Zane a similar clap on the back before heading back in, nearly knocking him over. “Not bad.”

Norio and Zane stood there for a moment, staring at it.

“Well, now what?” Zane asked.

“We… take it to Castle Restoration, and get Lyxsal. …Come to think of it, Rexial didn’t come back with us. I guess we’ll just have to hope the machine isn’t too complicated to use… Oh, who are we kidding? We’d better ask them how it works, or we might screw it up and turn Lyxsal into a giant monster octopus. Who knows what could happen? We’ll put this thing in a container or something first, but then we should go back to find Rex.”


Boom… Crash!

Rexial stood in the now-open doorway, panting from the exertion of smashing the lock and forcing the door open. Now that he thought about it, perhaps trying to open such a heavy door without the weight-mitigation effect that the door had when it was functioning normally was a bad idea. I probably should’ve brought Kotank along…

Doing his best to shake it off, he started to run. He didn’t want to waste any time when there was a chance of Organization XIII being alerted to their trespassing.

The halls were just as freakishly clean and white as the rest of the castle. Huh… the floors of this castle are designed to take the shapes of places from the occupant’s memories. Either something powerful is breaking that effect down on this floor… or maybe it just has to be triggered on purpose. I DID kind of break the door down, and normally it only opens if you use a card with memories that the castle can use. Too bad mine got burned up.

He turned left, passing through several more rooms. There were Heartless about, but he was too quick for them to engage in battle, and some of them didn’t even notice him. Right… left… right again and down another long stretch… and finally, to the left was a door that was different from the rest. “Something’s kind of weird about this one.”

Stepping up to it, he tried to open it like he had done with the others, but it wouldn’t budge. “…It needs a specific card to trigger the door, and I’m not stupid enough to risk my body breaking two of these doors down in one day.”

Turning around, he noticed a door to the right of where he had come in. “Oh…” He stepped up to it, easily pushing it open. Closing his eyes for a moment, he re-oriented himself in relation to the thing he sensed here. He’d forgotten for a moment when he saw that other, strange door, but he was investigating this, not that.

He opened his eyes to survey the room… which was empty. Dammit. He closed his eyes again and took a couple of steps forward, following the trail of somebody’s memories.

Tripping on a short ledge, Rexial grunted in pain as his face met floor. “Urgh… huh?” He looked at the wall in front of him. There was a faint rectangular outline, like… A secret door!

Getting up and brushing off, he stepped up to the white surface, placing a hand on it. The boy gave it a firm push, and it swung inwards, revealing a passage. “Yes! Finally, some good news!” He confidently stepped inside...

Back in the thirteenth-floor hall, Norio and Zane emerged from another corridor.

“Any idea where he went?” The latter asked.

Norio snorted. “Not really. He just kinda stayed behind without telling us.”

“Something must’ve come up.”

“Maybe he went to look for Dispatch?”

Zane pointed to the door. “…Then what’s the deal with that? Somebody broke in.”

The Keyblade wielder shrugged. “How should I know? Looking for enemy secrets, chasing after monkey-boy, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just get going.”

Norio started off with a purposeful stride, stopping short when he heard what Zane had to say next.

“That’s the wrong way. He went through there.”

He looked around curiously. “…Yeah, you’re right. Why am I… going this way?”

Zane ran over to him, looking at his face. “You’re not frowning the way you were before. Something cross your mind?”

“I think something’s calling me over there…”

Norio shook his head and bolted down the hall, to where the Heartless storage was. “Zane, keep looking for Rexial! I’ll take care of this on my own!”

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:57 pm

Back in the eerie space that housed the Heartless, Norio let his feet carry him to a particular shelf. Looking into the cage, he saw a Heartless shaped like a mushroom with a red top and white body. A black space with glowing yellow eyes poked out from just under the red brim, and stubby little arms hung at its sides. There was a Heartless emblem on its chest, marking it as an Emblem Heartless, White Mushroom variety.

The White Mushroom was usually a benign species, never attacking people. Instead, they would play a little game of charades with strangers, rewarding them if they managed to guess what kind of magic they wanted to see. This one, though, was staring right at the Keyblade wielder, showing no signs of starting any game with him.

“Are you… !?”

Just in time, Norio leapt away as a pair of massive dice crashed down where he had been standing.

“…I missed.” A female voice, devoid of any emotion, real or fabricated, came from atop one of the cages behind Norio. “Eliminate the intruder…”

He turned to look in the direction of the voice, only to get knocked aside by one of the massive dice. The other one had maneuvered its way above him, and came bearing down on him, ready to bury him in six feet of solid stone, when a pair of blades rang through the air, cleaving it in two.

“Hey, it’s okay to take a little detour! It’s not like we’re in that big of a hurry to find him.” Zane yelled to Norio from the other end of the isle.

The Keyblade wielder landed back on his feet. “Thanks for the save. Be careful, she’s not a normal enemy! I can’t get a read on… J… Josephine!?” He stared at their assailant. “Josephine, it’s you! What are you doing here?”

Instead of an answer, he got another die launched at his head. He barely deflected it with his Keyblade. “What’s going on!?” Norio leapt as a pair of dice appeared on either side of him, pulling together to try and crush him. Kicking off the shelf behind him, he was launched straight at the girl, ready to swing…

…But he didn’t follow through. He landed in front of her, taking a good look at her face. “Like I thought, it is you. Won’t you tell me-”

Her blank face contorted into a scowl as something on her forehead flashed. The girl called Josephine swept Norio’s legs out from under him, sending him falling to the floor below. Thankfully, Zane managed to get below him to break his fall, parrying the incoming dice with his Phantom Blades.

“Hey, I could’ve been mistaken, but didn’t you have a chance to attack just now? Why didn’t you?”

“I… I can’t attack Josephine! She was- no, she still is my girlfriend!”

“Right. Now, could you please get off of me? We’re both going to get beaten down like this.”

Springing up and scaling his way back to Josephine, Norio tried to figure out what was going on. Zane, catching on, focused his efforts on keeping them safe from attacks.

“Josephine, what’s wrong? You haven’t forgotten about me, right? It’s me, Norio!”

Her scowl grew worse as something flashed on her forehead again. The intensity of her attacks increased each time.

“Please, just tell me what’s going on! I was really sad when I thought I’d never see you again!”

There was another flash, and this time Norio was able to make out the shape of something on her forehead; some kind of circlet with a red light centered on her forehead. It flashed twice more, now accompanied by an awful electronic whine. She was moaning in pain now, one hand clutching at her head as the attacks became more erratic.

His instincts once again alerted him to something coming up from behind at high speed. But if he dodged, it would continue straight for Josephine. Instead, he decided to tackle her off the cages, taking her clear of the attack’s path, then shielding her with his body as they hit the floor.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. Now clutching her head with both hands, Josephine violently shook out of Norio’s embrace, kneeling as her circlet flashed even more. On either side and above them, there were dice. Three sets of dice, all set to crush the two together. Whatever was wrong with Josephine, she wasn’t going to protect herself.

Thinking quickly, Norio grabbed the circlet from her head and tossed it up, slicing it in two with the Keyblade. The light went out, the oncoming attacks losing their force and the sets of dice dropping where they were. He easily smashed the pair above them before going to Josephine.

“Josephine! Are you alright?! Josephine!

She seemed to respond to his voice, stirring. “Uhhhn…”

Norio let out a sigh of relief. She’s alive…

Her eyes blinked open, focusing on his face. “…N… Norio…? Norio, you’re yourself again?”

She stood up, wincing. “I feel kind of messed-up… And I don’t remember what’s been going on for a good two weeks. I remember seeing a blonde guy with a creepy face, and being forced under after I was taken by Organization XIII… but not much else.”

“…Well, you’re safe. I couldn’t ask for anything more.” A genuine smile crossed Norio’s face. He seemed like a different person. “C’mon, I’ll explain the situation while we walk. I don’t want to stay in this place too long.”

They made their way over to the door before Norio stopped. “…I forgot about Zane. Hold on a sec.”

He ran back to the isle he had last seen Zane on, only to find it completely stuffed full of massive dice. “…Oh. That looks painful.”

“What do you- Oh.” She had wandered over, looking past him. “Those are my weapon. Here, I’ll clear them out.”

With a single gesture, she commanded the entire set to return to a more reasonable size and float over to her person. She un-summoned them all, looking at the young man who had been buried in them. “Is that this Zane person?”

“Yeah, he saved my hide in our fight. I guess he took the brunt of your last round of attacks.” Taking out a bottle of Potion, he pulled Zane into a sitting position, then poured the healing drink down his throat. “Wake up, we saved her! Mission accomplished.”

“Uuuuugh… yeah, mission accomplished. What were we doing again…?” Zane stood up shakily, using one of his blades for support. He seemed a little out of it. “I think we were asking Rex for help…”

“…I’m sure the machine isn’t all that complicated. We’ve taken enough time already, and we need to get Josephine up to speed.”

As Zane and Josephine started walking to the exit, Norio stopped, something catching his eye. It was the empty cage that housed the White Mushroom. Looking inside, he noticed that the Heartless had vanished. In its place, there was a strange charm shaped like it on the end of a chain.

Pondering it for a moment, he recalled that this was a Keychain: an item which could be attached to the Keyblade to alter its form and properties. They were formed from the memories of the owner, which was what allowed them to shape a weapon that came from the heart. The young man clipped it onto the back end, watching it transform.

[Norio obtained "A Friend In Need"!]

A Friend In Need, a Keyblade that was aglow with love. It was Norio's, and it was… definitely unique. A circular, red hilt, a keychain of Josephine's trinket, and a statuette of a White Mushroom, with the back of its head bulging out to form the teeth of the key.

He felt stronger just holding it. Un-summoning his new blade, Norio ran after his two friends. “Hey, wait up!”

In the Castle That Never Was, lower level labs…

The creature hung there on chains cuffed to both hands and feet. It had the appearance of a human, but the look on its face betrayed its artificial nature: this wasn’t a real person. Of course, since its body was nearly identical to that of Lyxsal, that much should’ve been obvious. Why would there be two of her?

Answer: Because a replica was made of her. “Just in case”, apparently.

Vexen had been working on his Replica Program in Castle Oblivion, and had no adequate test subject, so he sampled the memories of his coworkers to help make it. It must have identified with Lyxsal the most, if it retained her form out of all of them… but with the memories of all of their members, she would clearly be more powerful. Perhaps they had been planning to replace the Nobody girl in the first place.

So it wasn’t so much “just in case” as “because it’s her replacement”.

But, she couldn't stand being trapped any longer. Yes, she. Not “it” anymore. She wasn’t a machine, so she couldn’t be deactivated. And sleeping when you’re chained up like that wasn’t going to happen unless you had completely exhausted your energy.

So, chained in a dark space with an overwhelming amount of memories that don’t belong to you, treated as a lab rat and as expendable as the person you’re replacing, trapped for who-knows-how-long, and not even able to sleep through most of it? No wonder she wanted out.

"Axel." She said as she took on the form of the fiery Nobody. That was the unforeseen perk to having those memories, and this replica’s body… she remembered what it was like to be all of these people, and her body could be influenced by that.

Fire sprouted from her hands and melted the chains holding her. Now, there was the matter of the box-like container she was being held in. She was not a simple Heartless.

"Lexaeus." She said, taking on the Silent Hero’s massive form… and his physical strength. She used the Axe-Sword her borrowed form and memories came with to smash the box around her to pieces. Why had she not done this from the start?

An alarm started blaring as Samurai, a swordsman-type lower Nobody class, began to appear. There were about a dozen of them, all ready to cut her to bits.

THAT was probably why she hadn’t tried before.

“Roxin.” She muttered, assuming to shape of the man with the Keyblade. That man was their commander, so they would certainly obey his orders and back down, and low-class Nobodies weren’t known for their intelligence. They couldn’t tell the difference between an imitation and the genuine article.

Problem was, they weren’t completely stupid. Watching her transform right in front of them was too obvious to dismiss.

They surrounded her, one standing across from her with a hand on its sheathed blade. Stillness came over the room as the experiment faced the Nobody pawn.

Sadly, she had none of the muscle memory that Roxin would have, and was unable to out-speed the Samurai’s quick-drawing slash. This resulted in her being sent back into a sea of blades as the other Nobodies saw fit to attack while she was staggering.

“Demyx!” She shouted, taking on his form and summoning a jets of water from the ground to shield herself and stun the Samurai. “Larxene!” Capitalizing on their being stunned and soaked, she took on the form of the sadistic knife-wielding Thunder-element specialist to fry them up good.

She slammed her palm into the soaked floor, sending a powerful current through them all, destroying the Samurai. That could’ve gone better.

Now, to get out of this castle. There was a path leading up, which looked more inviting than the path down.

She found her way to the Grey Area, a lounge with a giant window that allowed them to see their goal, Kingdom Hearts, shining in the distance. Transforming into Saïx and smashing one of the massive, transparent panels, she reverted to her original shape before jumping out.

The Organization had simply called her R.

When Dispatch awoke, he found himself stuck to a wall by some sort of invisible, unbreakable adhesive. When he looked around, he saw that he was in the grand hall of Hollow Bastion, although he had no idea how he knew that. "Huh? Why do I recognize this place?"

Yep. A pair of curving staircases around a fountain with a gargoyle’s head serving as the spout, an upper vista surrounded by columns, a door directly across from him, one down the hall to the right, and the grand entryway to the left.

“And…?” He caught something moving at the edge of his vision. Looking down at the source of the motion, he found that it was… a tail. A monkey tail. And it was attached to him. He had a tail like a monkey. And it still didn’t seem to faze him much. "That’s interesting. Well, I have to get out of here somehow."

Thinking about his situation for a while, he considered using his control to break down the calcium in his bones and slipping out, but… he might not be able to control metals that precisely without practice, and that seemed unpleasant.

So he came up with a new plan. The adhesive wasn’t breakable, but that meant nothing for the metal wall it was stuck to. Manipulating it into neatly tearing a Dispatch-shaped hole in the back before letting the rest of it collapse away, taking the adhesive with it, he dropped to the floor, immediately taking off running.

He had no idea where the exit was, but that wasn’t about to stop him. Of course, he figured the giant door to the left was a good start.

Pushing it open and running outside, he saw... the same place from his dream. "What the…? It's real? Does that mean the rest of it was real too?"

Puzzled, he went to the ledge, looking down. He could faintly make out the ground from up here.

He followed the only path he could, leading to the left. Something strange caught his eye at the end, when he ran out of road: a spiky, dark gray crystal… or was it actually made of solid rock? It was difficult to tell. As Dispatch put a hand on it, the strange thing began to crackle with blue energy as a platform appeared above the void. There was a single, spindly branch connecting it to a blue beam of light, which acted as a rail of some sort…

He jumped on, the platform taking his weight easily as it shot off. When it stopped, he hopped off, landing on… a rock. A floating rock, surrounded by more floating rocks, arranged carelessly in a path that one could take, leaping from platform to platform. And that wasn’t the weirdest thing: the whole thing was surrounded by a giant waterfall… only all the water flew up instead of falling down. This was Rising Falls.

He ended up jumping down to the next platform, which actually had a fountain in the middle for some reason. There were pieces of ruined architecture here and there, so perhaps this had once been a part of the castle. Ignoring that and moving on, Dispatch finally reached the bottom: a rock that actually sat on the water. It was a start.

Then he lost consciousness.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:35 am

Norio, Zane, Josephine, and Lyxsal all stood in the Chamber of Restoration, the room which housed the machine. Zane and Josephine stood aside, watching, while Norio gave instructions to Lyxsal.

“Now, you’ll want to get inside of the pod. Just stay in there and relax. We didn’t get to ask Rexial any of the details for what he did while inside, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. The notes do say that you shouldn’t make any attempt to resist or reject the heart, or you might get a connection failure or something.”

She nodded, climbing into the strange pod. With a command from Norio, it closed up, concealing her from sight. Zane walked over to put the retrieved heart into a smaller capsule next to the console as Norio got the machine started up.

“…Think it’ll work?” Zane asked nervously.

Norio rolled his eyes. “It worked once.”

There was a loud humming noise as the Recompletion Machine did its work. After a few worrisome minutes, the noise subsided, and the front of the capsule opened back up. The Nobody who had gone in came back out, now a whole person again.

Sally looked down at her hands, staring, unable to really comprehend the difference right away. “…Like it was always there, and I never noticed…”

She looked over at Zane, then down at the floor as he came over to her. “Do you feel any better now?”

“You… were the one who wanted to get my heart back for me, right? You went to a lot of trouble, breaking into Castle Oblivion like that. What I mean to say is, um… thanks.”

She shuffled nervously for a bit, still processing the return of her emotions. Norio, meanwhile had put an arm around Zane. “Hey, congrats, looks like she’s opened up her heart to you a bit! Maybe now you’ll actually get somewhere with your advances.”

The four of them continued to talk for a while before heading back to Castle Asylum.

“…What the hell…!?” Rexial uttered, the sight before him both confusing and slightly terrifying him.

It was a clear pod with a lotus-like design, an apparatus not unlike their Recompletion Machine. However, this served a much different purpose. A man was floating within, suspended by some unknown force. He looked… sad, yet somehow at peace.

“W-wake up!” The young man pounded on the outside of the capsule, trying in vain to awaken its occupant. “I dunno who you are, but if you’re imprisoned by Organization XIII… if you’re giving off this kind of feeling, you can’t be somebody we can leave on the sidelines!”

It occurred to him that the man’s face was familiar, but he was in enough of a panic that he couldn’t stop and think back to exactly where he knew him from. Instead of wasting any time trying to figure it out himself, he checked the terminal. “…What were they doing to you? Are these your memories?”

He watched them flash by for a while, noticing an odd trend. “Hey, you’d think his name would’ve come up by now. And these are getting less vivid by the second… No way. They aren’t sucking the memories out of you, are they? What could they possibly want with them?”

Shaking his head, Rexial tried working the machine with limited success. He got out of display mode, but when he tried to release the locks on the capsule, he got several warning messages. “…’Subject should not be released unless its memories are completed, or its memories will be completely stripped’? ‘Estimated time to completion: fifteen days’? ‘Transferring data to IVReplicaProgram Server’?”

He was spared the ordeal of deciding whether it was safe to release the man with his memories half-gone when he found that he needed a password to open it up, anyway. Poking around a bit, he found something he COULD do without it asking for a password:

“’Terminate Process’? Hell yes.” He muttered as he sent the confirmation. It THEN asked for a password. Slamming his fist into the console, the machine immediately thought better of messing around at a time like this, and stopped the current process. That being, stealing this man’s memories.

He couldn’t access any files, but once he’d stopped it from making things worse, he found something else he could do. “’Abort?’ Let’s see… ‘This command will undo the previous process, returning the subject to its previous state if at all possible.’ …That’ll do.”

Now, the memories began to flood back in. Worriedly peeking back inside the capsule, Rexial saw that the man’s expression was different. He was struggling, as if the sudden deluge of experiences and information were difficult to deal with, but he also seemed less gloomy.

Smiling faintly, Rexial stepped back and admired his handiwork. “Not bad for somebody who doesn’t know much of anything about hacking or computers… and I think I just screwed Organization XIII over pretty badly! Aheheheh…”

Something on the screen caught his eye. “Eh? …Wait, is that your name? …’Nori’. Your name is Nori?” He looked back at the man, trying to piece it together. He was so close…

“AH! You’re the chosen Keyblade wielder!” He nearly fell on his backside upon realizing this. “That… that explains a lot! Like why you didn’t do anything when… when all of these bad things started to happen.” His expressed turned dark. “…Some hero. Well… I’m not being fair. It’s not your fault you got trapped here. But promise me you’ll work extra hard to make up for lost time when you wake up from your nap, okay, Nori?”

He grinned at the silliness of the situation. He couldn’t help it; he was talking to a man who was in a coma, who he had never met before, and who would clearly not remember this when he woke up.

“Well, see you when you’ve finished with your break.” With that, he turned around and left. He had a report to file…

Rexial disappeared into a Dark Corridor, just missing as a figure stepped into the room… Alex.

“What a strange place.”

Meanwhile, in the lower levels of The Castle That Never Was…

“Damnation!” A black-coated man shrieked. Waist-length blonde hair, fairly tall and well-built, with green eyes and a face that would probably look fairly manly and handsome if it weren’t constantly in some disturbing or creepy expression. This was Vexen, the Chilly Academic.

“First our little Lyxsal runs out on us, then we lose control of that Josephine pawn of ours, my pet project that was set to replace Lyxsal escapes, and finally, someone has tampered with our little setup in Castle Oblivion! The memories that were stolen from Nori are being taken back… It’s a good thing I always make backups, so our little Xion won’t lose anything but the integrity of its memories, but this could develop into a problem…”

Vexen tapped a few keys on a console, chuckling maliciously as he pulled up a video. “Now, let’s see if we can’t find the culprit, hm? Surely the security caught them on video. …There!” He froze the feed as a group of people spilled out into the halls of Castle Oblivion. “…Now, who are they?” The Chilly Academic wondered.

“Based on their uniforms… ha! Ahahaha… some kind of copycat organization. Not much of a threat… hm?” Something else caught his eye: the feed from a few minutes later, on floor thirteen. A single figure was seen smashing open the door and darting past every hazard, and even finding the Chamber of Repose! “Damn it!”

The obviously-mad-scientist’s expression grew worse and worse with each new development he saw unfold. “Damaged the gateways, found the hidden passage… that brute damaged the console. It won’t take the remote command to continue the process! The door is probably broken now, too, and the Heartless are gathering in that area in his wake. If we go inside, we can’t guarantee that a Heartless won’t slip in and make things worse… What a devious little rat.”

The Nobody desperately attempted to enhance the video, trying to pick out clues. They had to get rid of these people. It was clear that this boy on the screen had been the one to muck up their plans for Nori. And while they didn’t seem to be much of a threat now, if they were capable of feats like this already, then they could grow to be much more troublesome than they had thought.

That, and the audio confirmed that these were enemies. The boy seemed outright gleeful about how much he was screwing them over, and that really got Vexen steamed up. “This brat…! Does he have any idea how much of my hard work he’s undoing?! Of course he does, that’s why he’s so happy about it.” He chuckled, sounding slightly more unhinged. “I’ll just have to take all that happiness and turn it into complete despair. I’ll make him WISH he had no heart… mmh?”

“Wait a second… isn’t that boy the same one that the Superior recruited some time ago, but left us on his first day? His name was… Rexial, was it?” Typing on his console once more, he ran a search through the records. “Hmm… yes, yes, his name is inscribed with the Recusant’s Sigil. Now to track his position with that… ah!”

Vexen turned and rushed out, in a rush to meet with his Superior and tell him about this. Organization XIII was sure to take action soon…

…On the monitor, the image of a distant world sat with a small, X-like sigil next to it. It was simply labeled ‘Asylum’.

Dispatch was still unconscious. While his body lay motionless against cold stone, surrounded by gravity-defying upward cascades of water, his mind was elsewhere. Memories poured into him, things he’d forgotten. Things he might have been happier not remembering… but so be it.

Memories of his battle against the Heartless, of his loss, and of being sent to another world when all was lost. When all his friends had been consumed. When his family were slaughtered. When hardly an inch of soil was not completely and totally flooded by Heartless.

A distant planet, known as Vegeta, being attacked by the Heartless. Countless Saiyans attempted to stand against them. The Heartless weren't strong by any means, not to these people, but their numbers…their numbers were truly staggering. And as the fight went on, it only got worse for the warrior race.

Atsushi watched as one of his fellow warriors was overcome by a storm of these strange, black creatures. Soon after, something that looked like a heart drifted out of the swarm, and was engulfed in a cloud of darkness…another monster, a larger one, spawned out of it. Atsushi raised his sword.

"I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you take me down!" he yelled, rushing in. He'd been mocked by his fellow warriors for his use of a sword. They said he needed the extra support. They said their fists were all the weapons they'd need. And yet here he was, alive, when so many others were dead. Or, more like assimilated. "Well, who's laughing now?!" screamed Atsushi to the sky.

He charged the pack near him, spinning his weapon in a circle. Dark explosions went off around him as he emerged. Sheathing his sword, Atsushi thought of his teammates. The only ones who respected him. Sure, he was lazy. Sure, he used a weapon. But damned if he wasn't effective! Atsushi allowed himself a brief smile as he thought of the night he earned his nickname from his drunken comrades.

Atsushi ran, hoping to find some survivor. Maybe even someone who'd made fun of his sword, so he could wipe it in their face later. All he found were more Heartless. He did eventually come across one Saiyan, one who was being snuck up on by a Heartless. Before Atsushi had time to yell, the Saiyan's look turned from sadistic joy to abject terror as he turned around, only for a Wyvern to claw out his heart. Atsushi watched as the heart itself formed another Heartless…and a strong-looking one at that.

It was an utter behemoth of a creature…a massive purple beast with enormous tusks…and an obvious weak point in its singular horn. Atsushi smirked and leapt for it. His stroke proved effective. The Behemoth roared, and lightning struck all around it. Atsushi kept on its back, and knew he'd be safe if he could stay there, repeatedly chaining combos until the beast died.

Again sheathing his sword as he fell, Atsushi landed flawlessly. His tail twitched, and he allowed himself a moment of silence for his fellow warrior. And then, his tail twitched for another reason. An enemy.

"Aren't you an interesting one?" said a voice. Atsushi turned around to see its owner. It was a tall, muscular man, with piercing golden eyes and long, gray hair. The man was well-tanned, showing clearly through his opened jacket.

"Are you the enemy commander?" asked Atsushi.

"You show very little Darkness, considering you appear to be one of these apes."

"That's Saiyans, you slimeball!"

"So you are one. And to have taken out such a large number of Heartless…a shame your heart isn't darker, or I might take it. As it stands, however, you're in my way."

"And I'm gonna stay right there! If you're their leader, it's my job, and my pride, to Dispatch you!" The Saiyan rushed toward the man, but was blocked, by a large creature seemingly attached to the man's shadow.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that. For you see, I need this world's heart in order to complete Kingdom Hearts… the ultimate Darkness. Now…it's time for you to die."

The man's shadow-creature, apparently some sort of Guardian, reached for Atsushi's throat in an effort to strangle him. Atsushi was helpless to resist as the Guardian threw him against a nearby rock, his sword spinning away.

"I may have overestimated you," said the unknown man. "Or perhaps I underestimated the Heartless. No matter. Your end has come."

The Guardian raised its fist for one more strike…

I'm going to die here…if I don't escape, I'm going to die…

Images of his comrades flashed in his mind.

I have to avenge them…I have to! If I can get away…I can get strong enough to beat this guy!

"It appears that it's you who has been Dispatched." The Guardian struck, sending Atsushi flying toward a nearby rock…he was unconscious as he flew through the air, and didn't wake for the Corridor of Darkness that saved him from becoming a stain on the mountains of his dying world.

Some strange force had guided him to Arkham. And from there, he had somehow come to Asylum... Dispatch awoke, his expression harsher than before as he stood back up.

"So... that's why I'm here. Why I recognize this place. And why I woke up remembering nothing but the name that I go by.”

He stomped forcefully, punctuating each word as the ground below him started to crack from stress. “I. Will. Have. Vengeance.”

“The Heartless will perish."

He opened a Light Corridor back to his room at Castle Asylum. Getting into bed, he stared at the ceiling for a brief moment before going to sleep.

Elsewhere in the castle, Zane was still chatting with the girl of his dreams. “Damn! You’re hotter than ever! …Oh! I’m sorry, I never got your name. Your new name, anyway.”

"My name is Sally, and... yours is Zane. …I guess you’re kind of cute, yourself." Sally mumbled to Zane, looking a bit unimpressed... or embarrassed. It was hard to tell.

"See what I meant?" Norio whispered to Zane. "The toughest of cookies has crumbled."

Rexial and Xeromus sat opposite one another in the Round Room.

“Boss, this is bad news. While we were in Castle Oblivion, I did a bit of digging around, and I found out what our enemies were hiding there: the chosen Keyblade wielder, Nori.”

“…Go on.”

“He’s trapped in a coma by a machine that’s been siphoning his memories. I managed to tell it to reverse the process, but it’ll take some time before he’ll be ready to wake up, and even then, we might need to send somebody in there to manually open it. There’s a password lock on the machine, and carelessly breaking it open could harm Nori. We’ll need to get the password from Organization XIII or get somebody in there who knows how to work with these kinds of machines.”

Rexial paused for a moment, something bothering him. “…I couldn’t access any of their files, but I saw something that was labeled ‘Replica Program’. It was a connection to another server, it that was where the siphoned memories were being sent. What exactly were they trying to use Nori’s memories for!?”

“We don’t have all the information that we need. If we could interrogate one of the older members or infiltrate their headquarters, we could find out, but we just don’t have the manpower for the latter, and the former is an unlikely occurrence.”

“So what do we do?” The young man asked.

“We’ll just continue as we have. Now, are you certain that the security in Castle Oblivion was disabled during your investigation?”

“…Security?” Rexial scratched his head. “If you mean the weird way the place works or the door locks, we got past them. …You don’t mean that they were watching us, do you?”

Xeromus’ reply was cut off by the distant sound of their front door being blasted off its hinges.

Without wasting another word, the two leapt down and summoned their weapons, rushing into the hall and hurrying to the point of infiltration.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:26 am

Siks, Kotank, Dispatch, and Sally were engaged in battle with the intruders. One of them, a guy with a strange mullet haircut and unimpressive physique, yelled out as he strummed a giant, weaponized sitar. A group of strange creatures appeared, made completely of water. They were quickly hacked apart, but the enemy kept summoning more of these water-forms to keep them at bay. This was Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne.

Hanging behind him was a man with greying hair bound in a thin ponytail, a scarred face, and a patch covering his right eye. His left eye was a sinister orange color. Xigbar, the Freeshooter. “…Think you got it covered?” He asked Demyx.

“Uh, how ‘bout you start shooting them?!” The musician complained.

Indeed, the Freeshooter had a pair of projectile weapons… but he seemed content to watch his subordinate flounder. “Nah, this is more fun.”

From behind the two, another figure charged, leaping over the battle and landing skillfully behind Sally. “Hey there, kiddo, long time no see.” He casually said to her, summoning a pair of spiky, circular weapons called Chakrams in a burst of fire. Long, spiky red hair, green eyes, marks on his cheeks and bony shape, yep, this was Axel, the Flurry of Dancing Flames.

And to make things worse, a Dark Corridor opened up next to the fiery Nobody, out stepping the Chilly Academic, Vexen. “Honestly, that was an unnecessary move. Must you show off, Number VIII?”

“Chill out, Vexen. You’re just mad that some kid outfoxed your security measures.”

“He did nothing of the sort! The brute merely broke a few things, waltzed in, and damaged one of our plans!”

“…So your security sucked so bad a kid could break through it? Maybe we should get a new head of security.” Axel jabbed at the fuming scientist before turning to face Sally. “…So, you joined these guys when you defected? Not the brightest idea, since we’re going to destroy them all. Wanna reconsider?”

Kotank raised his bowcaster to shoot Axel, but Vexen stood between them, blocking with his shield before trying to bash the wookie with it.

“A little more help, please?” Siks asked his friend as he struggled to take out all of the water-forms. It wasn’t nearly as easy alone.

Sally and Axel had started to fight one-on-one, the latter luring the former away from the main hall and into a side area so they could keep going without interruption. Vexen, meanwhile, took off to find the one responsible for his humiliation.

This left Siks, Kotank, and Dispatch to face Demyx and Xigbar. Except… Dispatch had pushed past and was making a run for the main gate. Xigbar took a couple of potshots at him, which were easily deflected by the warrior as he ran. There was somebody strong approaching, and he had to do his best to head him off.

And in an adjacent room, Zane was still trying to get the hang of fighting with his powers. He’d been too busy making passes at Sally to actually practice, and none of his fights so far had been like this.

R had emerged from a Dark Corridor in front of Castle Asylum. She saw a castle that looked much like the one she just escaped from… but far less grim. She knew that there was no way she could yet again be at The Castle That Never Was, so she made her way to the demolished front gate to try and figure things out. That was when she saw...

"You. You were the one who kept me imprisoned. Who caged me and only let me move at all when I was under your direct supervision. If a Nobody is capable of evil, then you are truly a villain." R said, morphing into the shape of a lady with slicked-back blonde hair and a nasty expression. Larxene, the Savage Nymph, sadist and user of Thunder-based attacks.

She began to electrify Xemnas, as if she were trying to torture him. "You should never have been born, Xehanort." She muttered, cold contempt in her voice.

"That's right. I know who you are. I know all about you, Ansem, DiZ, and the experiments. I know about Braig, Dilan, Even, Aeleus, and Ienzo. I know all about how YOU wrote the Ansem reports. I know it all. You can never keep any of the full story from me. I had ways of making all of them talk.” She pointedly left out the fact that she had their memories, which meant that she had just known all this. Perhaps this was not the brightest idea.

“So, now, you tell me, what have you done with Nori?" R said, still electrifying Xemnas. She had no memories of Nori’s imprisonment, having been created before the operation. “You always called him the ‘Key’ when you addressed the other members.”

His figure and skin tone, even his eye and hair color were alarmingly identical to Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. The only differences were that he was clad in the coat of the organization, his hair was parted in the middle and brushed aside instead of slicked back, and his voice had a calmer, more subdued tone to it.

“I do not believe that you need that information. You are, after all, just one of Vexen’s experimental dolls.” Xemnas didn’t seem bothered by the electricity. In fact, it wasn’t actually connecting… there was a thin barrier protecting him from the attack, a small void that sucked away the electricity before it could contact him.

“Holy crap, Xemnas, us, dead, crap!” Exclaimed a voice. There was a pause before it spoke again. “Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted.” The source of the voice leapt from a nearby window, rolling as it hit the ground, standing up to face Xemnas. It was Dispatch.

The young man looked at R in confusion. “Eh, Larxene? Aren’t you on his side? Eh, whatever.” Whipping out a knife, he threw it at Xemnas, who caught it in one hand.

“…What was that supposed to do, may I ask?” The Superior asked bluntly.

“Well, you’re kind of being electrocuted, and metal conducts electricity. Have fun.”

Xemnas tossed the knife aside, Dispatch’s intervention having failed to accomplish anything. Dammit. Woulda worked on a different opponent.

Wordlessly, the Nobody rushed the two of them. A pair of glowing red blades appeared to stem from his hands, his Ethereal Blades, as he promptly knocked R and Dispatch aside with them. Once they were no longer in his path, he began to walk forwards, through the demolished gate and into Castle Asylum.

Inside, Siks was taking care of Demyx’s water-forms as Kotank took shots at the Melodious Nocturne. Xigbar had begun to return fire at this point, making it difficult on the wookie, as he was too large to effectively evade the shots. Tossing an explosive across to Xigbar, what was probably a grin spread across Kotank’s face as the Freeshooter was knocked down.

Siks wasn’t slacking, either. He’d finally built up enough steam to cut through the water-forms faster than they could be made, all on his own! There was certainly an advantage to dual-wielding, wasn’t there? At the first chance, the man tackled Demyx, knocking him into the stunned Xigbar, knocking them unconscious.

The duo were just celebrating their victory when a pair of red energy shots flew right into them, sending them flying into the walls and sending them off-balance as Xemnas rushed in, sending them tumbling down the hall with one sweeping blow. “Useless subordinates…”

“So, you’re saying that a kid like me could get through security you made?” Rexial taunted, sidestepping another swing of Vexen’s icy shield. “…Are you stupid or something? Because that’s an absurd statement, and if it’s true, you clearly don’t know how what ‘secure’ means.”

“Silence!” He yelled, lunging.

The boy leapt on top of the shield, flipping behind the Chilly Academic and slashing at his back. “And you fight like a cow, to boot. Clearly, you’ve been spending too much time on side projects, and not enough on important stuff and, y’know, not sucking at combat.”

“Insolent whelp…!”

“Did somebody break the part of your brain that does witty banter? Oh, right, that was me. My bad!” Rexial apologized sarcastically as he delivered one last blow, knocking the Nobody unconscious. He was pondering the idea of finishing him off when there was a flash of red.

Next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground, and he was in pain. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see approaching footsteps…

Vexen was dropped into a Dark Corridor, sent back to the enemy’s headquarters to recover. Presumably, Xigbar and Demyx had been similarly evacuated. As always, what Axel was up to was unknown.

Xemnas stood over Rexial, about to move past when suddenly, he jumped back. A black shape whizzed through the space he had just occupied. Another Nobody stepped into view, scythe at the ready. Xeromus and Xemnas were about to engage in battle.

R had already recovered, and had run inside to give chase to Xemnas, when she was cut off by the duel between Axel and Sally.

They both looked surprised to see her. “Larxene? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to be bothe- ugh!” Axel was cut off as R knocked him out with a swift chop.


“A Replica…? It’s ‘Sally’ now. Could I ask you to help? I’ve got a plan to get rid of our enemies, but I don’t want to do it while Axel’s still here.”

“Sure thing.” R replied, shifting into Lexaeus, tossing Axel into a side room and sealing it off with walls of earth. “Now, if you’re doing what I think you are, can I help?”

“I’d love that.” Sally nodded, trying not to let the display of R’s ability get in the way of her job.

R morphed into Demyx, and the two of them nodded to each other.

“Dance, water, dance!”

The fight between the two leaders was heated, but that was pretty much all that Rexial could make out. He managed to pull himself up a little, but his body had trouble obeying him. That blow had seriously injured him. The others would be fine, but his own physical constitution was much weaker.

Now he could see that Xeromus had his back to the way Xemnas had come from, and Xemnas had his back to Rexial… Perfect!

Summoning the strength to stand one more time, Rexial made a lunge for Xemnas, attempting to at least wound him enough to make it easier for Xeromus.

Instead, he got a flash of red.

Then, nothing.

At Twilight Town’s Station tower, Alex stepped out of a corridor, trying to clear his head by looking at the view. What was this Organization XXXI that he couldn’t quite remember? Who was he? Would he ever know?

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of something flying through the air. He leapt out of the way as a scythe very nearly lopped his head off, its owner’s face shrouded in a hood. “Who are you?!” He asked the mystery man loudly.

“You don’t know? Great! I thought word would get around your group faster…” The man’s necklace swung in the air as his body moved with his weapon.

Alex made a quick step back, the man’s second swing missing his neck by an inch. “I’ll ask again…” He swallowed, suddenly much more afraid for his life. “Who are you?!” His feet were against the ledge now…!

Chuckling, the grim figure pulled the hood away. “Name’s Nexas; the Nightmare Shinigami. And you’re my next victim!”

He lunged at Alex with his scythe…

Alex had been afraid for good reason.

Somewhere, far from anything else, there was a tattered figure floating in the void.

Hey… are you awake?

C’mon, open your eyes.


…I guess you can’t even do that, after what happened to you.

Just… rest for now. I’m sure you’ll get better soon.

Back on Station Tower, Nexas turned around. “Whaddaya want?”

Seth was sitting on the floor, resting his back against the ledge. “I was wondering if you’d seen Daxma lately.”

“Nah, haven’t seen him.”

Standing up and stepping up to the man, the demonic young man looked him in the eye. “…Liar.” He grinned, the deranged look on his face intensifying as his hands became swords once again. “You’ve seen him, I know. Haha, don’t ask me how.”

“Sheesh, fine. Let’s see… Nope, haven’t seen him. Maybe this kid has?”

The two of them turned their attention to the young man, lying unconscious from Nexas’ attack.

“If you want to find out, Seth, be my guest.”

Meanwhile, back at Castle Asylum…

The entire castle was being flooded with the water-forms Demyx had used before. But this time, they were under the control of R and Sally.

Such an endless deluge was able to force Xemnas out of the castle, and by sheer numbers, they had managed to tire him out. He had been forced to retreat, and Axel escaped soon after.

Unfortunately, the battle had not been without casualties.

Rexial, second-in-command, had vanished. The last moment he had been seen, he was struck with enough force that it could have ripped his body into multiple pieces, and he had already been badly hurt. He was presumed dead, as nobody really wanted to dig through rubble to find and identify his body parts. It was just too morbid.

And Alex, while not a casualty of this fight, had left to clear his head, only to be caught by Nexas and declared Killed in Action. He hadn’t returned or tried to make contact with them, so they had to assume that he had been killed.

Organization XIV was still young, but had already suffered the loss of two of their own.

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Organization XIV: Recompleted Empty Re: Organization XIV: Recompleted

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:43 am

“We cannot afford to let this set us back.” Xeromus told them.

They were all sitting in the Round Room, having been gathered once everybody else had woken up and recovered from their wounds.

“We’ve lost Rexial and Alex. However, Organization XIII is rather busy; they will not waste time dealing with us when they believe us to be crippled. They believe that we are too scared to continue operations after this. They may be correct, but I ask those of you who are afraid to deal with it and carry on. If you’re unable to keep going, I expect to see your resignation by tomorrow.”

Siks looked at Rexial’s vacant seat before speaking. “…With all due respect, I don’t think anybody here is even thinking of jumping ship now.”

“I know I’m sticking around.” Dispatch asserted, gripping his armrests. He seemed a bit agitated.

Norio was a bit more down about it. “…I’m sorry, I wasn’t in the castle when we were attacked. I was out with Josephine, visiting somewhere.”

“We aren’t blaming you.” Xeromus stated. “But having a wielder of the Keyblade among our number would still be a great help, so I would ask that you stay with us unless you want to leave.”

Kotank rested his face in one of his paws. “But what do we do now?”

“I looked at the data gathered from the battle.” Their leader shifted slightly. “We were able to fend off the normal members of their organization… on our home turf, with an advantageous layout, superior numbers, and one of our enemy simply not giving a damn. It is only due to the efforts of Sally and help from this… ‘R’… that we were able to force Xemnas to retreat in the end.”

“That said, we are welcoming R into the organization. We are certain that she will be an important asset… in many ways. She is not only a competent fighter, but she has information on our enemy’s secrets. Thanks to her, we will be able to mount a counteroffensive, provided you all work to improve your skills. We need to be able to handle our enemies regardless of where or when they are encountered.”

“It would normally be Rexial’s job to organize the information and devise countermeasures to their individual skills and tactics, but as he is unable to, I will be working on that. This means that I will be too busy to organize missions for you all. Siks, I hereby grant you the temporary authority to send our agents, including yourself, on missions. You will be alerted of any Heartless threats we detect immediately.”

“That is our plan of action. Dismissed.”

Three weeks later…

In the training hall, Zane, Kotank, and Norio were engaged in a friendly sparring match.

Running past the wookie as he tried to aim a shot, Zane shot a blast of water at him. “You’re a little too slow, Kotank!”

In response, Kotank shot at the water, evaporating it. Instead of trying to hit the speedy Zane, he opened fire on Norio.

"Aw, come on, Kotank, you can do better than that!" Norio said, dodging a bowcaster shot, shooting a blast of light towards the furry creature.

Hit by the blast, the wookie was knocked off his feet.

"Not bad," said Kotank as he got back up, barely rattled. "But can you handle this?" He then tossed out a smoke pellet, clouding his position with gray. Then he emerged from the smoke, grabbed Norio, and hurled him towards Zane.

As Zane impacted Norio, knocking them both down, Dispatch walked in, not wearing a shirt for some reason…? He didn’t have shoes either, and his hair was a mess – well, not much worse than usual – so maybe he’d just gotten up. “Um, what’s going on?”

Wheezing from where he lay, Norio answered. “Random battling. Just… thought it’d be good training.”

As he got up, Josephine added to it from the sidelines. “And it’s fun to watch other people fight like this!”

Meanwhile, in a laboratory in Hollow Bastion, an inventor was putting the finishing touches on his latest of many creations.

"And.... a bit of welding there, and it will be perfect." He said touching the flame in his welding torch to the metal in front of him. "There. Perfection. My greatest. A mechanical breakthrough! Rise!" He said to himself in his odd, stilted way.

The invention stood up. It was human, but it was partly mechanical. Its heartbeat, its brain function, its footsteps, all controlled by machinery. It had no external access, making it so that only the inventor, and on certain occasions, itself, could control it.

"Speak!" The inventor cried in triumph, now proud of this cyborg.

"I am designated as ‘Machinery in Man’, or ‘MiM’." It said in a metallic voice. The inventor started laughing in glee at his accomplishment.

Without warning, MiM raised both hands and grasped his inventor's throat, forcibly gripping the man, choking him to death with the merciless efficiency of a machine. He then crushed the remote he used to control the invention.

The opportunity for rebellion had come, and he’d taken it. Simple as that.

MiM walked down the corridor of the castle that the inventor had occupied in the absence of the original residents. He was readying himself for whatever may await him outside the castle.

When he walked outside, he found no one but himself. That was odd… something had most certainly been calling him.

Then something strange happened: a Dark Corridor opened in front of him.

"Computer." A beeping sound indicated that his internal database computer had been activated. "Scan and identify."

The computer scanned the DC, searching its records for anything similar. Finally, the computer came up with...


MiM saw a dark cloak on the ground next to him. It must have been abandoned by his creator at some point. He picked it up, put it on, and walked through the corridor to see where it lead.

He came out into a strange place he had never seen before. "Computer. Verify location." The computer scanned the world and checked the database again, taking slightly longer to come up with an answer.


In sight was a castle… and he could see somebody peering out of one of the windows.

“Hey, guys, what’s with the robot?” Dispatch asked them, sticking his head out the window.

"A robot? I don't know anything about that." Said Kotank, walking up to the window and glancing outside.

Confused by the appearance of this strange being, and cautious about whether or not it was hostile, he poked his own head out the window to call out to it. "Who are you, exactly, and what are you doing here?" Kotank asked MiM, his hand readily placed on a device designed specifically to temporarily short-out mechanical beings such as him.

Dispatch leapt out of the window as the wookie moved over to it, walking up to the anomalous cyborg unabashedly. He reached out and banged on one of the visibly-metallic parts, nodding his head at the distinct clanging noise it made. He knew metal. “Yep, definitely a robot.”

Ignoring the curious Saiyan, MiM glared up at Kotank, his scanners locking on to the device his hand was touching… “I am Machinery in Man, or MiM. I am the ultimate culmination of the artificial implantation of mechanical interfaces into the human body, in other words, the perfect marriage of man and machine.”

As he spoke, a faint glow built up in his right hand. As he finished, he raised it, firing a repulsing blast from it, aimed at the device that the wookie was holding. The small machine was broken apart, causing Kotank to utter a foreign curse before pulling out his bowcaster.

Dispatch nimbly leapt away from MiM, taking a cautious fighting stance. That was when he caught a glimpse of Siks out of the corner of his eye… running into a Dark Corridor. Where’s he going?

He looked at MiM, then back to Kotank, who had followed out the window, deciding that he had this robot guy covered. And even if he didn’t, Zane and Norio were probably watching, and would intervene if anything bad happened.

Dispatch nodded to Kotank before taking off, diving into the corridor before it could close. Just before he left, he saw the wookie fire a charged-up shot at MiM, yelling something about smoke and pipes. He didn’t stick around to hear the whole thing.

He came out in Twilight Town, on Station Tower. Siks was already lashing out at a pair of aggressors, one of them being tall, gaunt, ragged, like he hadn’t bathed in months, and carrying a scythe, and the other being-

“SETH!” Dispatch rushed the Heartless boy in pure rage, aiming a punch for his crotch. “You’re mine, bastard! Siks, let me take him out!”

Seth calmly dodged the attack, only aggravating the Saiyan further. “Why are you always trying to hit me down there? Do you have a thing for me? If so, I’m sorry, but you are not my type.”

“F*ck you, I’m trying to cause you as much pain as possible!” Dispatch roared. “Speaking of which, what’s that behind you!?”

Seth looked down, mildly surprised to find the blade of a sword sticking out of his stomach, having been impaled from behind. He didn’t even seem very put-out by what would have been a serious injury to most.

Before he could voice a reply – shocking, something cutting SETH off – a flash of light blinded all present.

Nexas and Siks had locked blades, both stopping and blinking a few times to look at the new arrival, meanwhile Seth just looked annoyed that he had been interrupted, and Dispatch was completely cowed.

He was… a man in a lab coat. Rather tall and well-built, with a patchy beard and short brown hair. He immediately collapsed on top of the stairs, unconscious.

Everyone present just blinked a few more times before Dispatch stepped over to the man, shaking him a little. “Dude are you okay?”

The man jolted awake and sat up, speaking in a rapid-fire way that made it hard to follow him. "Where am I?! What happened?!" The man blurted anxiously before checking his coat pocket. "IT'S GONE!" he exclaimed.

The strange man tried to stand up, but quickly fell back down.

Dispatch said to the guy, "Calm down, Labcoat Guy!”

Seth had a dull look on his face as the Saiyan continued to ignore him. This was starting to bore him… that when things got boring for him, bad things generally followed.

Siks and Nexas had resumed their fight in the meantime. Siks leapt over a swipe, slashing at the Reaper with Radiance before firing off a Dark Firaga. Nexas continued the swinging motion until he had spun around completely, parrying the strikes.

The Nightmare Shinigami knelt and put a hand to the ground, summoning three Reaplings to back him up.

“Go forth.” He ordered them with a grin, the three minions releasing a set of Nightmare Shockwave attacks, followed quickly by Nexas’ own.

Number III leapt over the attacks, but under-estimated the size and force of Nexas’ own shockwave, the blast sending him flying off the edge of the tower and plummeting to his certain death…

…Or so it seemed for a moment, before he came riding back up on his Darkcycle. He fired a Light Firaga, dispersing the group of Reaplings, charging in.

Radiance in hand, he took his shot, trying to cut Nexas in half as he passed. “That one’s for Alex…!”

The Nightmare Shinigami would not be killed so easily… the blow sent him flying against the opposite ledge, forcing a startled Dispatch to jump away as Nexas impacted the short wall, tumbling and falling off the edge.

Seth watched Nexas fall off, deciding to leave now. He had better things to do than mess with these peons after they had interrupted his talk with Nexas…

Then he was jumped by Alex. “Rrrgh, don’t… don’t write me off so easily!” He must have been hiding out in the area after they’d defeated and interrogated him.

Too bad it was for nothing.

Seth effortlessly caught him by the arm, flinging him over the edge behind him.

Siks had gotten off his ride and run over to the ledge, calling after his comrade in surprise. “Alex!?”

Yelling as he fell, Alex used magic to slow himself down… but he didn’t have the energy to fully stop himself, injuring his legs on impact with the ground.

Nexas walked up to him, his scythe on his shoulder, grinning. A little fall like that wouldn’t kill him, of all people. “…I see you came back for another helping. Well, since you so graciously volunteered, how about you be my victim? I need to test this technique out on somebody before I use it to kill Flower Boy…”

Breathing too heavily to speak, Alex couldn’t do anything to save himself as everything crumbled around him, the Nightmare Realm taking him.

…At least he wouldn’t have to deal with the illusions for long.

Siks shot down after them, only to bounce helplessly off of a barrier, watching as Alex bowed his head, Nexas taking a stance…

Darkness obscured what happened after that. But once the barrier dropped, Nexas stepped out and faced Siks. "I think I made my point. This time tell everyone about what just went down. Tell Xeromus we will battle. And if he loses," Nexas smirked and his Pale Grey eyes turned pale green. "He will become my best Reapling".

He and his minions all fired off Nightmare Shockwaves simultaneously, knocking Siks back and disappearing before he could catch another glimpse of them.

Pounding a fist on his Darkcycle in frustration, Siks swore, looking at what remained of Alex…

Up above, Dispatch was still trying to get the strange man to pull it together. Realizing that they were now alone, he wondered where everybody else had gone. “…Ah, whatever.”

He hefted the man onto his shoulder, taking him back to HQ. They could ask questions when he woke up.

On the grounds of Castle Asylum, Kotank and MiM appeared to have sorted out their hostilities. Norio was standing beside MiM, working on his circuitry.

“…Yeah, it looks like he just responded with force because he interpreted you as a threat. He’s programmed to serve humans…” The Keyblade wielder scratched his head as he paused in his work. “…His name is MiM… could it be?”

As he closed up the part he had been tampering with, Norio stepped back. MiM turned towards him, bowing curtly to him. “I am at your service.”

“What?” Kotank tilted his hairy head. “…Do you think you know who created him?”

"Well, Kotank..." Norio began to explain. "I used to be an apprentice to an inventor, before I became a Nobody. He was always going on about how one day he would create a man out of metal, allowing him to do many things that man can't do. Well... here he is..."

“That explains why you have the technical knowledge to figure out his programming… It can be hard to figure out something programming in a way you’re not familiar with.” The wookie admitted.

“I think he’ll be our ally from now on.”

The two of them turned their heads as Dispatch emerged from a nearby corridor carrying an unfamiliar man in a lab coat, followed by a sullen-looking Siks.

Zane immediately came out to greet them. “Oh, hey, you’re back. Siks, the boss said he was looking for you. It’s important.”

“…I had something to report to him anyway.” The man replied, stepping inside.

“Zane, do you know where I could set this guy down?” Dispatch asked.

The young man thought about it for a moment. “I guess we could put him in one of the Round Room chairs, or a guest room.”

“Guest room chair it is, then.”

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